Lenny's Local

120 College Ave, Weatherford
(817) 341-6377

Recent Reviews

Adrian Moore

Absolutely fantastic! We had the Philly, Kentucky Brown and Cuban sandwiches. Delicious! The Mac & cheese is also top notch! We will definitely be back!

Michael Thurow

Very cool place to check out. The sandwich I had was good and I really like the bread they use. Nice and clean inside with a full bar.Food: 5/5

Mary Haggerty

The food is awesome and cleverly named. The Mac and cheese are to die for. I get a weekly fix of that. Dream Weaver and Purple Haze are my favs. The Local is hubby's fav and apparently alot of folks as well. The atmosphere and music brings me back to my youth. Seek out this place it's well worth it.

Dillinger K.

Great wings, good environment. Love the sandwich names and the staff was friendly. Would recommend

Eva T.

Me and my boyfriend love this place! They play amazing music and have a great variety of drinks. The subs are delicious and the curly fries were fried to perfection.

Maycan T.

10/10 recommend!! Took our kids on a Saturday & the food was delicious. We got everything from wings, po' boys, to grilled cheese & it was all great. Can't wait to go back!

Keller M.

The atmosphere is Rock N Roll, with a Tiki Bar, and tons of delicious Wings!!! Some are really spicy, so if you can't handle the heat, let them know.

Drew Ferguson

Wings are absolutely amazing. Everytime I come, they're the best ever and just so flavorful. Also, I dig the rock music decor!!

Callie Stout

Lennys was a 10/10 with the wings and sandwiches (love the flavor variety-especially that maple bourbon) before they added a bar, and the addition really fills out the atmosphere with some really great drinks! Can't remember the name but Im still thinking about the one that tastes like a chocolate pretzel weeks later!

Andy N.

The food, atmosphere and service were excellent. Will definitely eat here again if I get back to Texas.

Dottie W.

Small bar atmosphere with mostly subs. My husband ordered a sub and I ordered a chef salad. After 50 minutes they brought our order out. When they shouted our name my husband raised his hand. He was about to stand up to go to bathroom, so he say back down. Waitress told him to have patience! What? We have to be back at work at 1! Thank goodness he didn't hear her! The food was sub par I could have gotten a better chef salad at the deli in grocery store , the fries were cold and tasteless . Also served in the clam shell it had been pre made in and stored in fridge.

Linnette F.

Best wings we've ever had! So glad they are finally open more hours and have a new great bar.

Kou L.

1st time here. When you enter, grab a menu or check out their chalk board menu. It's self seating. They have the bar area, tables, and high chair table seating areas. Once you're ready to order go up to the cashier and place your order. They bring your drink and food out to you at your table. After that enjoy! We ordered the yellowstone submarine and slayer and they both were great sandwiches, very fulfilling.

Felicia H.

Found this awesome wing place by accident, it was tucked away close to the Cantina and Courthouse building. The wings were amazing and spicy! The staff was cool and friendly. The place is decorated with 80s Rock and Roll stuff on the walls and a MASSIVE menu on the wall. Go check it out!

Brittney Q.

Absolutely obsessed with this place! Everything is amazing but the Free Bird sandwich with the Sweet & Spicy Garlic is my favorite. For straight wings, you have to try the Cajun Lime. My boys love the curly fries, we all love the classic rock. This place has kinda ruined all other wings for us.

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