Lenny's Local

120 College Ave, Weatherford
(817) 341-6377

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Drew Ferguson

Wings are absolutely amazing. Everytime I come, they're the best ever and just so flavorful. Also, I dig the rock music decor!!

Callie Stout

Lennys was a 10/10 with the wings and sandwiches (love the flavor variety-especially that maple bourbon) before they added a bar, and the addition really fills out the atmosphere with some really great drinks! Can't remember the name but Im still thinking about the one that tastes like a chocolate pretzel weeks later!

Chad Mckibben

The food is AMAZING!!!!! I got a dream weaver and my wife got the purple haze. Both subs were perfect. We also got the strawbenero and sweet and sour garlic wings. They were out of this world as well. Service was great and a cool little hidden gem in town. HIGHLY RECCOMEND!!!!!!!

Angela Brock-Kizer

This has been our favorite place to eat for a while now. The food is always great and the staff are always the best!!! Tonight was our first time visiting since they put in the bar and we LOVE it!! Their drink selection is so much bigger than I expected and they have lots of fun drinks to try. They also added board games and little activities to keep the kids (and grownups) busy while they wait. Love the food and staff here! The atmosphere is so chill and laid back. This will forever be our favorite place to eat out!! ❤️❤️

Molly Crocker

Yet again, another hidden gem of Weatherford. If you didn’t know it was there, you would surely miss it. Hidden away in a small corner of historic downtown, Lenny’s local is changing the sandwich game. The large menu will keep you coming back for more. The classic rock/hair metal theme is fun and refreshing. There are plenty of things to look at while you wait, and they keep a wide range of entertainment on the multiple tv’s.I had the Slayer, which was absolutely amazing. I practically had to force myself to finish it because I was SO full but it was SOOOO GOOD! The Mac and cheese was absolutely fantastic!My partner had the Yellow Submarine, which looked amazing, only we had asked for no ham and to sub for extra of the other meats and it came out pretty much all ham. Super disappointing. For this, unfortunately I cannot give a five star review. Sort of ruined my partners dining experience, as he cannot eat ham… the serve didn’t seem to care much either and said nothing when she saw the giant pile of ham left on the plate.For $25 + tip, you can get 2 amazing meals, but just be sure your order is correct.Food = A+Service = B-

Heather M

I am sitting here stuffed and happy!! I had the Purple Haze, hubby had Dream Weaver, and my son had the kids wings. Perfect sandwiches for us!! We also got wings to try. They were yummy too. We split the flavor. Excellent hidden gem. Family dining with Mario, Ninja Turtle, Saved by the Bell, and 80 music videos on the TV's. We didn't have room to try the banana pudding!! A must try!!

Jaynie Williams and Family

This the absolute best sandwich and wing place in Parker County. Good beyond fantastic, cooked to order and something original. People are courteous and willing to answer all all questions about sandwiches, etc. It's addictive and can honestly say since it opened and we "discovered," it we managed to eat there 2-3 times a week if possible. Only wish it was opened later. You cannot go wrong with anything on menu. Slightly more expensive than most "fast food" but worth every penny.

Kristin Kampen

This place is amazing. Great food, very friendly and kind staff, great atmosphere, great drinks! I love this place and can’t say enough good things about it.


I've eaten here in the past and loved it.Unfortunately, I had to walk out on a to go order just now because the lady working the front end is not practicing safe food handling procedures. Picking up a broom and dust pan, then moving to handle food, handling cash and cards and then moving again to food handling or to go boxes with zero hand washing. Bummer because we really liked this place.

Bobby Biffel

tried this for the first time. My wife and I loved it. everything we tried was fantastic. The mac and cheese was perfection. The atmosphere is great. The people working there are warm and inviting. would recommend this to anybody

Abe F.

Excellent food, and great service! Our sammies were great... loaded with meat and veg. The ranch dress is pretty awesome, too!

Chris C.

Absolutely amazing place! I had the wings and WOW!! I will definitely be coming back here! Employees were amazing and friendly! Really enjoyed everything about this place.

Alex O.

Weather Ford has such a cute downtown area. We stopped in on our way gone from Fort Worth. I had the Texas cheesesteak - it was unreal. My wife had the purple haze and she loved it. We will be back

Angela VonSchmittou (Scarlet Loser)

Our first time trying this place. Great atmosphere. They have a great selection of food - my husband is super picky and I’m vegetarian. We both found things we liked. We were in a time crunch, and when I let them know, they got our food out and packed up ASAP. I always try restaurant potato salad, but rarely like it. Theirs had new potatoes, lots of dill and pickles, and vidalia onions. The grilled onions on my sandwich were actually grilled instead of just barely heated like most places do. We will definitely be back!

Sergio F.

Lenny's was excellent! Delicious, fresh food and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere! My sandwich was awesome (Purple haze). Family friendly as well, as we have two little ones and their food was also great! We'll be back!

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