Waffle House

2521 S Main St, Weatherford
(817) 596-9701

Recent Reviews

Bruce Gifford

Great Place, Great People!I Finally had to try a Waffle with my Eggs & Bacon & I Usually don't eat All of a Waffle or pancakes - but I Did This One!! Lol

Barbara Simmons

The food was Amazing! Celeste was the best!!! I can't wait to go back and get another pecan waffle!!!!

Kayla Trujillo

I had the worst experience my 4yr old son who is autistic was minding his own little business laughing to him self doing tippy toes he was not bothering anyone!! And the waitress keep staring at him even as she is taking someone else’s order she still continued to stare at him then went and talked to the cook and they both started to stare at my son who again is only laughing at himself. My mom asked for the manager and explained to the manager what was going on as I’m in tears the manager then stated she will talk to them in a rude tone and then walked back to her office and never talked to them it was so upsetting to see this.


Our waitress was superb. She was cheerful and knew her job. We ordered the All Star breakfast and as usual, it was a home run.


If you dine in at this Waffle House, it would feel like you're in food heaven. The staff are very nice and talkative and the food is amazing! The breakfast is amazing, I normally don't like hashbrowns but this place made the best of my life. I loved everything about this place!


For my first time being here, The breakfast was good the waitress were really nice and it was spotless, I would recommend people that haven't tryed waffle house to come try this one.

Loki Rauschenburg

Great service our waitress was awesome and took good care of us.

jacob w.

Great heavens at this location i had the most life changing experience. My friends and i came here after a playoff game and it was my very first time at waffle house. It was like 11pm but the atmosphere was godly and the employees were chill asf. I got a waffle and bacon and eggs and i ate dat shit up and left no crumbs. Highly recommend coming here at night but never in the day time because night time is when the true waffle house experience really happens.

Cassie Lee Hedgecock

our waitress was sidney and she was phenomenal (: food was amazing and quick. honestly the people that i saw working tonight all need a raise. they were on their A game for sure as a giant group of people came in right after us and were served relatively quickly as well!

Jeff Duncan

Food and service always 5 stars.

Elevated Blue

This is like my second home away from home, we have a history...lol! The people who work here are really great. The food is always good, and the coffee is always ready.

Rudy Ototivo

Me& my fiancée stopped to eat here before heading home, and our waiter Celest W is one of the best waiters we’ve ever had, kindest heart. If we ever come back to Weatherford, Tx that is where we are going to eat breakfast at.

Amanda Maebell

This place is always busy. No matter what time you go or what day is hopin!, the food is so mouth watering delicious and I don’t know how they are so fast in there cooking when people are waiting to be seated, there are lines like Black Friday just waiting. The servers are so wonderful I was just like woah.

Kinsley Williams

It's a nice experience, just a little small. The menu could use some more items. But the staff is really on their game!

Shawn Mansfield

Service was great, very busy but still got served in a timely manner. Friendly employees, Cooks on point, no wait time.

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