The Duck Coffee Company

717 7th St, Wichita Falls
(940) 257-9778

Recent Reviews

Francina S

Delicious cappuccino and the best French toast Crepe we ever ate!

Kegan Kidd, Artist

Love the vibe and the drinks we had were great. It was nice finding a little bit of color and life in the drab Texas countryside on our way through!

Sizeable P.

This place makes really good coffee's. Everytime I have come here I have always been surprised with the quality of the products in which I have ordered. I have yet to order anything that hasn't been excellent I highly recommend this coffee house if your in the Wichita falls area. It is well worth the money you spend here.

Irene Dominguez

We were very polite and it was our first time here. Its a cool looking place but maybe the woman who took our order had some type of problem with us on sight. She seemed intent on not being nice but was VERY friendly with other customers. Weird...

Dave Fannin

So thankful Duck Coffee was open extra hours during the HHH weekend!!! The iced cold brew and cream saved the day!

Cissy W.

Nice little coffee shop in downtown Wichita Falls. Staff was friendly and helpful enough. Fairly typical coffee shop fare with the exception of their inclusion of crepes, so of course I tried one of those. I had the Salmon crepe and since I was waiting for the water jug to be refilled, I had a chance to watch it being made ~ Fresh! Crepe was excellent, fillings were tasty. Fine stop and they do allow dogs in outside seating area.

Ally K.

Got the barista special of the day (cinnamon maple americano) and the energy bites and both were delightful! It was the perfect place to stop driving through town.

Chloe Alix

Yikes! Maybe it’s because I went on a holiday and they had a hard time with staffing but this was the worst crepe I’ve ever had in my life. The crêpe was super thick and not cooked all the way through. It was so soft that I had to eat it with a fork and knife. I could tell that the ingredients used were good, like the chicken, but it was pretty much inedible. It also took 15 minutes to make.

Shaver P.

Great mocha. Fantastic atmosphere with clean music. Great for families. Also, their bathroom is very spacious.

Casey Ray Johnson

I love Duck coffee! I'm a huge fan of local roasters and moving to Wichita Falls had me worried that there wouldn't be any. Thankfully not only is Duck a local roaster but a quality one as well. You'll definitely want this one on your list!

Denise Richardson

Finally going to make a review of my FAVORITE coffee shop in Wichita Falls! I highly recommend their sweet cream latte or the lavender sweet cream latte. I wake up most days craving these from this place, seriously. It's SO good. I tell everyone I have coffee conversations with about this coffee shop. Thank you to the owners and wonderful people who work here for the amazing lattes and great customer service! 5 stars, hands down, to the best lattes I've EVER had.

Aaron Koiner

First time customer. Awesome place. Great coffee. I had the cinnamon roll latte. Delicious. Definately reccomend.

Fred Gilbert

Thanks for not updating your hours which say you're open until 4, both on your site and Google Maps. I went out of my way only to find that you were closed when I arrived at 2:45. The kicker is that there was still staff there.

Austin H.

In my opinion, the duck is definitely the best coffee shop Wichita Falls has to offer. The business is owned by a local military family that is dedicated to making the best coffee with the best sourced beans from around the world. They roast all their beans in house, so you can see the process happening while you're in enjoying a cup. They offer a wide array of options when it comes to coffee including dairy free options (which my wife loves). The employees are top notch and you can tell they enjoy being apart of this business. The seasonal drinks are also awesome too. If you haven't tried this coffee shop then you're really missing out!

Taylor S.

I frequently drive to/from Fort Worth and Longmont and cherish great, independent coffee shops along the way! The Duck always delivers quality espresso drinks!

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