Higher Grounds Coffee & Soda - CLOSED

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87 S Main St, Blanding
(435) 678-3108



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This is the best coffee place youâ??ll find within 200 mile radius. I am the person that needs its latte to start my day and this place made it all possible. I donâ??t know the name of the person that made my latte but it was smooth in tast, frothy and milk had the right temperature (not boiled!!).

Avoid! I grabbed a drink here to use the WiFi to attend an hour long webcam class. Got kicked outside in the 97F heat within 30min because the two young baristas wanted to take lunch together. Stagger the breaks ladies! Oh and the baker quit, so donâ??t expect any quality baked goods.

Not from Blanding, we were just visiting and my husband and I joked that there probably wasnâ??t a good place in town to get coffee because it was so small.... little did we know they would have the BEST coffee shop ever. The coffee drinks were so good, we got another to try more flavors. Now Iâ??m devastated that I live 6 hours away. ?

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