Patio Diner

95 N Grayson Pkwy, Blanding
(435) 678-2177

Recent Reviews

Monson Brown

I really like the fresh cut fries and shakes from here. Highly recommend Patio Diner.

Nena Madison

About 90% of the time I'm satisfied with the food. It really is delicious. Im not sure if anything has changed since the last time I ordered, which was 2 weeks ago. Tonight I had ordered the classic B with regular fries. I had gotten home and as I pulled out my meal I notice that there was way less fries than usual. If anything maybe a quick bundle pinch. As I mentioned maybe they had changed something up...again. but I don't want to pay so much for a much smaller bundle of fries, than usual. Its too pricey as is, especially of they're going to be making anything less.

michelle cummings

Best onion rings ever. The burgers are good too!


We liked the hamburgers, though the patties seemed to have been frozen rather than fresh. Nice atmosphere.

Larry Gray

The home cooked fries were the best! Great service and the staff was awesome. Real small-town feel. Thank you for making some great food to enjoy in your small town.

Shannon Williams

Very friendly staff. Good food but it seems a bit pricey for what you get. The coconut pie milkshake though was fantastic!

Tina Ayer

Had great burgers with fresh made fries and some of the best onion rings we have ever had. Kudos to Patio Diner!

Brian H.

Great food, and spotlessly clean. Was just passing through town, but will hit this place again!

Amanda J.

What a little gem this spot is! We stopped in blanding to charge our car on our road trip back to CO and ate here while we waited... amazing food and great service!!! Burgers fries and raspberry shake were all excellent! Clean environment and very friendly staff! Thank you!

Mark W.

Great little place with friendly staff and great food! Stopped in here while visiting Blanding and we will definitely be back.

carol c.

This place is a gem. Had a hard time finding gluten free food in Blanding but this place can do everything without a bun and has salads as well. The grilled Philly Chicken was great with out the bun and the ice cream is good too!

Michelle Ś.

Very frustrated that patrons waiting in line to order and employees in the kitchen weren't wearing masks. Walked in to order a ton of food - and didn't feel comfortable with employees breathing potential germs over the food I was about to eat so left immediately.

Jay Thomas

Good place to have lunch, love it

Celeste Crandell

The food was SUPERB, the staff was friendly and efficient, and the atmosphere was fun. We asked each other trivia questions from Trivial Pursuit game cards that were available and listened to a couple of young men play the piano while we were there. We will definitely make this a planned stop the next time we travel through this area.

Jaren Bracken

Awesome food, great service. A lovely little jewel in an unassuming town. I recommend the Swiss and jalapeno burger with any milkshake.

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