First Lift Coffee

198 S 7400 E, Huntsville
(385) 279-4460

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth Chen Schmidt

Charming cafe with a good assortment of coffees and delicious hot chocolate! The cinnamon role is scrumptious, hot out of the oven! There’s even beer in the fridge!

Ryan Fleenor

Best decorated place around. Awesome art. The espresso tasted like instant. Asked for a Soy latte they replied...only soy we have is Oat. Had chunks in the bottom some reason about made me puke. Place lacks experienced baristas. Took way to long being I was the only one there.

Dakota Holiman

This place is great! Cozy and fun environment to be in. Coffee was definitely above average quality, and far far above the quality of Starbucks. The barista was super friendly and knowledgeable. I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone passing through!

Kenz B

I would give this 0 stars if possible. They had the worst coffee I have ever had in my life. Way overpriced as well. The barista couldn’t even bother to wear his mask correctly while making our drinks.

John Langlinais

Try the chai latte with hemp milk... Super tasty!

Sam Crump

Amazing soup and pretzels. Nice outdoor fire to enjoy coffee together 6 feet apart.

Joshua Hoggan

One of the better coffee shops I’ve been to. Absolutely love the vibe, and they’re one of the few shops that I’ve ever seen with hemp milk available for use. The hours of the coffee shop are a bit limited, but if you’re in the area and they’re open, I’d highly recommend a visit.

Britt McCarthy

Seriously!! Got to check this place out! It’s amazing!

Stephanie Lyras

Awesome new spot! Great coffee

Holly Perkins-Sanchez

The best Chai Latte I've ever had. Completely homemade with local diary! Will be back purely for that deliciousness and to try everything else :D

Dean Whitehead

Great local coffee place with quaint and ample seating. Service was awesome and I got a true Macchiato, so good! Pay them a visit at the new building in old town Huntsville, you won't be disappointed!

Emily D.

Overpriced, bad coffee and the bathrooms were locked. Although it has a great atmosphere and cute decorations.

Pamela-Forrest Smith

I love everything about it, it’s a beautiful place to hang out!! Oh and the Coffee is the Best !

Adam H.

Blown away. Came here after The Blue Coyote Cafe and just as impressed. Delicious coffee comfortable and very relaxing space.

Jessica V.

So excited to try here as we had seen it the previous day but they were not still open. Location is darling; both the shop and the building the shop is in. I'm sad to say though that the snobby attitude of the worker turned me off for good and I will not return. We came after a camping trip. We were not by any means looking beautiful and being this was our last morning we were still wearing our sweats and possibly smelled like a campfire. I honestly didn't even think of this coming into the shop being that Huntsville is quite an outdoorsy place with (I'd assume) lots of people doing outdoorsy things and not being dressed to the nines. We walked in ready to order pastries and coffees. I ordered a flavored latte which the worker told me they didn't have. No problem. As I'm getting ready to ask just for a simple syrup or some sugar packets she entered into a monologue about how they are an Australian coffee brand and refuse to put in syrup to mask the flavor of the beans and so on, and so on. I felt like I was a child getting preached to so ordered a black coffee for one in my party and ran out of there. I respect your respect for the bean, but didn't appreciated being talked down to. I was with a friend and her perception of the situation was the same as mine.

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