Elevated Grounds Coffee and Espresso

333 S 520 W #190, Lindon
(801) 854-5530

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Evalin Musser

This is my partner's and my favorite local coffee shop! The baristas are so nice and accommodating, and always recommend the best drinks when I'm undecided. The vibe is so cozy, too! Sometimes there's a cute dog wandering around, big plus for me. The only downside I can think of is that it's pretty pricey, but since it's a local shop with quality products I don't mind it!

Chelsea Coronel

Sunny, cheerful little coffee shop with indoor and outdoor seating. Baristas were friendly, professional and accommodating. Coffee and pastries were sublime! And we were pleased to discover that they had some gluten free offerings as well.

Burger Pioneers

Best coffee place in Utah. The baristas and the owner are super friendly. I recommend them to everyone. If you want really great coffee, "this is the place!"Thank you for helping me stay my day!!Vegetarian options: Plenty of vegetarian optionsDietary restrictions: Great at accommodating those with restrictions.

Laminated Weasel

Love visiting all the coffee shops everywhere we go and was pleasantly surprised and very impressed by this location. Very polite staff and whimsical interior and even the food they had for sale was excellent (which seems fairly rare with coffee places). 10/10 would become a regular if we lived around here!

Laurie S.

The coffee was good and the food was horrible. I got a frittata the homestyle one and I waited quite a bit longer than I imagined and then the woman told me it would be one more minute she brought it out and handed it to me and I got in the car and drove away only to find out first of all it was on bread which they never said which I would not have ordered. But as importantly the eggs were like rubber way overcooked way too hot and spiced with really strong pepper flavor. I like pepper black pepper but it was too much even for me. It was almost $9 and I I'm looking at it in my lap wondering if I should throw it away.Very nice people however and good coffee and right off the interstate

Paul C

I can't stand getting my coffee from any other place now. The service is always good, and there's always a smile on their faces.They have a new series of drinks monthly, which keeps your options fresh and new. Also, they always taste great for some reason.Parking: Plenty of parking, handicap access.Kid-friendliness: Sure, why not people bring their dogs too!Wheelchair accessibility: Yeah bro wheel that bad boy in there!

Luke Berhold

Wow! The best bean in Utah County! It is smooth without a harsh bitter flavor. Their equipment is clean, because it doesn't have the slight sour aftertaste that many coffee shops have. It's a medium to mild roast, so the caffeine content will be a little higher. The lattes contain 2 shots of espresso standard, regardless of size. The staff was very friendly, and had a positive attitude, service was quick as well. The location is tucked back in a little, but certainly worth the stop.Dietary restrictions: Can accommodate dietary restrictionsParking: Plenty of parking in parking lot

Sophia Beran

Coffee and cold brew was great , food was ok (cheese panini was dry and frittata was too salty .


Needs to sell beans. The food was so good but I had a hair that didn't need to be in it.

A C.

we ordered turkey bacon avocado sandwiches. There is so much salt on both sandwiches that the sandwiches are ruined. You can literally feel the grains of salt as you take a bite. You can't even eat them. complete waste of time and money.

Jack S.

Scheduled a business coffee here. I tried their croissant and frozen hot chocolate and both were good! The value of the croissant is unbeatable at $3 or $4! The vibes were very chill and had inside and outside seating which is great for this time of the year. The baristas were both very nice and helped recommend some drinks to try.

Christina Beebe

Such a cute, fun, and delicious coffee shop with unique flavors and a fantastic ambiance! It's randomly located within the business sector in a business building, but they have beautifully decorated and colored their doors so you won't miss it when you drive up. My friend had a fruity blend in her coffee that was deliciously different than typically used to. I'll definitely be back here!

Sam O.

I've been buying coffee from Elevated Grounds for a few years now and have always been impressed by their creative, delicious specialty drinks. They rotate often so I'm always trying something is new! Like most coffee shops, Elevated Grounds experiences fairly high turnover and I'm always impressed by how well trained the staff is and how friendly they are. I've always been especially impressed by the number of independent art vendors they support by allowing them to sell their products in the shop and love looking around for new stuff.

Pat RatCan

Went out of our way today to try this place after reading great reviews. Was meeted on sunday with a smile that spelled "I wish you werent here". Left disappointed with the service. Polite staff, but which really betrayed an annoyance. I thought maybe i was overthinking but that's a feeling we both came out with. 3 stars for the good order they prepared and the good food.

Natalie Winder

Was going here really frequently the past few months. I moved yesterday and I am already missing it! Will stop for a coffee when I’m in the area or even make a special trip just for this coffee. Iced Caramel Vanilla is always 10/10.

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Elevated Grounds Coffee and Espresso

333 S 520 W #190, Lindon, UT 84042
(801) 854-5530