Magleby's Fresh

135 S State St, Lindon
(801) 796-7960

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Stephanie Harris

I'm so excited there's another magleby's fresh. Our favorite thing is the tomato pesto bisque soup & breadsticks. They also have good stuffed breadsticks & and I love their salads. It was fast and affordable. Oh and they have great battered fries too

Anna Richardson

Ordered 2 of their chocolate cakes. One was as dry as the desert and the other was full of thick long hair in the middle. Very disappointed and did not eat.

Willis Toppleover

I would have liked to rate the food, but we ordered and waited inside for over 30 min, still nothing to eat. There are 3 other customers. I didn’t think a soup, salad, breakfast burrito and pancakes would take me this long.

beck Elliott

When I was a kid, my grandma would always make homemade whipped cream for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She was the best. Her whipped cream was the best. The whipped cream here tastes uncannily similar and for that I'm grateful ?Also of course the other food is top notch and the service is incredible.

Taylor Rogers

We came here on Saturday evening for dinner and the restaurant wasn't busy at all. The restaurant was well maintained but a lot of the tables were pretty dirty and we had to ask for ours to be wiped down. The service was pretty slow. It took a while for us to order our food with the cashier.We ordered two blackened chicken penne pastas and a half house salad. The food took a pretty long time to come out considering that the restaurant was fairly empty. There were a decent amount of employees in the kitchen so I'm not sure why it took so long. The pasta was hot when it arrived, however, there was hardly any sauce on the pasta we actually had to ask for more to be brought out on the side. The chicken was cooked okay but it was actually kind of rubbery and seemed that it could be from frozen. The chicken was not nearly as hot as the pasta was. The breadsticks that came with the pasta were the most impressive. They were soft, buttery, and so yummy. The salad was so small for the price that you pay. Shocked that it was $7. There were some bad lettuce pieces as well that we had to pick out.It wasn't a very good experience and I am not sure when we will be back.

Kristy Nuttall

Such a great hidden gem of a restaurant! They have really great breakfast options - - don't miss out on the sourdough toast with avocado, boiled eggs slices, and bacon.

Justin Whittaker

Had our favorite, stuffed bread sticks and they were delicious. We are so happy to find the great quality is back at the Lindon location.

Vienna Strauss

We called at 7;35pm 11/24 Thanksgiving eve knowing they closed at 7pm. We asked if they had any rolls left and thst we were 1mile away. My son really wanted these rolls for Thanksgiving.The girl on the phone was hesitant and seemed reluctant to help. After checking to see if they had a dz, she mentioned they closed in 30 min. I assured her it wouldn't take 30 min to drive 1 mile. She sighed and said in a disappointing tone "okay" and hung up. No thank you, no "we'll have it ready or anything positive. It felt like she wanted us to know we were imposing on their closing procedures and sidework.It took my husband over 18 min to purchase the rollsSure seem she didn't want anybody else coming in.I've been in the service industry from Carrows restaurant, Stuart Anderson restaurants, to Excelsior and Marriot restaurants/hotels for 40 plus yrs It's sad to see how customers are treated today. Good customer service is an art that seems to be lost on many workers today. I

Whitney Nichols

This was my first time here and I had the hardest time deciding what to get. I settled on the blackened chicken pasta and some fries. My boyfriend had the philly cheesesteak. It was all soooo delicious, we will definitely be adding this place to the rotation

Emily Karpierz

Visiting from Wisconsin. Stopped and tried this restaurant. Food was phenomenal. Really tasty and flavorful. You get a bunch of food as well. Definitely would go again before I leave.

Ashley Blake

If you have not had their French toast you are missing out! They have yummy carmelized bacon too.If you go for lunch, try a stuffed breadstick!Their chocolate cake is pretty fantastic too.I always try to stop here when I’m in the area.

Devin Gurr

Good food slow service for the bottomless French toast which came out a lot later than the rest of the ordered food.

Dyanne Richan

Absolutely fabulous in every way! The staff is friendly. I have had almost every thing on the menu and all have been delicious. Prices are great.You must get the cake-my favorite is the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting but I always take home a piece of chocolate cake because it’s irresistible. Their rolls are delicious and a must have. You won’t go wrong with choosing Magelbys fresh.

Craig Pearce

Food was good. Service was okay. Waited along time for our food. The people that work there are very friendly.

Lois Atheling

Very clean, fast service, good menu variety to please the different needs of my family.

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