Magleby's Fresh

135 S State St, Lindon
(801) 796-7960

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Killian Killian

Pretty good burger, the little bread thingy I got with my food was good, but I feel like it was a bit plain by itself. Fries were tasty; I would personally prefer a non-barbecue fry sauce but that’s just my opinion, it wasn’t bad. Staff are very friendly and helpful

Heather Lewis

Magleby’s stuffed breadsticks with fries for my companion and Philly Steak sandwich with sweet potato fries for me.Food was good, prices are fair and service was friendly.The order took over 15 minutes and no, it was not busy. The dining room was also quite dirty.

Marc Mangum

The building was clean and had a good modern restaurant feeling. The service was fine. I was expecting a sit-down restaurant experience from looking at the menu. It was more like zupas where you wait in line, then grab your plastic utensils around the corner and find a seat. I was not thrilled with the food. The blackened chicken Alfredo was a bit bland, and the fish and chips hardly had any fish in them. The fries were good!

Melanie Porter

Family-friendly and affordable place for a night out. There aren't many places where you can get bottomless french toast or pancakes for under $10. If you want something a little more hearty, the breakfast burrito is also under $10. Tried the fish and chips and was pleasantly surprised at the lightness of the fish and their fries are delicious. Coleslaw was also fresh with a mild flavor. My husband really enjoyed his burger and once again, their hot, fresh fries are delicious. Meals are all served on a paper plate and are an appropriate size for the price in my opinion.Two other people in our party got the breakfast options - if you can splurge for the berries & cream - DO IT. Lots of big tables for families and plenty of parking outside. I wouldn't make a special trip to come back to this spot, but if I was in the area again, I'd be happy to return for some breakfast.

Rebecca Reynolds

Do not buy gift cards here. Just wanted to spread the word, even though you will be missing 50$ from your bank account, the gift cards will not work or be “activated”. Good food of course but only use credit or debit.Pic is their bathroom

Cooper C.

Yikes. Yes i went back and i wish i hadn't. I'm sad cause I used to love this place. Their black chicken pasta is so flavorless and nothing else on the menu looked good so I used to just come here for their bacon. I would get two orders of their candied bacon as a meal because it used to be the best bacon ever. The last few times I've gone has been consistently bad. Soggy and way too greasy and not enough sugar. This time was the last straw. Waited forever for a small order and the bacon was cold. I wont be back.

macie epps

The chocolate cake is amazing but everything else about our dinner was disappointing. The blackened salmon was $17.50 and it was the tiniest piece of salmon I’ve ever seen. The pineapple salsa tasted like they put a spoonful of canned pineapple on top… it wasn’t good. The breadsticks were dry and cold and my husband’s pasta was lukewarm. We would have asked them to warm up our stuff but they seemed pretty busy and hectic (probably understaffed like everyone else right now.)

Brylee J.

The costumer service is phenomenal. And for AMAZING food, it's pretty cheap! The people are always so friendly, it feels like a home! I've come here since a little kid for breakfast and it's always amazing!!

Christine Carey REALTOR

Magleby’s Fresh is one of our favorite places to eat, meet, ponder and share our goals at the start of each new year. This year I had their bottomless French toast with berries and cream, and it was so yummy! Their bread is not cut too thick and not too thin, and is dipped in a light egg batter and perfectly cooked to golden brown. The French toast is served with house-made buttermilk syrup, and candied bacon which is pretty much the best bacon around.A couple of my kids enjoyed a breakfast burrito which is massive and served with skillet potatoes, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole.Breakfast is served all day by the way!

Ali Q

We got the wonderful halibut. It taste okay, but WAY OVERPRICED. I paid $27 for a small paper plate with a tiny piece of fish and little rice and salad. Not even a fancy presentation to justify the high price.I would’ve given 5 stars if the price for this dish wash $14 max

Taylor E.

Best bacon ever. The Breakfast burrito and french toast are 10/10. Also super friendly staff. Always been one of my favs.

Truman F.

Food here was good. A wide array of options. Nothing that was particularly amazing but all good quality. The restaurant was clean but lacking in any kind of decor or energy. Timing was fine. It was not busy. Plenty of table space

Maurine Wilson

The manager was awesome and very helpful. The servers were also great. They ran out of caffeine free soda and they immediately filled out up again. Great job.Food: 5/5

Hector B.

Overall, it was a breakfast stop that worked with decent value. Food (3.5): French toast was good, sweet, and bottomless. The breakfast burrito was OK but not great. Their coffee was single serve off the Kerig machine. Service (3): right because you get the food delivered, and that's it.

Spencer Gardner

We really like the Provo location, but our first visit to the Orem location was super disappointing.The "wonderful halibut" tasted like cheap fish, the sweet potato fries were cold, they included almost zero rice on the side, and didn't include tartar sauce at all. I have ordered that dish at least 10 times before in Provo and this time it was completely mediocre.My wife ordered the side salad, which turned out to be a few pieces of old lettuce and it was objectively tiny.Sigh.

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