G2G Protein Bar/ Good2go Bar

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Recent Reviews

Ty Erickson

Most of the time I feel protein bars are un-edible, but I can eat G2G Bars every day and really enjoy them. Mainly peanut butter chocolate chip.

Joye Roundy

My order was wrong but they corrected it right a way. I love the bars. So glad I was told about them.

Shanna Davila

Amazing customer service!! I had ordered some bars from their Amazon storefront and the package never arrived. I realized their HQ was pretty close to my house, so I just went in to talk to them about it directly. The rep was super apologetic and immediately gave me what I had ordered plus an extra bar as an apology. From now on I’ll just order directly from their website. P.S. The almond coconut bars are my favorite :)

Laura Aston

I love these protein bars especially the peanut butter chocolate chip. I love that you can get them at Costco for a very good price. They are delicious


These bars are soooo good! I’ve tried so many brands trying to find a good protein bar and nothing has worked out until I tried this G2G. I CRAVE them they’re soo good! Highly recommend trying these out ?


I have a hard time not eating these protein bars like they are candy bars. So incredibly delicious. Especially cold, it just melts in your mouth. As someone who has a really hard time getting meals down in the morning this has been a lifesaver.


I love the G2G bars!! They are delicious and perfect for a snack or meal. I prefer to keep them in the fridge and eat one a day. My favorite flavor is the peanut butter coconut chocolate!! So so good!! Even my kids love these bars and steal them from the fridge. They are unlike any protein bar I have ever had before.

Daniel Lomba

I ordered a variety box from G2G and there bars are more satisfying and tasty then my usual nature valley. I was very impressed with the energy I received from there. Definitely recommend.

Angela Gage

I received one of these protein bars after a race and really liked them. I discovered the almond chocolate chip and almond fruit and nut flavors. I thinks these are the best tasting protein bars on the market. I actually crave the taste of them and have told my friends about them. I order them frequently and have not been disappointed.

Shelby Marble

I've always struggled to find protein bars that don't have a weird chalky taste or odd texture. I am SO glad a fitness friend told me about G2G bars! They taste like real whole food (bc they are!) and they have excellent nutrient balance content. I've loved every flavor I've tried so far. Worth. Every. Penny. :)

Sionainn Rudek

These are by far the most delicious protein bars I’ve ever had. As a vegetarian runner and am always looking for extra protein sources and G2G has me hooked. My favorite flavors are the almond butter chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip, but if you’re not sure the variety pack is definitely a good move (they’re all so delicious)! Full support for these little beauties :)

Alina Piña

These are my absolute favorite protein bar! They are so delicious. I really look forward to having it daily as my afternoon snack because it tastes like a treat and fuels my workouts. No weird protein bar taste or aftertaste, just goodness!

Laura Oblinger

All-around fantastic experience! The website was easy to navigate, and the descriptions were accurate. The shipping was much quicker than I thought it would be. The flavor and texture is so good. Love that I can have something quick and healthy that also tastes delicious. Really looking forward to trying out some other flavors. (The Peanut Butter Fruit Nut is fantastic!)

Laureen Curtis

Love these bars. Great for a meal replacement on busy days. I've only tried the peanut butter but they are so good I don't want to try anything else!

Jessica Healey

Our whole family loves g2g bars. We’ve only tried the peanut butter chocolate chip ones and they are delicious. Our kids are always begging us for them too.Recently we stopped by Costco to grab some and unfortunately they were all out. We were so bummed so we decided to order some online. They were delivered super quick.

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