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218 N Main St, Farmville

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The food here is great! Everything was fresh and made to order. The staff were also very friendly and the prices were reasonable, especially for a college student. My only gripe with my experience was that it took a while for the sandwiches to come out, but that's understandably considering there's only 1 person making everything.

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Jesus! That sandwich blew me away! I didn't have that high of expectations, but they were well exceeded in terms of flavor. That was a bangin sandwich and I will definitely be making another visit soon.My only gripe is the wait time. I was quoted twenty minutes for one sandwich. I did ask if they were able to push it through a bit faster since I had to get back to work but for two employees I totally understand why that wait time is so long.People, PLEASE EAT HERE! Please eat...read full review

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The cutest little sweet shop on the main street in Farmville. I could gain 20lbs just sitting there looking at all the goodies. We took a few to go with us. Vanilla cupcake, Strawberry cheesecake, and M&M cookie - sooo good! We were in Farmville to see Longwood University and the server was so nice. She was vegan, my daughter has a milk allergy so she tends to find vegan things that she can eat. It was like we were meant to meet her - so she could tell my daughter all the best...read full review

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