Beyond Restaurant & Lounge

50 W Water St, Harrisonburg
(540) 432-0105

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Amazing food! Fantastic sushi! No matter what I get here, it always knocks my expectations out of the ballpark. The little patio outside is one of my favorite places to dine, chat with friends, and sip wine. The lady that serves me almost every time I'm here is always so friendly and nice.

Han Nokwon

I personally consider my self a regular at this restaurant mostly because I am but upon about half a year of visiting this restaurant I have to stay food, service, as well as drinks is always on point. Its always enjoyable going to beyond for dinner and at times eating here serves as a good stress reliever.A personal request to all who goes here, please tip the waiters and waitresses well cause I am certain it helps them greatly.

Kajsa Champ

The Vietnamese food is on point. It's flavored well albeit a little bland for someone who likes a lot more spice, but they're catering to the average American crowd in the area. The sushi is good. The pineapple cream cheese wontons are always a safe bet.Food: 4/5

Melissa Troncoso (The Health Whisperer)

A great Asian restaurant with something for everyone. The service was great and the food was hot and delicious.

Tom Harris

Great little spot for great food, this has become one of our go to sushi and noodle restaurants. The fried green beans are crazy good. Beer selection is always pretty good and rotates. Also has a pretty nice outdoor seating area. This place has came a long way from years ago.Food: 5/5

seth liskey

Thai, Sushi, Pho - they do very well at several styles. Happy hour is very nice too!Parking: Extremely easy right across the street

cali librarian

This is our favorite restaurant for Pho, and delicious sushi. Still loving the Angry Salmon and tried a new cider that was amazing. The service is always fast friendly and efficient.Food: 5/5

Steve Goad

Great atmosphere..very friendly and professional staff. There for afterhours business mixer. Great food...

Dustin Finnell

Don't ever order to go!! They give you the smallest portions and wasn't even good. The orange chicken was $18 and was maybe $8 worth of food. The Philly roll was $8 and so small and worthless it was comical!

Kyle Billing

Just got our food and it was a disaster! And wayyyyyyyyyyyy overpriced! The Philly roll was so bad it definitely goes down as the worst thing I've ever ordered in my life! Not only awful it was $8 and look at the pic.

Kristina Orlandi

Rice paper roll, crab&tuna sushi, seafood soup with clear noodles and lychee sake...All delicious!

Christina Chin

I got a shrimp teriyaki and it was disgusting. 5 or 6 shrimp in literally a bowl of sweet and gross "teriyaki" soup. The vegetables were practically raw. Waitress never came back to see if we liked our food. She probably knew the food was horrible. We also got a pho that was completely bland, not an authentic beef broth. My son's fried rice looked edible but even he said he'd take it home so he could add some egg and other things to make it taste good.

Poulain A

The sushi is amazing here, great quality. Waiters are always kind. Lovely setting, they have a balcony right outside to sit and eat and it’s very enjoyable.


They’re EXTREMELY generous with their sashimi/nigiri portions, I got salmon and every cut was very thick. I do agree with other reviews that the sushi rice is a bit soggy, but it wasn’t too bad.

Elizabeth Franze

Excellent food, service and atmosphere. We enjoyed large portions and a beautiful patio dinner overlooking a stream. Cocktails were also delicious :-)

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