Taco Bell

703 E Atlantic St, South Hill
(434) 447-2611

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Nate B.

This is a place you need to stay away from. The service is horrible and I still can't figure out how a chicken place runs out of chicken. Save yourself the headache and ride a little further to Bojangles

Danella Davis

Food is always great but service is unexceptable. Ordered $40.00 worth of food but probably recieved $30. Restrooms weren't cleaned. Workers...

Kimberly Jordan

This place was filthy! I seen 3 people leave after walking in and looking around. The employees were eating food in the back. One of the heavy set female employee was chewing with her mouth open while making a food order! I live in NC where every food establishment has a sanitation score posted on the drive thru windows as well as when you walk in the door. VA you need to follow suit! Never again will I return to this Taco Bell/ KFC.

PitBulls For Trump

Burritos were full and great price for the food that was given

Nora Jones


Emma Griff

forgot half our order. food was overpowering in salt. drinks were watery .servers lacked skills. not good tasted like bat wings don’t come here the servers were extremely disrespectful, talking to us with an attitude , do not recommend.

Janna Curry

45 min average wait time. Even if you place an online order waaaaay ahead of time, you will be served last

tom fadool

I promise this will be the longest you will ever wait for a taco.

Eric Winstead

Very poor customer service! Avoid this place if you expect to get your food in a timely manner.

bryan lockwood

Quite possibly the slowest fast food restaurant I’ve ever been to....ever, my burrito tasted like KFC. Gross.

Robert Bethel

I will never eat there again! I've never, in all nearly 50 years of eating at the Bell, had such a pitiful meal. My wife and I both received very little portions and lacking many ingredients!! My wife had a veggie power bowl and a side order of black beans. There was hardly anything in it. No rice at all. A few pieces of lettuce a few tomato bits and that's it. When she went back in to ask about, the counter help didn't say a thing and reluctantly took the bowl and put a little bit of rice on it and handed it back with no apology. My veggie power burrito was so small and lacking ingredients that I was shocked. It was smaller than a regular bean burrito, with a small portion of beans, lots of sour cream, a few pieces of lettuce, and maybe a few pieces of cheese. That was it. Unless the crew is so incompetent that they forgot the other 4 ingredient, this was purposefully made this way. The fiesta potatoes didn't cover the little container they are served in and had enough cheese to cover only 3 or 4 potato pieces.

Kyle K.

They say there's always a reason for everything. Well, there's a reason for the terrible rating for this one, as well. I ordered a 2 piece fill up, too (I hear you Larry Shaffer right below me!), and my chicken was all dried up, stiff, and even smelled a little bit. Anyone could see it was NOT fresh at all. I'm usually quite patient, but the service was so slow. I even thought the car right in front of me was just parked there. Everything that had to be there was there, but hey, that's not all they should think about.

Ray Thomas

Burritos are great!

K Winslow

The food is as expexted, the 1 star is for the inconsistency of the service, speed (lack there of) and overall hygiene of the restaurant and employees (not washing hands).

Joel Webb

Poorly Staffed. Tables filthy. Guy said 20 minute wait in line waiting for his food. We ended up leaving because of that.

Robert Moody

New remodel. Nice to have both KFC and TB in one. Decent food prep. VERY slow! Would be 4-star if faster.

Randy Williams

Too bad they don't have a 0 to choose for a rating, because this place is a ZERO. Very poor customer service! I sent 2 complaints to corporate and have not had one response. As I walked up to the counter to order, the person behind the counter just looked at me.....no welcome to Taco Bell, hello, not even can I take your order. So I just stared back at her and asked her if she could speak and she just shook her lead up and down without saying a word. I was so hungry for tacos, I went ahead and ordered. The food was so, so, but the customer service is the worst! Will never go in there again.

Maria Perry

It's been remodeled. I thought they did a great job. My order was made well. No complaints there. My only complaint is that there was a customer using profanity, speaking very loudly and a few employees appeared to be leading him to think that was okay. It was unprofessional to be encouraging him. I was out with my husband and the guy and the employees were so loud. The cashier however, was really nice and I could see her trying to stay focused. Also saw a man come out and apologize to another customer. I docked a star because employees shouldn't play along when customers are being disruptive.

John S.

Honestly, if you are coming here for KFC, you are at the right place. You will partake in delicious flaky fried chicken accompanied by tasty sides. However, if you are here for the Taco Bell, you can not make a worse mistake. Upon arriving at this fine establishment, I started conversing with a very agitated young woman who warned me that the food took quite a while to come out. I decided not to heed her warning and ordered my food...what a mistake. Said order was placed at 8:26 PM. By 8:30 PM, the three other people in my party were enjoying their meals; a famous bowl and two chicken tender fill up boxes. Why do I remember exactly what they ordered you may ask? Because I spent the next 20 minutes of my life watching them eat their food. I finally decided to approach the counter to question the status of my food at 8:46 PM. Some may wonder why I decided to wait so long. Well, I like to think that I am a pragmatic person. I genuinely was hoping that they were just getting slammed and that they somehow bumped my order off of their screen. I literally stared at the manager for 5 minutes as she leaned over the counter, sweat dripping from her brow. It honestly was so unsettling that I considered asking her if she needed medical attention. Rest assured, she shifted herself and I saw that she was just counting money for a cash drop. Not once in those 5 minutes did she bother to even look up at me. I locked eyes with three employees before one decided to grace me with their presence. I explained to him that I was looking for order 144, mind you, at this point they were on order 169. He slides to the back and instantly comes out with my bag! He looks at me, clearly reading the frustration on my face, leans over the counter and tosses in a bag of Doritos. He says "gave you a free bag of doritos for the wait." My soft tacos (I call them soft because I ordered hard tacos but they were both so soggy that they had folded in on themselves) were cold and my quesadilla was vastly inedible. Can't fault the bag of Doritos since they come vacuum sealed. To sum all of this up, I will not be revisiting this establishment and would advise anyone considering a visit to heed my warning: If you eat at this particular establishment, you will have a bad time. I myself will never be refunded the time that I lost this day and can only take a deep sigh as I gaze upon this solitary bag of Doritos that represents my misfortune.

Tammy H.

They dressed up the KFC real pretty but they are still just as unorganized. If you are planning to eat here just make sure you have the time

Taco Bell
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Taco Bell

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