Jammin Java

227 Maple Ave E, Vienna
(703) 255-1566

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Jeb Hoge

I'm glad that I finally got to see a show at the renowned Jammin' Java. It's an interesting compromise between small enough for shows to feel very intimate while still accommodating a decent crowd. The bar is legit and the pizza I shared was good, no complaints there. If there was anything that I missed, it was that there wasn't coffee on the menu at this nighttime show, but that might just be a me problem. But the audio / sound was great and the staff seemed really cool and nice, so I understand why this is such a hot spot for musicians coming through town.

Tom W

Always enjoy live music at Jammin Java! Cold evening, so we enjoyed a bowl of their chili before the show, good flavor and consistency. Could have been served a little hotter. Will have to try the pizza next time!

Erinn Larsen

Great intimate venue! Wish I lived closer to see more shows here!

Kayla Newcomb

Chill atmosphere, delicious drinks, and it’s also a pizza place? Great spot for live music and would recommend if you get a chance to check out a show.

Joshua Weiss

A fun little place with live music! Found them since an indie band ibfollowbwas there. Besides acting as a small scall music venue, they so have an active music school as well. Pricing also seems in-line with other places in the area.

Stephanie Fuller

It's been two decades since I've been, but last weekend was fantastic! The music was top-notch (Go see Rachel Levitin or Tony Lucca,) and the place was awesome. The staff was friendly. Only complaint (which doesn't even remove a star) is how cramped seating at the tables was. I was fine squeezing in, but it was difficult getting in and out for the bathroom or other things. Overall, perfection.

M D.

Nice surprise in Vienna. Came to hear a coworker play tonight. Really enjoyed the music at an intimate venue. Having had dinner before we came, I didn't order any food. Friends that were there to see the same band ordered a pizza which they said was really good. Will come back for pizza and/or one of two chilli's on the menu.

Jo L.

AMBIANCE Jammin' Java is a cozy place for concerts. Because of how small it is, it provides quite an intimate experience for attendees and a great view of the stage and performers. The lighting provides nice vibes and matches the music. Unless you're sitting by the bar or in the VIP area, expect to be standing before the stage for the duration of the concert. SOUND SYSTEM If you're standing up front, I would bring earplugs, so that you can adjust the volume of what you're hearing to some extent. ***The audio is VERY, VERY LOUD.*** Post the 1-hour concert, I couldn't hear clearly again until the next morning. I'd wager you'd have a better listening experience hanging out in the back, though that would take away from the overall experience. SERVICE There's a good amount of fees involved when purchasing tickets, but the total cost is offset by how cheap the tickets generally are themselves. There is not much to remark about the service as I only interacted with the bouncer who checked my group's IDs.

Kemal güncer

If you are over 60 years old it is a perfect live music bar for you. Concerts start at 19.00 and end at 21.00. so you can go to sleep early. It is the only bar that you listen a rock concert by sitting on a chair (like watching a theater show) Apparently, The staff have lost their motivation and are not happy to serve. If your pizza is burnt, no one cares about it.

Alyssa Polos Love

JJ is my absolute favorite place to hear live music. I could write an essay about why, but suffice it to say the experience here is evidence that the owners are musicians who know talent and quality sound--and are good, kind people who hire good, kind people. From a practical perspective, I also love the convenient location/parking, and the gluten-free pizza options. ?

Wiley Henkel

Jamming Java is probably one of the most intimate and well run venues in the northern Virginia area. Service is always great the sound is impeccable And Keegan is one of the best sound men I've ever met. If you ever get a chance and are in Vienna Virginia check out their calendar And do visit this great venue, Oh and they also have great pizza.

Mike B.

i would be extremely careful if you are buying a concert ticket. I purchased a ticket for a show in January that was canceled due to CoVid. The venue refuses to give me a refund. I have contacted them by email, phone, and in-person. I was given an email of a manager who refuses to answer the email. At this point, I am considering sensible legal remedies.

Victoria T.

Very very loud. Very very small. Very friendly staff. Sadly If I didn't leave my hair would of been blown back and I'd be deaf. Oh and no seating.

Heidi Margrave

Nice venue with good parking. On the small side. Don't pay extra for premier tickets to any shows. Premier is supposed to include reserved seating in a "good to see the stage" area with a server that comes around to bring you drinks and food. the seating was crowded with non premier ticket holders and there never was a server, couldn't see the stage at all so ended up standing in the crowd.

M planetmike

Excellent intimate music venue right here in Vienna. There's ample parking for those originating further away. Come see, hear, and if you are lucky, interact with the performers. Plenty of eating options nearby.

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