Sushi Yama (Yama Japanese Restaurant)

328 Maple Ave W, Vienna
(703) 242-7703

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Alex J.

It's not close to us, but we will make the drive for their food. We have ordered several times during COVID and food is ready when they say it will be ready. The quality is still good when we bring it home. Please support this place so we can continue to enjoy their service.

Dom O.

This was my favorite sushi spot until today. We ordered 4 rolls and the eel was inedible for 3 of them. I'm not sure if they had an off day or what but I was not expecting my this. This was my go to spot and I always recommend it, very unfortunate.

Wayne Henry

I visit this spot a lot since I work close by. I got to say the service is always excellent and they keep the spot neat all the time. Pricing is affordable and they serve big portions.

Anne D.

Had this for the first time for my birthday dinner. It tasted so good. Will be coming back for as long as I am in the area.

Natasha P.

I never write a review- but I really had to so people are aware. Really sad that after charging you $80 for sushi for two- they give you three sushi rolls with FAKE crab meat (crab stic) and so much white fish sashimi and nigiri. Do not order from them during this quarantine period because they do not give you the option of choosing the rolls you want and you are forced to order these 'platters' honestly if I want to eat white neutral fish I won't be at a sushi restaurant. Really upset paying such an up charge.

Triloka Shanbhag

We have been going here for almost 4 years now and love their sushi. Food is consistently good and we customer service is great. We were very happy when this restaurant opened after Covid shut down. Had it not opened up, would have been a great loss to Vienna.


Probably the best sushi place in northern virginia. Despite the coronavirus nonsense, the restaurant does a great carry out service with generous portions of very fresh fish expertly prepared. Always worth a visit when in the area.

Lara D.

This is our absolute go-to for sushi in Vienna. I wish delivery was more affordable but we love it so much that we'll make the drive to pick it up. Food is consistently great every time and the staff if very friendly.

Cori T.

Love this little sushi spot. I usually come here for lunch & order their bento box which is delicious. It's quite large & comes with wonderful fixings. We decided to order take-out for Mother's day dinner. Waited an extra 45 min from the time they told us food would be ready. They were very apologetic for the wait & we didn't mind. (Times are tough these days!) Wait was so worth it. We ordered the sushi deluxe, chirashi bowl & mackerel nigiri accompanied with 2 soups & salads. Fish was so fresh & generously cut. Rice seasoned to perfection. Can't go wrong with this place. Always a hit for us.

Michael Lore

Consistently great! We’ve been going for almost twenty years. They have nice specials, a good sake selection, and friendly staff.

Alice B.

No, it doesn't look like much every time we drive by. And, we normally go to Sushi Yoshi in town. After seeing a bunch of raving reviews online in several social media groups, my husband and I decided to give this place a shot. Since we went there for the first time, we have simply been going back there when we need a sushi fix. It has always been crowded when we went and food did come a bit slower than most restaurants. That is the only drawback. Other than that, the fish has alway been very fresh and the service is great!

Benicio cook

I visit this lovely spot a lot! This is my favorite place to eat. I visit this place at least once a month. The meals are fantastic, the workers are polite and the payment is reasonable. I like being in this spot for a tasty dinner.

LZ Alwazir

Good Sushi in a comfortable setting with friendly staff. Unadon, eel was slightly undercooked for my taste.

Grattan Brown

I like this place… And obviously a lot of other people do too. Crowded on a Sunday evening. Service was a little slow but the food is good.

UnTattooU VA

Great sushi! We love going here on our lunch break! Fast service!

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Sushi Yama (Yama Japanese Restaurant)

328 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 242-7703