Sushi Yama (Yama Japanese Restaurant)

328 Maple Ave W, Vienna
(703) 242-7703

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Peyman TalebiFard

Rather small place but food location and accessible. Easy parking. Food quality is average IMHO. Presentation is good.Parking: Enough spots nearby.

James H.

Nice sushi restaurant right off the main street in Vienna. Decided to come in for an early lunch with a few coworkers. Service was pleasant as we were served waters and placed our orders right away. The food was delicious. We all ordered one of the special rolls and were satisfied. The restaurant itself was calm, relaxing, and spacious enough to fit a bit of a crowd. Definitely will be coming back here again!

Amanda M.

The sushi and sashimi is fantastic. They have excellent customer service. By far, my favorite sushi restaurant in the area.

Peach T.

My favorite sushi spot in the DMV. Everything tastes great. Was blown away by their age tofu (how do they get the sauce drenched tofu to still have a delectable crunch?) sukiyaki, also delicious. Don't get me started on their sushi and rolls. I also enjoy that they don't put too much rice in their sushi (in my opinion, the right amount).

MJ Tal

I love trying out sushi restaurants in the area. Sushi Yama is now my new favorite. The food is amazing and the service is great! Would definitely recommend

Jamie L.

great quality fish, speedy service, lovely ambiance, fresh hot green tea - we love coming here for a chill meal

Judith J.

We've visited this place a number of times and we WERE really really happy with the food and the service until our last visit. IT WAS HORRIBLE! We were a party of 8 and the restaurant had one party of 6. The hostess/server was upset that we didn't make reservations. Well could we? It was a whim on Sunday night and the restaurant opened for dinner at 5 and we arrived at 5:05 pm. When we asked if we could sit at our usual spot (2) 4-tops, server looked at us as if we asked to re-arrange the entire restaurant!! Mind you, there was one other table with guests! When we pointed to "this is where we are normally seated", she repeated that we needed reservations and asked if we could just sit at separate tables. We said we'd wait to put the tables together. Then hostess/server walked over to the 4 tops and slammed them together! Um, no. We're out - no thank you! Sorry Sushi Yama, we love your sushi but with your HORRIBLE customer service you've lost us! Short of the long: Call ahead for parties of 8 or more, even if the restaurant is empty on a Sunday or you may experience what we experienced - a very GRUMPY and UNGRATEFUL server/hostess. BTW, we found another sushi place down the street. They didn't even blink twice when we walked in and provided us excellent service with a smile. :)

Kha Cao

Great sushi, and good selection as well. Love coming here with friends and having some nigiri and drinks.

Marwan Chamaa

The food is good but they need to fix their lack of management skills. They easily drown and lose control when they have a rush of takeout orders. Not only do they give long waiting times to pick up the takeout orders but they don’t commit to the time they have given you; and this is horrible! My advice to the restaurant is to quickly tackle the situation because they will lose loyal customers. My advice to the customers, don’t order takeout when it’s busy at the restaurant because they easily get overwhelmed. If you insist on ordering, call them again before you pick up the order to make sure it’s ready because they will not call you to inform you about delays. Sushi Yama is a good restaurant with a not so good management. So call before you pick up your other or go somewhere else, there are many other options around… like Maru, Sweet Ginger etc. This review is written in purely good intentions.

Sophia H.

Amazing service and the food was amazing. We started with the Gyozas with miso soup and the Gyozas were some of the best Gyozas I have had. Then we got the chicken tempuras, the shrimp tempuras, and the eel sashimis. It was delicious for all three of us eating out there to the point where my dad said he'd be back in another few weeks from now to order more of the sashimi with the eel and the salmon. The restaurant is a bit small but cozy. The decorations are amazing! The Oakton Sushi place is nothing compared to this one head-to-head. The fact that this one, unlike the Oakton one, Serves the delicious Gyozas is amazing. That was certainly the best part and I would go back just to order the Gyozas alone - Gyozas are the best food ever for me and the fact they nailed it was amazing! Service: Guy was one of the best servers I have had! 6/5 Food: 6/5 because of nailed Gyozas which are NOT easy to make! Decor: 5/5 No wait time when getting seated so + 1 bonus point for getting us as soon as we walked in! Overall 5.75/5 which means if it's over 100% score then it's in my restaurant hall of fame, (one of the best of not the best restaurant in town certainly)! Plus one more thing: the waiter got us a cup for the soy sauce - totally unexpected and they even think of the sauce to take home and go above and beyond! You guys should be proud of yourselves! You guys rock! Give the waiter a raise in pay - he's great!

Daniel Franco

Good sushi and good service. Classic environment with standard bar. I had the yellowtail combo lunch special. Great price for the amount and variety. I’ll be going back soon.

Sarina P.

This sushi restaurant's "Best sushi in town" sign doesn't lie. Sushi yama has a great environment and even better food. 10/10, would recommend

Lynelle Nicole

Got the smoky Yama roll and garden salad with ginger dressing. The service was polite and quick, the food tasted delicious, and the atmosphere was clean and welcoming. I appreciate how they educate you on the different sakes and quality levels. Would highly recommend.

Amy Burghardt

I am visiting the area so it was my first time here. The sushi was so fresh and delicious. The avocado salad was spectacular.

Amanda H.

Mediocre sushi here. The bibimbap and udon were decent but the raw fish wasn't very good

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Sushi Yama (Yama Japanese Restaurant)

328 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 242-7703