Café at Farm Station

7150 Farm Station Rd, Warrenton
(540) 216-3959

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This is not a restaurant you need a reservation for. It’s a casual cafe.

Mel H

Fourth visit here for lunch and have never been disappointed! Delicious and quick. Lovely patio and adorable interior. The fries rawk. Love the burgers, Reuben, and steak hoagie.

Ryan B.

I chose this place almost at random and I am so glad that I did. It was so good, everything we ordered was DELICIOUS!! It wasn't priced ridiculous either. Vegan options are plentiful and taste just like the "real thing" and the caramel latte slapped. The setting feels rural and relaxed and the interior is very comfortable and airy. Definitely stop by if you can! You'll be very pleased.

Dorinda Nelson

Food is very good. Went with friends and we all loved it. Beer battered fries are the best!

Randy M.

Great little neighborhood Cafe with a lot of options. We have been several times and have also done carry away. We've yet to be disappointed. My personal highlights are the Buffalo chicken wrap, the burgers, and the tots. They also have a nice variety of vegan offerings if that's your lane, like 7, which seems like more than most places have. You order at the counter and grab your beverage from the cooler near the counter, they give you a number to place on your table and they bring the food out to you. They have trash cans with a container for dishes on the patio, so we bussed our own tables. Watch out for those weekday closing hours, more than once we wanted to grab dinner after our daughter's softball practice to find they close at 7:00.


I enjoyed a delicious strawberry salad with salmon during a casual business lunch. The server had issues with her tablet but was sure to take good care of us.

Patrick Klippen

Everything I've had here has been amazing. Yesterday had the Turkey Avacado club and it was delicious. This spot is more of a self serve place however the staff was very attentive to us and kept bringing us waters which was appreciated. We sat outside and the atmosphere couldn't have been better. Other person in my party had the Chicken Caesar wrap and said it was the best he's ever had, he even went inside to compliment the chef directly.

TM “theasphaltgambler”

We like the location / convenience but the food overall is very drab tasting. We've been a few times, including carry-out and the food could be much, much better with a little seasoning, creativity, spice. It's like the Sysco food distribution truck unloads, they pop it into the microwave, and viola...........It has the potential to be so much more, especially with Old Bust Head Brewery next door. What I don't understand, especially in that affluent area is, the lack of really good, fresh, creative or fusion inspired food.

J Bart

We moved to the area in November last year and this is right around the corner from us. I have been three times now, hoping that each May have been a fluke, or just not their best seller.In my best experience there, it was mediocre at best, and there was no seasoning to the food. In my worst experience, the only thing that tasted good was the fried califlower dipped in a Buffalo sauce. And the three of us had to send our coffee back it wasn’t palatable. (The two people I was with are not picky at all)On another visit, I got a salad that I barely ate half of and threw the rest away.Even though I can walk there which is so convenient, I will not be going back. It’s worth the extra drive to get something tasty.

Rachel E.

Okayyyy, little hidden gem here! First off, the outside was clean and welcoming but when you walk in it was decorated so cute. loooved the place settings ready to go and very inviting. We just wanted to try something from here so we asked the cashier what to order and she said the sandwiches were bomb. I can't remember the exact name, I think it was a club but it had lots of Turkey, bacon and a honey mustard that made it so perfect. The bread on the outside was perfectly toasted too. We also grabbed a cupcake which was Oreo and it was just alright but very very cute and way delicious food!

Cassy W.

Cute little cafe tucked away in Warrenton. They offer coffee and canned drinks like beer/seltzer. They also have a pretty expansive food menu for a cafe, including burgers, sandwiches and a couple of appetizers. We ordered lattes and the fried cauliflower and Philly cheese tater tots and everything was tasty. They also have the option to order and pay from a QR code on the table which is super convenient! Will definitely be back!

Jim L.

Food is great but unfortunately I found out today they are no longer selling pizza! That was one of the best items on the menu!! Not sure what happened and the person I spoke w/didn't seem to care to provide any information as to why that happened. At any rate, they have a Turkey/Avocado sandwich that is very good among the other menu options. Give it a try!

OpenTable Diner

Great place! Great outdoors patio. Also next to Old Busthead brewery … grab a drink then dinner.


We enjoyed a quick sandwich before the show at thee Fauquier Theater. A bit pricy for a sandwich and 2 seltzers but nice anyway.

OpenTable Diner

The ordering app is difficult and ended up charging me twice on my credit card after I told the waitress that the 2nd ticket for the table was not correct.

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