Benny Stivale's

328 W Main St, Waynesboro
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Went in to grab a bite before a meeting this evening...little did I know the attendants are hard of hearing. I asked for two slices of pepperoni and mushroom. The associate taking my order acted like I was asking for something foreign and asked me what I wanted after I very clearly stated it the first time. When my order came out wrong, I didn't have time to wait for a new order to be made. It's unfortunate that people don't pay attention to the customer and are full review

HUGE slices of thin crust barely cooked, not undercooked or raw but far from crispy. I personally don't prefer my thin crust pizza this way but if that's your thing this is your spot, it's just not for me. Good atmosphere, very clean and good service though

A lot of hype and build up led me to finally visiting Benny's. It was not a planned trip. It just so happened that I was in the area on important business. A "perfect storm" of events led me to finally having Benny's pie in my mouth. Did it live up to the newspaper articles, web posts, tweets, etc? Yes and no. (Review to be finished soon, please find this review helpful!). My YouTube is my name visit me and subscribe!

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