Hong Kong Kitchen

1930 Williston Rd, South Burlington
(802) 862-4622

Recent Reviews

Jeff M

Now this place in banging out orders left and right. I really like their chow mein and they are clean...good bonus

Timothy Fortune

A nice family business with great food.

hieu mon chu

Standard menu and fare. I keep wanting to give this place more chances, but the disappointment accumulates. But, let's keep it positive.Family run business offering the essentials of chinese takeout. The hot and sour soup (vegetarian) is delicious, which in Vermont, can be a hard find. The House special fried rice was awesome on my days driving cab.The service is efficient and quick.

Brandon S.

If you are looking for great Chinese takeout, this is the place in the burlington area. Good clean flavors, not greasy which is always a plus. Ingredients and sauces are fresh and made in house. Would definitely order from Hong Kong Kitchen again.

Michael Johnson

Decent food if you are heading through town on Williston Road

mark wahlberg

great service and food veggies and meat are always fresh

Sara Herling

Just tried this place for the first time. WOW, it's really good. Got crab rangoon, fried wontons, shrimp lo mein, and General Tso's chicken. Portion sizes are huge - this will probably be 3 meals for my girlfriend and I. Crab rangoon and fried wontons were filled almost to bursting, not skimpy at all like so many other places! Lo mein has mushrooms, yay!! Just absolutely delicious. 10/10 will eat again

MJ Meunier

Great, quick meal, we get takeout @ every 4- 6 weeks. Hubby loves Gen.Tso Chicken, and beef teriyaki sticks. I love the shrimp rice, a small portion is enough for 2 meals for me?

Joseph P.

Coming from Florida, I didn't expect much by way of Chinese food in Vermont (not because Florida has great Chinese food, but because it doesn't, despite its greater ethnic diversity.) I quickly discovered Vermont's Chinese takeout scene is, on average, much better than Florida's. This place quickly grew into my favorite spot for some quick Chinese takeout. It's located in a strip mall, and the decorum is not much to write home about, but that's not usually a deciding factor in where most people order Chinese takeout. It's always clean, the food is ready quickly, the food is extremely affordable, and it's consistently good. They definitely have my favorite General Tso's chicken in town; it's always crispy when fresh, the sauce is a little ginger-forward and sweet. My wife always gets various non-fried chicken dishes, and loves their chicken wings.

Arjun A.

Decent fast food Chinese restaurant. Doesn't really differentiate itself from other chinese fast food because lets face it - how much different can General Tso's chicken be made. It's a the same and it's good. Portions are huge. The orders are made quickly. Passes my chinese takeout test

Mia Gurrieri

Great place. Best food. It’s a family run restaurant which makes the food even better. Hard working family who deserve everything! Ps. The girl at the front desk is now in college!! WOW time flies. Knew her when she was so young

Rose S.

I recommend: Crab Rangoon- best in the area. General Tso Chicken- tasty. The meal came with two big egg rolls that were appetizing. What to skip: The chicken & broccoli is not my favorite, but good enough for leftovers. It comes with the white sauce and I'm used to a dark sauce. Found the chicken lo main to be "meh" but decent enough to eat. Overall, one of the better places for chinese takeout around here.

Anthony Sourdiff

Nice hot and fresh food and great service

Amelia P.

I just moved to Vermont from sunny San Diego and have been craving good Chinese spot. I found this place on yelp and the reviews matched the food. The food is delicious, fresh, non greasy and not salty. And it's great warming up the next day. Must must get the dumplings. Chicken wings were crispy and delicious. I also love this place as its small family owned which i support . The mom and dad were cooking in the back and kids were helping with the order. I'm so so happy the i found a great and so affordable delicious Chinese place. Can't wait to eat through the menu!

Olivia A.

So, I ate too much at this spot when I visited Vermont. Not a place to go if you wanna lose weight Food was awesome and rice/friend rice was on POINT

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