Pizza Putt

1205 Airport Pkwy, South Burlington
(802) 862-7888

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Stacey Maranville

First time I have been here and was not impressed at all. Once we were seated it took about 10 to 15 minutes before we were waited on. We did not see any waitstaff the whole time we were waiting. When someone finally noticed us we got the excuse that we were not put in the book. She took out order and it once again took forever for our drinks to come.I am sitting here at my booth waiting for our appetizer that probably won't come until our entree. Do not recommend this place at all.

jennifer landry

Amazing family place. The service could of been better in the restaurant. But I still had an amazing time.

Katie M

Pizza Putt is a stressful chaotic overwhelming place that kids love. The kids had a blast. There were many malfunctioning machines today when we visited, otherwise it was okay.

mic Hil

The arcades are good enough but there restaurant experience was lacking today. Positive critique to them for having some exceptional serving staff though that made up for the food experience.

Josh Deleon

If you need to bring the kids in the middle of winter for cheap great place or for kids birthday partys cheap.

Jessie LaCombe

Normally, on other occasions when the family and I have visited this establishment we have an excellent time. However this time we visited, February 25, 2019, it was a completely terrible experience. Tickets were out of most arcades, causing us to have to leave one person at the specific game and another get an attendant to come read the arcade machine and then print a receipt with the ticket total.... EACH TIME we had won tickets at a machine that had ran out. One of the coin machines that indicates a "winner every time" ate our token... and another machine indicating "winner every time" which was not a token machine ate our credits. Then when ready for lunch... the soda machine was out of over half the options, our waitress had an offensive odor, her customer service was extremely poor, the "all your can eat" pizza cost us 4.00 plus tax to take our left overs home because we had not eaten half or more of the pie. (we had eaten 3 pieces) It saddens me to have to express my unpleasant experience, however I feel it is very important so that improvements can be made.

Sr. E.R.W.

Would be better if games weren't consistently broken. The shelves were empty for prizes. Hope to see some investment because this place could be awesome if cleaned up a lot. Update: There were new games and the shelves were stocked with new prizes!

Nicci C.

So disappointing to see the overpriced under serviced state of one of our former faves. The last few times we have visited have been worse each time. Forget that the food became horrible. Literally had to find the restaurant staff as they were both sitting behind counter on cellphones while I waited looking for anyone for quite awhile. Finally bent over counter and found staff! Then never came back to me once seated !!! Games for 5 and 10 dollars per play? Charging for little ones to play in an old indoor playground? Not a wonder why the parking lot is always empty. Please restore your former glory of affordable attentive play and good food for families.

Rebecca T.

While the nostalgia of my youth makes me want to like this place, I really can't. It is so run down it's actually sad. The food is over priced and disgusting, the arcade games don't work and take your money, the mini golf course was ok at best (but in need of repair!). The clientele was sketchy, think strung out addicts and screaming parents, and made for a scary experience for my children to say the least.... The staff was pleasant enough but unfortunately it doesnt make up for the dump that is now Pizza Putt. We will never go back....

Roland Legault

The age group of my party: 46, 23,11,2.5 years. We all had a great time! A good way to spend family time on an afternoon

supriya dubey

Nice place for kids to play. They have laser tag, bowling, golf, bumpy cars and other lots of games. Adults accompanying kids may also enjoy.

Loren Armitage

Went here for birthday parties as a kid and had a great time. Came back after 20+ years and it's just as cool as I remember. Pizza, mini golf, and an excellent arcade. Perfect nostalgia trip.

Owen D

This place is almost completely run into the ground. Everything from the games, the mini golf, and the laser tag are in dire need of help. Half of everything was out of order or closed and it seemed as though nothing had been cleaned in years. Over all the place gave off a stink of depression and sadness that made me want to leave almost instantly. The food also sucked. It was dry and wet at the same time and if I wasn't as hungry as I was I probably wouldn't have eaten at all. Overall a horrible experience. I don't think I'll ever go back as long as I live. I would also like to note that if any health code inspectors are reading this, it might be a good idea for you to stop by there some time.


We were looking for candlepin bowling (hard to find in Vermont) when we stumbled on Pizza Putt. Great specials offered. There is a very large arcade, indoor mini golf, laser tag, and bumper cars. The pizza is fair, but the drinks come with free refills for your entire visit! Great family fun!

Matt T.

It's what you would expect. Mostly older games and a smaller mini golf area. Pizza is hit or miss but it's a child's pizza arcade. The fact that it's decent pizza half the time is why I gave a 4 instead of 3 star. The staff is wonderful. Your children will enjoy all the lights and sounds.

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