Tian Fu Buffet

1303 Williston Rd, South Burlington
(802) 497-3979

Recent Reviews

Josh Holmes

Best buffet I've seen ever!

Peter Morales

It was okay, could be better food was a bit dry the fried shrimp seemed as if it was fried with to much batter. Not enough verity. They had more chicken than beef or pork.

Brittany Collett

Super good for entire family. Affordable and friendly.

Sara F.

Food was hot but pretty terrible. The shrimp was an odd texture, chicken rubbery and the pork was just fat. The noodles and rice were nice. I'd go somewhere else.

The 3 B. Lockwins

Great Chinese buffet. Enjoy our meal every time we come here.

Matt Kline

Food was tasty, your average chinese food

Julie B.

Plenty of food choices....inexpensive at 7.99 for all you can eat buffet. Not strictly Chinese...they also have sushi and lots of sweet desserts. If you want to fill up or have a lot of family to feed, this is a good place.

Darryl Brugger

Food taste fresh. Waitstaff is friendly and love to serve.

Kelsey A.

By far the best buffet around! The potatoes with peppers and chicken fingers are amazing. Food is always well stocked, hot, and fresh. Staff is friendly. It's best to go during lunch time when the price is cheaper, it's more expensive on the weekend.

Kristie M

Brought the kids, it was a great place, loved it. Food was warm and fresh, sushi was okay, service was great.

Denise Norris

Terrible, service horrible. 3 year old ate a piece of broccoli. Only had a chicken stick and pizza on her plate. Asked if we could take it and they said $5.99 a pound. I would have to pay twice! No exception for a young child who paid and wasnt ready to eat.

Mo Battah

Very good food and dessert and a lot to choose from.

JoAnne Smith

Very clean with nice staff. Great selections. Went at noon and the food was hot and so yummie! Prices were great as well. Kids .90 per year and $8 for lunch per person.

krystal mongeon

This place has roaches! I was seated and they were crawling on the walls. I walked right out.

Michelle Pitzner

Don't show early. The food is cold. Excellent after noon.

Billie Langlois

Food was luke warm. Most was dry from sitting too long. Disappointing.

Eric Newman

Great food, more authentic Chinese cuisine that's cheap. As it's a buffet its serve yourself and the staff is friendly. Its clean. Couldn't ask for more. My wife is Chinese and really enjoys eating here.

Amber Clark

The last time I came here it was decently good, now today it wasn't so good at all. Seemed like the food was setting to long, No music, and the service was the worst. Even though the place was mainly empty they were rushing us, gave us the receipt quickly and kept seeing if we put our money out

Arnold Lim

I don't know what happened with those bad review. I ate here with my 17 clients and all if them reall like this restaurant. Really worth the price, with $10 you could get great selection of food. Waiters also nice and helpful, so for 18 of us we really recommend this restaurant

Chan Wing

There is steamed fish, cuttlefish, sushi ...quite a good variety for seafood lovers.

Sandy VT

We stopped by this week for the first time. The food was plentiful and hot...a pleasant change from most chinese buffets. We will return!

Kathleen Meninger

This is one of the best Chinese buffets in Vermont. They offer an incredible array of food, including shrimp done every way imaginable. There is fresh sushi with a sushi cook working out front. They offer fresh fruit and fabulous desserts. The best thing about this restaurant is the cost. Remarkably affordable! It is physically accessible to all.

Aaron Cowan

Almost a mirror image of Grand Buffet in Essex. Solid all around. Good place for kids with a wide variety and fair pricing.

cheryl martell

Food was fresh and plenty of room

Mo Schaner

Food had no flavor. I left & ate at Marco's

Jacqueline Concepcion

The sushi selection at this buffet is the best around, when it comes to buffet. Food is delicious.

Sandra U.

I come from Canada and stopped here for quick lunch. It 's AMAZING!!!Price is much cheaper($8 )than Canada and food quality is good. A lot of choice you will be hard to taste everything , hot meal... dessert...soup... salads.. fruit, must try if you like Chinese food . I am so happy I didn't give this buffet up cause the bad review here.

Melissa H.

Everything looked good, but tasted bland. Some of the dishes were lukewarm, cold, or hot (when they were all supposed to be hot). The buffet was $8 which is a great deal, but I wish I had gone somewhere else. The vanilla soft serve ice cream was creamy and good, but they didn't have any toppings. The service was great and fast. Every time we went to eat more food, our old plates were gone. I liked their sweet and sour chicken, fresh fruit and their sugar doughnut. Nothing else was very good.


Most of the sushi was made with cream cheese. They only fish was tuna, which looked old. They didn't have any sashimi and never replenished the sushi while I was there. They had steamed clams but they were just empty shells. I asked if they could refill it so they took it away and left it empty. Steak and broccoli were too tough to eat. Not a good experience. I do not recommend this place.

Phineas Wormser

Love this place eating here was a religious experience the more food the better which is why this place is good. Quantity over quality this is the best restaurant I have ever eaten at

Jane Clift

Typical chinese buffet. Consider buying by the pound for light eaters, you can still sit at a table.

Deb Datta

Very inexpensive lunch buffet available here.

Caleb W.

If you were looking for a Chinese buffet in the Burlington area, Tian Fu buffet is your place. They have a great selection for lunch, dinner and dessert. I really enjoyed there honey chicken and crab Rangoon's. They also have a sushi bar. The staff is also really nice. It is a shame is it from the Williston Road side of the building it almost looks as if it is closed. The front of the restaurant is actually facing the opposite side to the Price Chopper parking lot. I think they would get more traffic, if there was some sort of lit up signage on the roadside that said parking and entrance in back. Every now and then I need to get my Chinese buffet experience into this place does the trick every time, so please support them and spread the word!

Henry Guiles

Standard Chinese buffet, really. The dining room was clean, the staff unobtrusive, and the food was good. If you're looking for decent sushi, this is a good option.

Kip P.

Worst ever. $14 down the drain. Not busy no wonder. Go home or live with regret. They would not refund me or even give me a discount.

Steve Taylor

The worst Americanized Chinese food I've ever had! I'll never go there again

William Alexander

Continuing to decline in quality. Noticed a huge absence of customers and staff compared to what it used to be. We try once in awhile because the guy at the dining room is always courteous. Unfortunately, the food just isn't what it used to be.

Dan Anderson

Great selection very large room a little loud but worth the price

Rich F

Great food. The servers are a bit over attentive.


They raised the price of their dinner...$15.88 for buffet, soda, and tax! Every time I go here (rarely), I wish I hadn't. Definitely wasn't worth it.