Tian Fu Buffet

1303 Williston Rd, South Burlington
(802) 497-3979

Recent Reviews

Gregg Lessing

Was there 2 years ago and wasn't real happy with the food. This time the food was better. Clean, well stocked, friendly, good price.

Jeffrey Riehle

Not many options for Buffets in Burlington area, but this place is swell. Food is always there, pretty tasty , crab ragoos are great, the people are super nice and the eating area has always been clean. 11.99 adult dinner is a fair price ?

Jeffrey R.

Not a bad Buffett , they always have food stocked, the people are super nice. Place is clean , sushi, hot food, ice cream, soup and other items ..

Miliardo P.

Do you have kids? Have your kids ever made you breakfast for your birthday? That situation where all you can do is sit there and shake your hear saying to yourself: "Well at least they tried." That was this place, no frills, no joy, and the food was meh at best, but at least they tried. In all seriousness though, do yourself a favor. Spend a little more money and go somewhere else, your stomach will thank you

Danny Paquette

Food was hot and they were super nice

Josh Holmes

Best buffet I've seen ever!

Peter Morales

It was okay, could be better food was a bit dry the fried shrimp seemed as if it was fried with to much batter. Not enough verity. They had more chicken than beef or pork.

Brittany Collett

Super good for entire family. Affordable and friendly.

Sara F.

Food was hot but pretty terrible. The shrimp was an odd texture, chicken rubbery and the pork was just fat. The noodles and rice were nice. I'd go somewhere else.

The 3 B. Lockwins

Great Chinese buffet. Enjoy our meal every time we come here.

Matt Kline

Food was tasty, your average chinese food

Julie B.

Plenty of food choices....inexpensive at 7.99 for all you can eat buffet. Not strictly Chinese...they also have sushi and lots of sweet desserts. If you want to fill up or have a lot of family to feed, this is a good place.

Darryl Brugger

Food taste fresh. Waitstaff is friendly and love to serve.

Kelsey A.

By far the best buffet around! The potatoes with peppers and chicken fingers are amazing. Food is always well stocked, hot, and fresh. Staff is friendly. It's best to go during lunch time when the price is cheaper, it's more expensive on the weekend.

richkid 007

Cool atmosphere, to relax and eat

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