Tinderbox Coffee Roasters

113 E Wishkah St, Aberdeen
(360) 612-0555

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Anne Christensen

Wonderful coffee and tea selection. Kind baristas. Fair pricing. It is indeed a lot like Pegasus on bainbridge Island. Locally roasted, well extracted beans with a few snacks to boot. The only lack in the star rating is because there weren't a whole lot of food selection for the gluten free sensitive folks. Not that a coffee house has to have anything but coffee. But I'd say most whom visit a small roaster location may expect alternative food along with the coffee. That being said they may have just been a bit low in selection so don't let that lead you away from some truly wonderfully prepared drinks. I'll definetly be going back any time I'm in town.

Janet Zeile

This place sounds great!! It was compared to Pannikin, which we love and have gone to for years. I will definitely stop by the next time I’m in the area. Kurt Cobain is from Aberdeen.

B Garrett

Kudos for being busy and for great drinks. The menu of pastries changes all the time and usually has great choices.

Wesley T.

Always exceptional coffee at exceptional prices. They also serve tea, pastries, and bulk coffee. The cafe is comfortable and laid back. They have free WiFi. I love this place. Same great coffee at the drive through.

Logan Shelagowski

Locally roasted coffee housed in a downtown building with lots of space to spread out.

Benjamin Malchert

Great place. Good food and coffee!

Kasen M.

Look, this is Washington. There is a small coffee hut on just about every corner. Really, drive anywhere and you'll lose count. We were road tripping. My Aunt wanted a Diet Coke, so she headed to McDonalds. I'd mentioned I wanted a coffee, and BAM! There was the Tinderbox, literally across the street from Mickey Ds. We pulled into the drive thru behind another car. We didn't realize you could drive to either side and we're a little annoyed when another car pulled to the empty side and got waited on before us -- after all, we'd been sitting behind the other car for a good 5 mins.When we got to the window, we realized the girl was working alone. Maybe this is a one-off situation, but with another 2-3 employees, this would have been a quick in and out.Regardless of the wait, the girl was really sweet and attentive. She was patient as I stumbled through the options and asked questions about things on the menu.I wanted an iced coffee. She suggested the cold brew. Usually cold brew is too thick tasting for me, but I decided to trust the local/expert. I chose a sugar free coconut syrup and she suggested a splash of cream. I got a medium.. but incase. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I'm so glad we stopped there and I tried something new. Unfortunately, I was just passing through, so I am not likely to return -- but, I may have found a new coffee favorite.Ps- during covid, she wore a mask but payment wasn't contactless. The 4-stars is because of our wait all and all it was around 10 minutes, but she did make up for it with the sweet demeanor and conversation at the window.

Chase M.

A nice space to work with free WiFi in Aberdeen. Super nice barista who can whip up a delicious latte. They have good plant-based milk options including hemp, soy, almond, and coconut. No oat milk though as of this review. Another thing that was great was that they have really small sizes (8 oz) if you like your lattes with less milk - still have 12, 16, and 20oz options too.

Dan O

Great coffee shop, locally sourced products with a great vibe.

Aron Redifer

Excellent tasting espresso. Really surprised being independently owned. Barista was excellent. Clean with nice decor. Can't wait for Covid to be over.

Jessica K.

I'm not a coffee drinker, though my husband did enjoy his. However, I am a huge tea drinker, with a special love for London Fogs (earl gray latte). This place had an absolutely amazing London Fog and I loved every sip! Great quality tea, well balanced with the amount of milk, and I had lavender syrup instead of the more traditional vanilla. One of my favorite lattes that I have had in a long time- will definitely stop in next time we are up the coast visiting family!

Edward Brandes

Very smooth, great cup of coffee. Thank you

Madeleine B.

We stopped by, in order to break up a long car trip. The coffee was really good - not burnt or too hot. The barista was really friendly, and the place had a relaxed atmosphere. They took social distancing seriously and made sure people wore masks unless seated (employees included). If I'm ever in Aberdeen again, I'd definitely return here.

Anthony Overall

Nice atmosphere with friendly customers and emploees

Karl Arocho

Their coffee is really good and employees are very nice

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