Bigfoot Java

3366 Auburn Way S, Auburn
(253) 833-9584

Recent Reviews

Jeff Eison

Really great place for coffee, the main complaint I have with the place is that it is a bit annoying to get to due to the parking lot design.

Greg PL

Girls are always nice and make the perfect drinks.

Michael Dale

Bigfoot is great because it's always open. Early morning gal/manager makes superb coffee. She remembers your drink, name, and number, and will have your order ready before you even get to the window if you're a daily regular. Not all of their baristas are up to this level and lines can get long later in the day. My only complaint would be the choices available on the Door dash app. I have a pretty simple order, but can't get the size or milk option I always get in person via the app. If this was fixed, they could make a lot more money from me when I'm feeling lazy on the weekends...

David Craft Jr

This place is SO SLOW! My God, how long does it take to make coffee? Starbucks is better because they move like it's important to them to get you in and out quickly... To save time, I'll go to Starbucks next time.

Cody P

The drinks we were able to get were pretty tasty. However, we were hoping to order the cold brew they had on their menu, but they said their cold brew "machine" was broken and had been for a year. If you haven't been able to do cold brew for a year then take it off the menu.

Kista Lussier

The Barristas are always so polite here & I love the fact they are 24 hours! Great for us night owls ya know! Who! Who! LoL! Love the Mystical Mocha blended. Yum yum yummy!

David C.

I always buy something from big foot near the 18 freeway either a nutty yeti or a strawberry passion fruit Red Bull. I was here 2 days an a row since my shop I work on is near. I ordered a strawberry passion fruit Red Bull this morning 3am, a single and asked if by chance I can get an ice water. The worker said "sorry but my manager said I can't give ice water". This is so unheard of I'm livid. Other big foots have no problem giving ice water as long as you buy something from them. I was just thirsty for some ice water too. I still left a tip but I hope they can do better.

Fernando Guevara

I was not helped in a timely manner not because they were busy but because they were busy talking to a friend in the drive-through waited five minutes andPerson in the drive-through didn’t even buy a drink only a cup of water Very unprofessional to have a conversation with their friends over random things they were talking about instead attending their customers that are actually buying drinks

Joe Russo

Good people, great customer service and really good Mochas.

Alan Roper

Ned loves it here! Super nice and friendly staff. Very fast orders. Excellent drinks and food.

Joe Quan

Not bad but also not exceptional. Not sure what the draw is to this chain. I wouldnt go out of my way to put this coffee inside me.

Brandon Mcdonald

Conveniently located right down the road from the casino, open 24/7, what more could you ask for..

Darrin Smith

If someone who used to frequent Starbucks I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Bigfoot Java. The only hurdle I had to get over was knowing what to order as I become very accustomed to a specific menu and certain items. Thankfully the wonderful people at Bigfoot were able to decode what I was wanting to drink and made me an amazing Java.It's become my new staple and I am only disappointed that I didn't find it earlier.Not only are the coffee sizes bigger so you don't need to make multiple trips, if that's the kind of connoisseur you are, but they are open 24 hours! No more rushing to get to the stand before it closes, I get my pick me up when I need it. (This is great for someone who works with teams across the world, or odd hours)The only downside is I wish that the app was a little bit more fleshed out but that pales in comparison to all the awesome other pluses

Daniel M.

I get a 16oz. Mocha extra hot...everytime. I don't know how easier it can be. Latte, maybe? That's I less step. Anyways, I ordered it 2 days ago. Took a drink. Seriously, I really don't know what I got. I took it back and asked for a replacement (which I never do!). I also asked if they had a sink to dump the first one out. The person told me to throw it in the nearby trashcan. I showed that the cup was still full. Didn't matter because I was then charged for the replacement coffee. I know I should have just left it, but I thought I needed it. 2 good things though: 1. I have stopped drinking coffee. (1 day clean ) 2. I cannot legally be made to move out of the area for not drinking coffee. Although, if I come up missing...or worse, it may be fowl play.

Athena Fisher

Bigfoot Java is the best coffee place I have ever been to, every location. I am a basic vanilla latte gal since I started going to coffee stands because it was always consistently good, outside of Seattle's Best before Starbucks bought them out. Then it was outside of Starbucks cause it tasted like sour milk 3 times in a row at different locations.Anyhow, this isn't about knocking other local coffee places that made it big with underrated product but praising Bigfoot. The moral hot vanilla latte is exactly what I grew up on & want. The iced is exactly the version I got on hot days & expect. But the blended is so good might order it in a snowstorm. I joke its got Crack in it but really it's the ice cream base they use. Whatever drink you want, try it blended!And if you don't like coffee the green apple jet tea is amazing, especially with some caramel (not the flavoring, the syrup) added in. Also the Strawberry & Pina Colada frozen drinks are delicious but I don't think they have the ice cream base.Extra + the staff are always so nice.

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