Ginger Teriyaki II

4329 A St SE C, Auburn
(253) 333-7777

Recent Reviews

Lil Olin

This is some of the best teryaki in the area. Large portions, low prices, good service. Definitely order to go though...they play a Christian radio station extremely loudly in the restaurant.Food: 4/5

Miriam Butler

Always finding myself craving their shrimp fried rice or the yakisoba dishes. Hubby loves the beef n broccoli. Always super satisfying, definitely recommend these dishes.I did notice that it's just wife and husband running the restaurant. They will always have my business

Baker Raquel

The food and service was superb, worth every penny! Beautiful decor.

JP Kamisan (Kamisan)

Been going here for a long time and it’s always been awesome and delicious. Love the chicken and beef teriyaki, as well as Katsu!

C Ren

I was suggested the chicken teriyaki, and aside from the rude attitude, which I would never have written a review about, if it wasn't for how they handled the food issue. I didn't have my card on me, so I had to order through uber eats. After trying to get through the chicken, which was very dry, for 10 min (I thought maybe it was just a few dry pieces) and I couldn't find one that made me chew and chew and chew and chew...I tried to tell them and asked if they could replace it. They looked at me like I was crazy or they couldn't understand me. He said, 'What do you want me to do?' I said, 'could you replace the chicken?'. He said 'no', and she then said she couldn't cancel, only uber can cancel. I said, 'I don't want to cancel, I just want it replaced, I want chicken I can chew.' So long story short I'm sitting here, staring at chicken that scrapes on the way down cuz I don't have the energy to chew that much (I'm not exaggerating), and I went through uber eats, they are going to refund me, but I'm stuck with chicken I don't want to eat. I don't want my money back, I wanted fresh chicken. Even half fresh chicken. Maybe they did what some places do, if it's through iber they give you the old stuff so you can't complain to them...even if you are standing in front of them.

Dan Lee

I consider them to be one of the best teriyaki restaurants in Auburn. I've eaten here for almost 10 years. Today must be a one-off because they're usually right on with their spicy chicken, but wasn't even close. Could be because I ordered close to when they were closing? I don't know.Their spicy teriyaki sauce is great (like any other day I have this) and their salad + dressing, but the chicken and gyoza was not good at all: chicken was hard, dry, overcooked; some pieces are too chewy. Gyoza was darker than usual (old oil perhaps?).Everyday (except today) would be 5 stars. Had to go with 2 because it's hard to eat. A bit shocking, must be one-off, will try again later.

Vincent Garcia

BEST Teriyaki in Auburn!! I always get their number 1 or 5 for lunch on the affordable menu!

Victoria Deshazer

This is the best place by far to get teriyaki. They had amazing food, amazing service, great prices for the amount you get, lots of options, and it was extremely clean and inviting. I will definitely be going back to this restaurant.

Ariella L.

So delicious every time I come here!!! Huge portions and super fresh ingredients!!!!!

Katrina W.

I ordered beef teriyaki and got beef jerky instead . So dissatisfied. Way over cooked and chewy

Sean Carrick

Great food, good portions, reasonably priced. My new favorite place.

Justine S.

Been wanting to check this place out so we got some take out. Prices are reasonable and portions are large. The lady that answered the phone was extremely friendly and my husband said she was nice in person too. The place has a cute vibe. Glad to have a place close by

Lisa Reidy-Carrick

Excellent food, huge amounts! Good value!

Julia Zago

Excellent food for a good price, really nice customer service. Highly recommend!!

jr m

Great place. Like better than Happy T. Chkn teriyaki good, really like pork s&s, no breading.. excellent!! Look forward to trying more!!

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