MOD Pizza

7060 Lakeland Hills Way, Auburn
(253) 387-7104

Recent Reviews

Melinda Miner

Pizza I upgraded to the one over $12 The toppings supper skimpy and with a drink it was over $16 not worth it. I ordered online, and yes it was lunch time. The girl who handed me my pizza was so rude. Seemed annoyed I was there, and overall seemed irritated and sharp tongue. No thank you, just said "HERE" almost tossing my pizza at me. It wasn't baked all the way, it seemed doughy, and virtually no toppings- This MOD gets a "D" grade. Only upside, not far from work, and Lake Tapps has few choices. I will say it was clean inside so... there is that. Doubt I will go there again. 7-11 pizza is better, trust me that ain't saying much.

Stephanie Lethrud

You can't go wrong with mod Pizza the options and the speed in which the pizzas made is unbeatable. Huge fan of the lemonade they have different mixtures which are always refreshing. they have a make it right policy and it just adds to the experience

Christina Mackenzie

The guys serving us wasRude and seems like he was in a hurry and tried to Rush us out Of there. Then I ordered a salad and They had no forks anywhere in the place to even eat it And I asked how was I going to eat they said they can't help me.

Joe Roberts

Super friendly staff. Great food! We're especially nice to my little one.

Melana V.

Today came in for some Pizza. Was first in line and waited 20 minutes for them to take our order. Sat there and watched them complete about 25 online orders. Horrible service. Never coming back.

Max K.

Slowest place ever, they take online orders first and make people wait in line, the line was out the door. We waited 15 minutes just so they can take our order. Kept saying "a few minutes". Maybe you need to hire more staff? Do not recommend this location.

Sara Bevans

Always good pizza and quality of toppings is awesome! Got to love creating your own pizza and salad!

David Shipley

Pizza is good, ordering system not so much. Ordered online and had multiple errors in checkout, likely because they created a system where you have to click to 'confirm' card 'confirm promo code' etc etc. Too many hoops. Timing almost always underestimated on the website, and their phone system for curbside pickup is also wonky.Rating more indicative of the ordering mod online experience than the store. Employees are friendly and helpful.

Karissa Finch

Great pizza, ceasar salad was great (dressing was so good!) And bread sticks we're delicious. Definitely would recommend the mega if you like thicker crust.

Tara F.

Stopped in to grab a bite and have gone back a few times since. The servers are friendly and the atmosphere is good. I enjoy the various dishes they offer and I enjoy the fact that I can bring my family for a nice meal.

Terry T.

We've had several of their pizza's and they just aren't that good. Not sure what else to say. Many places with better pizza in my opinion.

Mark R.

Pizza is good service is awful. I've been waiting 15 minutes after they said it would be done and they haven't processed one transaction. Showed up to "curbside pickup" and they said to come in and pay. What's the point of curbside pickup then.REALLY SLOW

Heather Lenz

Lastnight 1/29/22 employees were not the nicest. Particularly a older gentleman and a very petite female. I sensed they hated everything about their working experience, it shined through emensley. No customer wants to experience that. However lastnight the kid that was yelling the names out to pick up their pizzas was so kind and communicative and really upbeat. I don't know maybe the other older two should learn from the positive younger employee. The pizza was cooked perfectly and was really good. And side note some people are vegetarian and when not asking for meat maybe keep an eye out and make sure meat doesn't land on my pizza.

Tariq Schmidt

Mod pizza in Lakeland was so good! Friendly staff and delicious food that did not break the bank.

Ranking The Lakers

Amazingly friendly staff & great food but they are so short-staffed, we unfortunately do not come here anymore. None of the staffs fault as they are amazing but our last 3 trips, we had to wait over 30 minutes after the stated order time for a mobile order. Pretty sad that upper management is okay with keeping them so understaffed

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