Pho Time

901 Auburn Way N # C, Auburn
(253) 833-7292

Recent Reviews

Martin Cruz

its a new place with a new name. Pho is amazing the serving is a good size and the Boba tea is good

Nick N

Very friendly owner and staff. The place to go when you are craving good pho. My favorite is the oxtail pho.

Jonathan Martinez

Small hole in the wall restaurant with incredible varieties and flavors!!! It doesn't matter what you choose from their menu, you're guaranteed to live it!!!

Kylee Almestica

Stumbled upon this little hidden gem on the search for pho. Owner was super friendly and welcoming and the food was fantastic and bursting with flavor.

Carlson Balos

It was my first time their and it is bad wouldn’t recommend them! I had the Mongolian beef and it was covered in oil and rice cover in oil as will. My brother had the teriyaki chicken it look and taste like it was smother in soy sauce his side started to hurting making him lose his appetite. My women had the combination pho and only 6 pieces of meat inside, broth taste like store bought.

Evan O'Brien

The spring rolls & the peanut sauce were both pretty boring. Spring rolls had shrimp, rice noodles, a small piece of tofu & yellow iceberg lettuce. Peanut sauce was...meh. I won't be coming back.

Wenner Jeriong

My pregnant wife Loves coming here for her phô craving and every time we go it never disappoints. I would highly recommend Great Customer service and food is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS

Metin Cetinkaya

In my opinion, these make the best soup I've ever had.

GMcKBack M.

I simply cannot get this experience out of my mind, so I am needing to warn other people. I ordered take-out pho and I cannot remember what kind but it was probably chicken or seafood--the type doesn't matter because when I got home, I opened the containers and combined the broth, noodles, meat and garnishes. My first bite and I knew something was not right. I could not get the food to go down. Then I realized that I could not swallow because I was literally choking on several strands of long human hair!!!!!!! Literally, some of the hair was down my throat and some still in my mouth. If you're gagging right now, imagine my horror and continued trauma! I had to put my hands in my mouth, grab hold of the hair mixed with food, and pull the hair out of my throat! I wish I were making this up! Thankfully I was able to throw up. I then staggered from the bathroom and dumped the rest of that garbage in the trash where it belonged. I have PTSD still over this experience and am triggered every time I drive anywhere near that restaurant. You are warned!

Nicole S.

I JUST pulled a fingernail out of gums!! It has been sitting there since 130 pm.. I have acrylic nails.. Clearly gloves arent worn.. Never going back

Roz Burton-Torres

The bubble tea and Thai iced tea was like none that I have tasted in the past. I will not be ordering those again.. The verrameclli was ok.

Shannon A.

Food is good, but you're lucky if they get the order right.Place could be a lot cleaner. Condiment containers are disgusting, walls are dripping with grime. I don't think you could find cheaper utensils if you tried.

Sulamita S.

Absolutely love this place!! I take all my friends and family here! Owners are so sweet and make it feel really welcoming! I always get the chicken pho has to be the best chicken pho I've ever had! I go here almost every other day! Definitely worth checking out!

Vy T.

Service is kinda opposite to what I'm use too. You look at menu and pay at counter. Pho portion for the large is big but something special. Broth is kinda too water down to my liking. Beef short rib is a tad to salty for me but their fish sauce is good. I'm only giving this place 3 stars because I'm kinda thrown off on a lot of things

Michelle Santos

Go here if you wanna waste your time and money. I ordered a large pho ($16). I received a handful of noodles and hard meat like it had been sitting in their fridge for days … the broth tasted like nothing and the mint was clearly old. Needless to say I won’t be back.

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