3312 Auburn Way S, Auburn
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Marat Tleubekov

Subway is a typical fast food restaurant. The food is fresh and the service is always fast. The people working there are friendly. The only downside is that the coupon scanner never works and the fountain drinks machine never works too. You have to buy bottle drinks instead.

Sahrye Barnes

It is 7:20pm and we get to the door and it's already locked, this location doesnt close till 8pm as stated on the door.. Clerk inside was already packing up and didnt even look our way. We were going to order online for pickup, but glad we didnt. Super frustrating!


Did an online order for me because I’m am extremely busy I pick it up when it says it’s ready it’s not ready then I get it has half the things I want on my sandwich wasn’t on it. I go back to get it re-done and she completely throws it together like a mess. This place is trash along with the people that work there it’s not hard to make a sandwich you just don’t care for other peoples food.


July 4th online order went thru, and I went there to pick up when the app said order ready. Surprised with store closed and no one answer the phone. They still charged my credit card like scam. Beware of subway app not professional at all. I contact subway and was told to go there again for refund. Why do I have to go there twice for nothing.

Justin Watts

No line, service was pleasant. Food was ok, my choice of a roast beef wrap was probably not the best.Update 5/25/22, front counter lady was super sweet & I got the Subway Club and it was delicious as usual!

Collett Christine

This wasn't a great customer service experience. I asked for turkey instead of ham and she said no, I asked for extra jalapenos and if three is extra than thanks.. there was no ice and the fountain had more soda. She was not pleasent at all. Seemed more annoyed she had. Customers at all.

Carl Wilson

Good sandwich better service go here for a good experience


I went in this evening to the Subway store around 6 PM. When the man approached me about making a sandwich, he had his mask down below his nose. I commented that I did not want him making my sandwich with his nose not covered and he told me to get the hell out of his store. There was a lady beside him wearing her mask correctly. I asked if she could make my sandwich. He went ballistic, calling me all kinds of names and shouting to get the hell out of his store. Since I have all three vaccine shots, I usually do not care if someone is wearing their masks or not or if they are wearing them correctly. I do care when they are preparing food that is not going to be cooked. Customers should not be denied service because someone does not want to follow the covid rules

Brian Mckenzie

Sandwiches were good.The lady that made them was nice enough.There is only enough seating for 2, 2 people parties, but that's not Subway or this specific Subway shop, blame covid.

Mahinalani McBride

The owner at this location works constantly & is so incredibly nice!! The place seems clean everytime I visit & she was very helpful with our most recent order I placed through the app ☺

Jordan Holmes

They have good subs

Pookie and Ben Shadowfang

Much better and nice improvements on staff and quality

Samantha medina

Gave them specific order wrote it down and everything step by step came back to see my order completely wrong and missing ingredients don’t go here obviously presentation means nothing they say have it your way at subway just not this one

Angrysniper209 —

Always a great place to eat and great customer service!


My advice to the owner is sell the store because you dont care about it or your employees. They only have one person working at the store every time I go in this is not safe and doesnt allow them to take care of the customer in a timely fashion. Twice I have went in and they were out of Turkey or Mayonnaise unacceptable. Emailed Subway Corporate and I have not heard back from them either as they must not care. Nice thing there is a Taco Bell and McDonald next door and they are never out of food and serve 10 times more customers. BOZO OWNER SELL THE STORE SO SOMEONE CAN BUY IT THAT CARES OR JUST SHUT IT DOWN BECAUSE I AM SURE YOU ARE LOSING MONEY.

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