Angelo's of Bellevue

1830 130th Ave NE, Bellevue
(425) 883-2777

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Neressa The Wise

We had a lovely time. The food is very good but some dishes are a tad rich. Definitely coming back!Food: 4/5


Never disappointed at this hidden gem!Daily special with new menu! Reasonable priced options, good choice of Italian Wine..Options to accommodate with large team gathering! Best and friendly services!Vegetarian options: Variety of choices, and delicious!Kid-friendliness: Great!Parking: Plenty of parking: front and back!


Who wants to cook the day after Thanksgiving! We went to Angelo's in Bellevue to enjoy another perfect meal. We enjoyed the Bruschetta, Eggplant Parmesan and the Veal in a mushroom sauce. Our Server, Density always had a great smile and the perfect wine paring! Thanks Destiny!

Pauline olvera

They took our party of 6 without a reservation on a busy evening and took very good care of us! The food was great. The wine list fabulous! Thank youFood: 5/5

Gloria Polsky

Veal Marsala is just wonderful!!


Angelo's is very well run restaurant with great service, wonderful food and a great bar! We met some friends, had a few cocktails in the bar watching the World Series. Aziz is one of the best bar tenders on the Eastside. He pours great cocktails with a great attitude. The atmosphere in the bar is fun and engaging. Then we went over to the restaurant side for more great service and delicious food. Ask for Diane, she provided a wonderful dining experience for us. We started with an amazing beet salad. Then moved on to the dinner Special, ossobuco . This is Ritchie's specialty dish and It is the best anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. If you want to order this special call first, because they sell out quickly. The wine paring was amazing and well priced. Angelo's do not stomp on their wine prices like many places. The atmosphere in the dining room is warm and family orientated. I would highly recommend Angelo's Restaurant for any special occasion or just a night out for reasonably priced great food and service.

Ting Lee-Foote

This is your old school 90s vibe italian restaurant where the decor is simple but the food is real and the flavors are authentic.Overall a great experience for a Friday night dinner. Great for small parties and reservations are highly suggested for groups four or more. Seating space is limited but parking is ample.

Anna Rehnstrom

Really fantastic dinner. Jonathan was wonderful as part of the wait staff, making a quick swap for vodka sauce easy peasy, and Steven had great recommendations on the wine and drink list, including introducing me to a new amaro! Great, great pasta and a friendly space.

Travis M

I went here when visiting Bellevue with my wife 7 years ago. The customer service was some of the best we have ever had. Our server made sure everything came out at the best time, and did anything he could to make our experience better.We’re heading back down to this area on the weekend and will make sure we stop in for another delicious meal!

Suricata Liu

Drove there just to find out they have a new schedule will change my review when I actually have an opportunity to visit. Here is a picture of new schedule .Edit: good food and services. Everything was cooked perfectly

Cynthia Heyer

My friend and I had dinner at Angelo’s after running into long lines at other restaurants. It had been years since we had been there. It was wonderful from the beginning greeting, to the friendly waitperson, the delicious meal, and to top it off the prices were reasonable. The other thing we noticed was how quiet it was even with a number of other guests in the restaurant. Delightful, delicious, low key dinner.

Jacques I.

Okay, Angelo's Restaurant was quite a pleasant surprise. I didn't know what to expect from Angelo's, which is in the most unassuming business strip in the Wilburton neighborhood, as it's next to auto repair shops and other random businesses that you wouldn't know about unless you were seeking out for it. But I gotta say, our dining experience was wonderful. We had a reservation for a Friday night, so were able to be seated immediately for the four of us. Angelo's truly is an old school, Italian restaurant that's been around years before the light rail station next to it or the new buildings just blocks away from here. Expect dim lighting, red leather booths and a wine list that takes up an entire page. The menu had a lot of to choose from, with small plates, pastas, to heartier entrees like chicken, veal and steaks. We started with the crostini with fig jam and goat cheese and for my meal, I ordered a cup of the clam chowder and an entrée caesar salad with salmon. Everyone very much enjoyed their food. I loved how lightly baked my salmon was, so it wasn't overcooked. And I love a big salad, which the caesar here was filling and solid. For dessert, my partner and I shared the Italian cheesecake, which differs than a standard cheesecake as it's made with ricotta, so has a lighter and more airy texture to it. It was different, but in a good way. I liked how much chocolate chips were in the cheesecake too, adding some chocolatey goodness and crunch. BUT, next time I'm definitely ordering the tiramisu. Of course after we ordered our desserts, the sommelier tells us the story of the tiramisu, which they get from Milan! Previously, a relative of Angelo's made the tiramisu, but has since passed on. So the owners shopped around at local bakeries to find the best tiramisu, and none of them met their expectations, which is why they just get their tiramisu from the source of it all, Milan, Italy! Amazing. Angelo's is a small, family-run business that's been in Bellevue before Bellevue became Bellevue, if ya catch my drift. I really enjoyed the knowledgeable staff, welcoming setting, and delicious food that's traditional, classic Italian fare. Most importantly, there is a lot of pride that comes from this restaurant, which is made aware the moment you step in. I will most certainly be back, especially for the tiramisu.

Rhiannon B.

The was our first time visiting this restaurant at the suggestion of my mom, who used to eat here years ago. The host was extremely friendly and a really great guy, working also as a secondary waiter to us, to ensure our first time was amazing! I noticed he would also treat other tables with the same wonderful service and friendliness. Our regular waiter was also amazing and our drinks were refilled faster than most restaurants we go to. All pasta dishes come with a side salad or cup of soup, which made the meal even nicer with a sort of built-in appetizer. The meals were reasonably priced, delicious, and rich. The clam chowder and seafood pasta were amazing, and I specifically suggest getting something with clams! The fettuccine Alfredo definitely needed some salt (though they do have salt and pepper on the table), and the bread was not warm, though we can't complain too much since it is complimentary. Ambience was nice, though the intense opera music was slightly distracting. Overall would definitely eat here again! Service was fast, staff was friendly, food was delicious, what more could you ask for!

Tom B.

Staff where cheerful, atmosphere homey. My wife ordered clam linguine, I ordered a special - salmon, shrimp and spinach fettucine. My entree arrived promptly, but my wife's did not accompany it. I waited a few minutes, my wife said go ahead and eat, don't let it get cold. I couldn't share it with her as it had things in it she does not eat. So I started, finding the dish underwhelming. Very little (bay) shrimp and dried out salmon. Server came by in a few minutes and said she'd check on the linguine order. It eventually came out 20 minutes later, and my wife said it was great. Server added a "coupon" to the bill to take off $9 (about a third of cost of dish). Which was nice, but I noticed the bill also included a glass of wine that we did not have (I had one glass of chianti for $9, we were billed for that and also $11 for some random wine). Server whisked the bill off and corrected it, apologizing profusely. We do plan on returning to try some other dishes, and see if this is just a hiccup.

Michael G.

The service continues to be 5 stars. The approach to the menu is old school and great. However, the food just wasn't enjoyable last time. The cheese in the salad just tasted a bit off, and the clams were not fresh, so I would recommend steering away from the clams. The other disappointment was that the marinara sauce in 3 dishes is juts thick pasty sauce that tastes too much like eating tomato paste straight out of a can. There is not enough balance with crushes tomatoes or tomato sauce and other ingredients to offsite the heavy tomato paste texture and taste. This place has high potential to be a great legit old school American Italian joint, but there is a bit more work needed in the quality of the ingredients and recipes. They also need to take more care not to burn food items. Just need bit more love and attention from the kitchen here. The front of the house rocks it.

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