Araya's Place Bellevue

10246 Main St #C, Bellevue
(425) 454-2440

Recent Reviews

Halee T.

Several people mentioned Araya's when I was asking around for a good spot to meet a friend of mine that's vegan, and what a great recommendation! It's such a cute spot, with a trendy interior. Staff have always been super conscious of any dietary restrictions. I absolutely love the fresh rolls and coconut milk thai tea. The portions are really generous, so I don't think we've made it to dessert yet, but I'm looking forward to trying something sweet on a future visit!

M J.

I'm so happy to have encountered a vegan Thai restaurant. I was delightfully satisfied with the tofu satay and basil fried rice that I ordered. I will definitely return.

Jennifer T.

I have been meaning to review this place for ages now. Let me start by saying "All you can eat vegan food"! Yes, you heard me right. No b.s animal products, processed sitting under a hot lamp crap. REAL WHOLESOME FOOD! Not only is the food amazing but it is always fresh and available. Then let's talk about price. Are you telling me for less than 12 bucks you can fill up on real fresh food and not feel like crap in Bellevue??? Yep, that good. I can never recommend them enough. Not only are they amazing but they are family owned. During this COVID-19 situation small business like this one need our help more then ever. Please support small businesses like this one and take it from a VERY picky vegan to know you will definitely enjoy their variety, quality ingredients and prices. Amazing! Always 5 stars.

Kristina K.

If you have not yet tried Araya's Place - do it! I have been coming here for years, and have never been disappointed. First - they are so kind and friendly. And, when we are not quarantined, they are are extremely attentive (never an empty water glass, and always an extra napkin when you need it, yet don't expect it). Second - the restaurant is spotless - very clean, and I am pretty sure that you could eat off the ladies room floor if you needed to. Third - the FOOD! OMG! It is so delicious, so fresh! Their curries are ridiculously good; pad see yew - holy cow! Spring rolls, peanut sauce, soups...Really, everything on the menu (which I think I have tried it all!). And, even if you are not a veggie/vegan, you won't miss the meat. Trust me! Today, I ordered takeout directly by calling (during this pandemic, they are offering 15% off takeout if you ring them up direct!). It is extremely tasty (I always over-order!) and I probably have enough for the next 5 days. Be sure to tip 20% - yes, even on takeout...these folks are working hard and deserve financial support, especially during these challenging times. Don't miss this neighborhood gem! And, when our lives get back to normal, Araya's lunch buffet is killer! Support you local businesses!

Leela S.

Don't get me wrong, this restaurant has a special place in my heart. I have gone here for my birthday every year since I was 7 and remember the very first location that is no longer open. I LOVE this restaurant. But why the 3 stars? Because looking beyond the sentimental value, I have to be honest. The food is good but not great. I am fully vegan and so it is very very nice that I can have so many options. However, I find that other thai restaurants produce more authentic food. A lot of the food has added sugar and so I always have to ask for it without. It is not as spicy as I would like as well. Additionally, the customer service is not amazing. As the number of locations has increased and their popularity has grown, the customer service is not great. Today, I ordered take out. I have tried almost every single thing on their menu and decided to try something new. It was delicious - no question. And in these times, I really want to support local business that are meaningful to me. However, the customer service over the phone wasn't great - they seemed really rushed and I had to ask for every little thing (utensils, curbside pick up, total order cost ...). They also hung up on me before I had finished asking when the pick-up time was. But, I understand these are stressful times and will continue to support Araya's Place.

Kelly N.

This is my favorite place in Bellevue, so please let me share why. 1. I love that it's a local restaurant, authentic feel 2. I love that it makes you forget that it's vegan because it tastes so good 3. I love that it has character inside that makes you want to eat there 4. Service is friendly and makes you feel like you're at a family owned establishment that takes pride in the business Everything we ordered was tasty and made with fresh ingredients. The whole family enjoyed it, and seems like a great place for happy hour with specials on drinks and appetizers. Love that it can be opened up and is very airy in the warmer months. Looking forward to getting takeout from here soon!

Rena M.

Best Vegetarian on the East side. Excellent vegan Thai tea, mushroom plate and broccoli bombs. Fresh and tasty buffet on weekdays lunch.

Rich Lazar

Amazing Thai Food! I started going vegan about a month and half ago and found this place. The food is fantastic and fresh. I would go here even if you aren't trying to be vegan. Parking can be hard to find around it.

Smrithi S.

We finally had dinner here, it's been on our list of places to try for a long time. We started with pot stickers, we loved it a lot, it was a great start to our dinner. We then got Drunken Mushroom, Tom yum fried rice, and pumpkin curry. I loved the drunken mushroom, and the tom yum fried rice. For dessert, we got jasmine creme brûlée, and chocolate bar. The chocolate bar was decadent, the only part of our meal that I didn't like was the jasmine creme brûlée. It didn't taste like jasmine, and tasted very artificial.

Huong L.

I took my sister in law here to try vegan/vegetarian Thai food and it was good. We happen to come by during happy hour so we got the broccoli bombs and the veggie satay from the HH menu. We also got the mushroom noodle dish and the asparagus curry. The broccoli bombs was da bomb. I love the texture of the broccoli! The veggie satay was ok, but the sauces was amazing. Love that peanut buttery sauce that it came with. The two main dishes was good as well, the curry was amazing. My boyfriend said he was surprised that he didn't even miss the meat there. Service was on point. Definitely would come back during happy and lunch time to try their buffet.

Julz K.

Really tasty and quality food. The staff were really tentative and friendly. I would definitely come back here to try other items on the menus. The portions were on the larger side so can easily share with someone. I visit them during dinner on a Friday night and there was plenty of room inside still.

Emelia K.

Not only did their lunch buffet come in clutch during my busy work day, but Araya's has some of the highest quality thai food ive ever had! The fact that the entire restaurant is vegan/plant based had me with one problem.. it took me forever to decide what to order! Love this place, will be back

Nate Sammons

Just excellent. So nice to find an all-vegan Thai place! Nice selection of cocktails as well, I tried the Tamarind Margarita and it was great. Spice level from 1-5, and a chili tray that includes a truly hot option. Staff was friendly, atmosphere was chill. Love it.

Maegan Dornan

I appreciate all of the Vegan GF options. Two reasons its not a perfect 5. 1. Its It's always freezing inside and it often smells funny (not food smells). 2. They use an insane amount of garlic in their dishes.

Eva Lounsbury

I’m from out of town. Arrived for lunch just 30 min before lunch ended. We didn’t realize that they normally only do the buffet for lunch and already knew what we wanted off the menu even though we didn’t have a menu in our hands. They cooked what we ordered off the menu with no hassle or complaints so we were oblivious. It was absolutely to die for good. Way better than the buffet even looked. Simply amazing. Only after our meal did we learn that they normally don’t serve off the menu at lunchtime and they never made us feel uncomfortable at all. Never rushed us. I would make a special trip out of town to go back there at dinner time and order again.

Christy Fletcher

Agreed, parking can be difficult, but there is some parking in the back and a parking garage very close by. However, the experience is very worth it and we are going to go again soon! Staff was incredibly kind and warm, atmosphere was very comfortable and the food is spectacular!

Eva M.

I'm from out of town. Arrived for lunch just 30 min before lunch ended. We didn't realize that they normally only do the buffet for lunch and already knew what we wanted off the menu even though we didn't have a menu in our hands. They cooked what we ordered off the menu with no hassle or complaints so we were oblivious. It was absolutely to die for good. Way better than the buffet even looked. Simply amazing. Only after our meal did we learn that they normally don't serve off the menu at lunchtime and they never made us feel uncomfortable at all. Never rushed us. I would make a special trip out of town to go back there at dinner time and order again.

Kaysy Conundrum

My favorite place to eat on the Eastside. Insanely delicious. This is one of the first vegan places I ever ate at and I thought "if all vegan food was this good, I'd be a vegan in a heartbeat!" I've never tried a dish here that I haven't loved. Everything is just that good. Try the curry, try the soup, try the salads. You just can't go wrong!!!

Ruzielle G.

We've been burned out on Thai restaurants for a while now that we've sworn if off our weekly rotation, glad that we came to Araya to check them out.. I've known about Araya in Seattle for years and I don't know how it took us this long to visit the one in Bellevue but we're very happy it's closer to us than their Seattle branches. We eat plant-based and their lunch buffet for $13 is a veritable vegetable feast. They serve red rice which is my favorite and it just makes Araya extra special, most Thai places just serve white rice and them serving red rice shows they care about the quality of their food. The mango green salad with mangoes, cabbage, carrots is not to be missed--very fresh, crisp and refreshing even in winter, the dressing is superb. The stir fry veggies are loaded with actual vegetables, (lots of broccoli, cabbage, carrots, eggplant, zucchini etc.) I hate going to restaurants where they use bell peppers and onions as vegetables. They have kimchi that tastes like it has a citrusy element, I love kimchi and this is the best version of kimchi I've ever tasted, it's smooth and not as pungent as some kimchi and not too spicy. I ate this with red rice and it was delightful. They have black rice pudding with coconut milk on the side for dessert, what a treat! I've never had black rice pudding before (although I've had black rice and I was pleasantly surprised they used such an expensive grain in their buffet) and I've never seen it anywhere and it was just delightful. I like desserts that are more savory and this has become one of my favorite desserts. It can be intimidating because of the color but give it a try, it's well worth it. This is officially our favorite Thai place, it's always busy every time we've been there and I'm counting down the days when we can come back.

Anne K

Trying to find parking is the worst thing about this restaurant. However, the space is small and cozy, the food was outrageously delicious (we had the lunch buffet), the price is very good, and the staff were personable and friendly.

Devika T.

Decided to try this place after reading rave reviews and it didn't disappoint:) We ordered hot and sour soup, which was just apt for the weather outside - sweet and spicy! For the mains, ordered Veggie Meat with Rice noodles in peanut sauce (was toooo sweet for my liking) and the server was kind enough to replace with Spicy noodles. 2 cents - cute little place with lots of veg options. And let me warn you, the portions are HUGE!!

Penny -

Very good. Lunch buffet is super good. Only $12 something per person. A good variety of food and deserts.

Renae P.

Araya's Place in Bellevue is the #1 Thai spot to go for a casual lunch (buffet), dinner, or drinks. There should be an option for 10 stars. Araya's is a 10! This is one of my favorite spots to go to in Bellevue. Love the Tofu Pad Thai, but really everything I've tried has been excellent. The Lunch Buffet is amazing, and I have never liked buffet's before. Everything in the Lunch Buffet is super fresh, replaced regularly, and the drinks are great, too. This is the only restaurant on the Eastside that I will order anything fried, like crispy Tofu. I will be checking out Araya's other locations in Seattle soon. Thanks for offering Vegan-only!

Vadim Smolyakov

This place is a gem for healthy food. It will make you want to become vegan. I particularly enjoyed their thai vegan buffet and was amazed at the variety and the quality of food. Congrats to Araya's Place for making a positive change in the Bellevue community towards healthier food options. Can't wait to go back again!

Takako S.

Decent vegetarian Thai place in old bellevue. We tried tofu skewers with peanut sauce as an appetizer, sautéed three different mushrooms, veggie and seitan, rice noodle with basil and tomato, banana curry. Everything was good, but you want to be careful to decide spice level. Somehow our rice noodle dish (level 2) got spicier than others (level 3), so you want to double check how they rate the spice level. It was snowing today, so the place was pretty chilly, we could not take off the jacket, but maybe because it was snow. I don't mind coming back there when I am in town again.

Lovelle Suarez

We just started our Vegan journey and wanted to eat out and let me tell you, this place did not disappoint. I didn't take pics cause I ate so quickly but believe the hype. Vegetarian, Vegan, Omnivore ... You'll be thrilled. Next time I'll take pics.

Emily L

Loving this cute little vegetarian place. They offer the all you can eat buffet style at lunch time. Always crowded so I feel like the food is fresh and hot.Their a la cart also not bad. Love their mushrooms drunken noodles. Highly recommend!

Jay Vakil

Although the place seems a tad bit overpriced but the food compensates for the price. The quality of ingredients is up to par, the spices have been blended well with the food you order. The buffet options are of a wide range and will leave you to your hearts content.

Amita J.

We've wanted to come here for lunch buffet but every time we end up in Bellevue it's at dinner time. This time we said what the heck let's give their regular menu a try! We're glad we did! We ordered pad see iew with tofu and the hot and sour soup with tofu. Both of which were really good. The soup was served in like almost hot pot style in a way. And noodles we're good not I do wish they had cupped up the tofu instead of leaving them in large chunks. We asked for the soup before the noodles however both came at the same time literally 7 minutes after we ordered. Whenever food comes out that fast makes me slightly nervous. We'll be back for lunch buffet one day!

Trevor Loucks

All vegan! I love the lunch buffet. I come here after long runs to refuel. It is the absolute best! Dinner is also very good, we have celebrated my wife's birthday here. Very cute restaurant with great energy.

Tingting W.

The service here is pretty horrible. We tried to get the waiters and waitress attention multiple times but no one would take our order. The place wasn't even completely packed. The food was pretty good so I'm given this place a 3 star rating. Their buffet lunch are pretty good so I would sugget that instead!

Michele S.

Three and a half. Wanted to give five because I LOVE a buffet. And there should be more in bellevue. Went in on a Saturday at 12:30 and we got seated within 10 minutes. The buffet was plenty large... it included salads, curry, Tom yummy yum yum soup, peanut sauce, Phad thai, spring rolls and pot stickers, sticky rice desert... all the typical stand outs. Everything had its unique flavors. Price was great! Soooo two things yiiiiikes.... I don't wanna say it. The place could be cleaner. Just scrub around the windows, and you're good. Aaaaand I didn't like the Phad Thai *sobs it was sweet more than savory. None of that brown rich flavor, more of the sweet orange stuff. Maybe it was because it was vegan? Now, it wasn't super bad- it wasn't dry and it wasn't that ketchup flavor that the food court places have. But, the savory smoky taste was gone. With that said, I WILL be back! Plenty of yummy things to eat and again BUFFET, I love a buffet!!!!! Can't scare me away that easily. I may go back tomorrow. Wish I had a plate in front of me right now

Smallz C.

one thing i hate is over priced thai food. now u take away the meat and it costs the same? an extra charge for fake meat? you can keep the "class" and ill just take the food. 15$ for vegetables...

S H.

I tried to take my daughter for lunch. We arrived at 2:30. The signs on door and inside indicate food service until 3pm. They would not allow us to order, unless we were willing to order "to go". Please change your marketing signs to 2:30pm.

Mahesh Kumar

Best place for vegan Thai food. Their Lunch Buffet has many varieties. Splly the veg roll and PadThai are so tasty.

Mike S.

Tried Araya's place a few times now. i recently started a vegetarian diet recently and this place has been a life saver. Whenever i forget my lunch at home (which is most of the time) i find myself struggling to find different options that are going to have vegetarian options but this place has nothing but! Had a few dishes like the Cashew Delight, Phad See-iew, Spicy noodle and recently tried the Panang Curry. All great! the spicy levels are a little less than what i'm used to ordering from thai places so i would recommend going 1 star higher if you like your spice. Definitely recommend and i'll be there a few times a week

Matt S.

The food at Araya's is terrific. This particular location in Bellevue is hard to love however. We recently visited after Thanksgiving and the restaurant was absolutely freezing. It's a small restaurant with many windows and they don't seem to have a furnace, or they aren't using it. Parking is also super challenging for this location. You are lucky to find a parallel parking on Main Street, and the restaurant has no attached lot like their old location in Bellevue did. I recommend going to their U District location over Bellevue. Their U district location is also usually cold but parking is a bit more manageable and they have more seating.

Jhansi Lakshmi K.

I'm surprised to see that Arayas is not one of the highest rated restaurants on yelp. I've been going to this place for a while now and I never get bored of their lunch buffet. My most favorite items are their spring rolls, pickled cucumber salad, mushroom soup and black bean dessert. I recommended this place to some of my friends and they loved it too.

Trever W-T

Vegan or no, this is the best Thai I've had in Seattle. The Thom Kah rice is amazing. Stop by for happy hour to get a great deal on their broccoli bombs..a must try!

Michelle Krasser

I love this restaurant! One of my favorite items on the menu are Broccoli Bombs. You havent't lived until you've tried these. All of the food is sooo good. The staff is wonderful too!!