Burger Brawler

500 Bellevue Way NE Fl 2, Bellevue
(425) 362-6082

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Tristyn D.

This place is terrible! We ordered chicken strips that came burnt and were sent back, only for those same chicken strips to be given to someone else in our party again. They weren't aware the person they were giving away the burnt chicken strips too (without there knowledge that they were secondhand) was a family eating with us, they just ordered separate. Especially in this time of Covid the thought of giving away touched food is astonishing. The chicken strips that came as replacement for the originally burnt ones were completely raw. I assure you this safety hazard will be reported to the department of health and I recommend nobody support this business. 0 stars absolutely.

Andrew S.

Yet again we had a hankering for a burger and I know that this place has had good service in there. The only way that this store would be better is if they handed you a fresh supply of snowballs, then allowed you to throw those snowballs at children while you drink a beer and eat a burger. The burgers here are possibly perfect they're thick they're juicy there's smoky they're greasy delicious and there's just something in the seasoning that just makes my mouth water thinking of Burger brawler.

Willie T.

Had the standard brawler burger + brawler fries. The brawler burger was delightful. Hot and steamy bun, beautifully melted cheese, and the crunchy pickles were an unexpected hit. The taleggio cheese was melted so well, at first glance I thought they had accidentally put a fried egg on my burger. It felt like it wrapped around the whole burger. The patty was tender, and each time I hit a pickle it was a crunchy tangy surprise. Probably some of the best pickles on a burger I've ever had. The fries unfortunately looked a little bit better than they tasted. The seasoning was good, but the fries could have been fried a bit more. They ended up tasting a bit bland due to all the seasoning piling up at the bottom and they lacked some crispiness. I'm sure if I gave them another shot they would come out as crispy as they look.

Jessica H.

I ordered the kale Caesar salad and a kids chicken strips since there was no real protein on the salad. I was really dissatisfied with both. The kale did not seem to be washed and the menu says that it comes with candied pecans which sounded delicious. Unfortunately the nuts were not canoed, and I don't even think they were toasted because they tasted stale. This was NOT $10 salad. Then there were the chicken strips. They were burnt and they barely had any chicken to them. I have to say, I was pretty disappointed.

KoT Feo

Burger was good but the fries was old and overcooked(I think they didn't change the oil for a while), tasted like coal.

Jen Au

The shakes taste like they were made with cheap ice cream.

Jen Au

The salmon burger is not worth eating.

S T.

The worst food. Grease, grease, and more grease. French fries are limp and greasey. Falafel burger is just plain greasy. Kids chicken fingers are all bread and no chicken. Yick.

Valerie Y.

My friends and I stopped by Burger Brawler for a quick snack, and we ended up getting their poutine, which comes with Beecher's cheese curds, kimchi, and gravy! It sounds really great on paper. The dish took around 7 minutes to come out, and it was pretty sizeable. It was good, but there was definitely a shortage of cheese curds compared to the fries. You were maybe able to get in a couple good bites that had everything, but towards the end we were just stuck with fries and loose bits of kimchi. Overall, definitely an interesting and diverse idea but needs a better balance between all the ingredients.

Joan S.

Excellent service Huge hamburger Perfectly cooked Different type of fries Would definitely go back But you have to be very hungry

Erin McGee

Big fan of the burgers here. Simple enough but the ingredients + flavors all compliment each other very well. The burger itself is juicy and not overwhelming compared to other burgers I've had that tend to be too large/dry. They also have a great selection of beer on tap.Really happy they're open again after a crazy COVID year!

Augustine Hanes

Fantastic spot to get food when in a rush. The service is speedy, prices are reasonable, good character. Will visit here again

Scott G.

Good burgers, breakfast, and beer. Staff is always friendly and I really like to come here for lunch when at the office and bring my laptop to crank out some work over beers.

stephen cline

Nice spot for quality Bar food. Very appetizing. I look forward to going back again.

Bradley Tackitt

Great & cute bartender, excellently made dirty martini. Nice little spot.

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