Cepae La Parisienne French Bakery - Bellevue

258 106th Ave NE, Bellevue
(425) 429-6961

Recent Reviews

Yang Sure

OMG, Not just Chill our Fancy place. They are all delicioussssssss! Love every bite! So much enjoy 😊, will be add my favorite list

Anna Bell

Really good coffee. Their chocolate eclairs are delicious. I didn't like crust on their tarts (wouldn't reccomend tarts) and it is pricey, but it is Bellevue so that is expected.

Antonio o Villasenor

Fantastic croissant! It was a little pricey at 5$. I was just in Paris and don’t remember them being that much but they were very good.


As out of town visitors we were thrilled to discover La Parisienne. We enjoyed our breakfast so much that we came back a second time. Everything was superb and we sampled many items. Also, the owner was so welcoming and friendly. If we lived in Seattle, we would be regulars!


Had a wonderful sandwich and salad sitting out front. Really reminded us of a good french sandwich in Paris. Salad was - WOW too.


Phenomenal pastries, breads, and coffee ! We walked here from our hotel, the Belltown Inn on 3rd Street. Very friendly staff, two who were obviously French by their charming accents.

G. Joe Schwab

An absolutely fantastic breakfast, we can’t wait to return for dinner, especially to try the wines

Peter Litwin

Loved the baguette here and the sandwiches. Just tried to buy a baguette and apparently this bakery no longer sells bread. Kind of funny, but a bummer, because it was really good. I guess they're just a wine bar now.

Won K. Yi

It was my first time visiting here. Disappointed on service. The server was not respectful at all. It was very uncomfortable hearing when the server was giving advice to a newly hired server in front of us at the bar. We also got interrupted constantly between our conversations because he wanted us to pay when we're not ready to leave... Definitely not going back

Launa H

Went in for coffee and hot chocolate. Had a delicous ham and cheese pastry. Very tasty. If you want something a little different with good service and smiles. Stop in. When the weather is nice eat outside. Enjoy!


Came across this when looking for an early spot for breakfast local to where we are staying. It is lovely. Excellent bread and coffee and really friendly people. I would say it has a Parisian feel to it except that the people in a Parisian bakery would be surly!

Jane J.

I've been here several times and have ordered the following: Chai Tea - good Croissant - good Almond Croissant - good but I wish there was almond filling in the middle Lemon Tart - the lemon tasted good, but the crust was so hard that I could not break it with my fork, for $10 I expected better Berry Tart - the custard was okay, the crust was so hard that I could not break it with my fork, for $9 I expected better Baguette - the inside of the bread was fine, but the outer crust was extremely hard I appreciate the wide variety of items. But, the quality of the food does not justify the very high prices.

Nataliya F.

Amazing food, huge wine selection, good service, great atmosphere. Highly recommend the avo toast, as an Aussie I couldn't pass it by.

Ramprabhu Rathnam

Good location and decent food. Customer service is not as great. Looks like lots of trainees.

Cristin Brown

The associates that took care of us were great, and the food/ service were amazing! We will look forward to repeating this exceptional experience. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Daniel Brady

Great desserts, food, and great coffee and service prices reasonable for Bellevue

Danny Del Campo

Great bakery and a wonderful environment. Their croissants are super flaky and come really darn close to being in France.

Terri L.

Ate here several times while visiting Bellevue, and it was AMAZING every time. Delicious croissants, crepes, soups, charcuterie; lovely full menu. Wine is top notch, and if you're a tea drinker, try the French Breakfast...SO good. Hubby said the cappuccino was great too. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, and the ones we interacted with were actually native French...go figure...which added a very cool, authentic vibe. Absolutely love this place, and highly recommend!

Katherine Y.

Came here with a girl friend for lunch this afternoon. The decor and pastries are superb! I order a cappuccino, a napoleons pastry and a little appetizer sandwich dish. The cappuccino was legit, no fancy art on the foams which was a bit disappointing. The place was busy but not too bad. The service was not very good, I waited for over 30 mins for the mini sandwiches to come. The dish was yummy but considering the price for this place, that was really not worth it. All in all, good but pricy pastries and slooooooow service.

Esther B.

What a lovely new spot! As soon as you walk in you feel like you're in Europe, with beautiful pastries set behind glass displays wrapping around the corner to the.... WINE WALL! Okay- good pastries, great coffee a gorgeous wine wall AND plants?! I'm hooked. It's a Taurus's dream European café right in the heart of Bellevue. The plain croissant I got was delicious- not "plain" at all but rather buttery and flaky goodness. The cappuccino had the right amount of foam (take it from a coffee snob), was smooth and creamy. Love the large windows that make it feel spacious and bright. The barista even brought me a plate, napkin and water after I was sitting with my "to-go" bag for a while- so thoughtful! Will most definitely be coming back

Erik Litzsey

This French bakery is truly the best spot in town. All their food delivers a high quality presentation and taste. I highly recommend their croque madame. I have not tried something on their menu that I didnt like. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Love this place.

Mel Friis

If you want the best European breakfast in Bellevue. Desserts are beyond words. Saturday and Sunday Brunch. Berry tart was amazing. Done in or to go.

Tom Card

Fabulous, but very expensive. Unique wine collection. Looks to have good wine bargains.

Korina Y.

5/31/2019 Love the classy ambience. Very nice friendly service. Almond croissant was delish, flaky outside and tasty almond filling inside. One of the best I've had. And it's really big. Tea was rich and deep in flavor , from France. Wine bar also inside. Love the stylish yet comfortable ambiance of this place.

Renata G.

Sweeties are very tasty and not too sweet!!! I loved it! Hot chocolate is not so good, though.

Jesena M.

We went there Saturday morning after a friend recommended the place a couple of weeks ago. The vibe is trendy and modern and fits into the glas highrise it is in. Unfortunately, they do think that this hipness needs to be reflected in the price, since most items were grossly overpriced! Eclair for $9, small creme brulee $8? The ordering process seemed fairly easy at the beginning, but has some issues they need to work out. We ordered two items for breakfast and some more items to-go... first the coffee arrived, 5min later, my ham/cheese crossaint found its way to our table and a very long 20min later, my husband looked for his missing almond crossaint. We didn't get the bag with the items to go yet, which we realized when we finished up. We walked back up to the counter and they seemed surprised the to-go items didn't get delivered. We spent a good hour there, with waiting and all... what would have happened if some of the items we picked were sold out by the time we left? I should not be chasing down my paid food and their process needs to be improved by a lot. The servers were very friendly though, but clearly confused at times. Now on to the food: - ham and cheese crossaint was heaven, delicious layers of dough and great amount of ham inside. YUM - almond crossaint, hubby wasn't too happy about the soggy bottom and the taste overall wasn't as good - baguette... OMG, best baguette in town!!! - apple turnover, I've had much better in other french bakery's in Bellevue. The pastry was pretty dark, dry and had apple sauce in it, it had the taste of store bought ones and not artisan. I expect some apple pieces and flavor in the apple filling. Overall, we didn't have a great first impression, but we will give it another go in the near future. I hope they are reconsidering their over the top prices on some items too, I won't be driving all the way to Bellevue if the food/price/service isn't a good balance.

Huong Le

Great wine place in Bellevue! Have over 120 selection of wine and the food is awesome! I love the charcuterie plate and the different types of wine. The people there are super nice and very knowledgeable.

Serena L.

The presentation of the lemon tart is elegant. It has a crumbly and cookie-like crust with a classic lemon curd filling. This tart finds a nice balance: sweet, tart and lemony all at once.

Atul B

Nice grub when feeling nostalgic about your last trip to Paris. Only downside is that they tend to run out of all their best stuff early afternoon but the scarcity probably adds to the experience.


This French pastry shop, and eatery is as good as it gets, as good as or better than the places I have enjoyed in Paris. The owners are French from Paris and very friendly. The mother works at the counter, her husband and their daughter work in the kitchen. The sandwich I ordered was absolutely delicious, the French bread exceptionally tasty and the orange juice fresh. The eatery is spacious, even though the shop is very popular and can get busy. You can have a glass of wine if you like in the French style. I have not tried the salads I will definitely return to this place to try one of those. Pasha celebrates its fifth anniversary this month.a votre sante

Aila Enos

The food was good, but too little and not worth the price. We paid $12-$14 for a croque madame the size of a muffin. The ham and Swiss croissant was a reasonable price but also didn’t leave me full. I would recommend Belle Pastry for a more reasonably priced French bakery that’s more satisfying. I agree with another reviewer that said you are paying for the ambiance and service.


Delicious French pastries! Had the ham and cheese stuffed croissant. The staff were friendly and provided excellent service by providing recommendations, answering our questions, and kindly getting us anything we needed for our meal!

Adriana Botti

First time in this branch and it didn’t disappointed. The place is really well decorated, even better than the Seattle branch, and the service is amazing. We had a really good time while we enjoyed terrific pastry

Bradly Leff

I like La Parisienne because it is comfortable, relaxing, has convenient parking (under building), has great servers, and it is real in the French sense. The pastries are great. The coffee is good. The sandwiches are great. Like any bakery in France, you get your sandwiches at lunch time, not late in the afternoon. The afternoon is when you head for the pastries and coffee and maybe a little wine. Been there before. Going there again. And again.

Oksana G.

11 AM Thursday morning. Met a friend for a cup of coffee. What a disappointment! French bakery without croissants..Shelves were empty. How come? There were only 4 unattractive cakes, few cookies, sandwiches and a lot of pointless excuses from manager. I ordered a cup of latte. The waitress brought it soon, but only a cup. No spoon, no sugar , no even a napkin. Staff is friendly but smile is not the only one component for a good service. I put two stars for the atmosphere and coffee taste. Will I come back again? I have doubts

Sophia S.

I was looking forward to meeting a friend here for breakfast and coffee. Arrived at 9:30am and was confused and baffled as to why the bakery case was empty. There sat 3 sad looking baked goods. Guy behind the counter explained they had a morning rush and I asked if there would be any more items coming out in the next hour and was told no, that they were moving towards a lunch menu. Are you kidding me?! Don't talk to me about lunch at 9:30. I don't care if you had a mad rush among all the office buildings in the area. You are a business that has been opened for a little while now. You should be better prepared. If you were low on inventory in the afternoon, that would be more understandable but it is 9:30am and your cases are empty. How are you suppose to make money as a cafe and bakery if there's no baked good and the 3 people behind the counter are standing around like deer on headlights clearly not baking and doing who knows what. Obviously, i came on an off day in this establishment but it was so off that I felt inclined to write this review. I will be going to a bakery with actual baked goods next time.

vijay kumar

The one in Seattle has a more varied selection including their tarts selection. They could add more seats since there is a waiting process for sitting at a table especially for families. That being said all their croissants are delicious. And I'm definitely coming here again simply because their stuff tastes so good!!

Suzanne W

What a wonderful bakery! The food was delicious! Denise was so friendly and helped me pick a delicious lunch - french onion soup and 1/2 of a veggie sandwich. Attentive service, nice atmosphere! Great place for a quiet meal. Can't wait to visit and eat there again!

Treena C.

Say oui oui to this inviting spot. Very friendly service and the food... actual croissants that make your mouth water. I had the ham and cheese croissant and my lunch mate had the almond croissant. Both were perfect! We couldn't refuse a little dessert so we chose the lemon tarte. It was a flavor hit! Our server provided us with water in a carafe and brought all of our food to the table. It's set up like a bakery but they serve you. I enjoyed watching their video of Paris while eating.

Meagan Furgerson

Really really amazing food and atmosphere. Best Quiche and tomato soup I’ve ever had. Very thankful this place has moved into town!

Cepae La Parisienne French Bakery - Bellevue

258 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 429-6961