Square Lotus

Vietnamese, Vegetarian, Noodles

3540 Factoria Blvd SE A, Bellevue
(425) 679-0680



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This is my go to Vietnamese restaurant! I usually order the summer rolls, pho and mango salad (which are all super yummy!). I've been doing a lot of take out (esp with a little one at home) and the great thing about here is that they don't skimp out on the portions. I've def had my share of ordering takeout with very little food, but not with this place!

It had been a few years since I've been back but after starting the job yesterday, I went back. I tried something that I haven't had before here; The vermicelli bowl with pork shrimp and an eggroll (not pictured). I like the eggroll but the pork was a little bit bland compared to the other place ago but it was OK. My favorites here are the spring roll, summer rolls, the yummy peanut sauce, the curries, and the beef short ribs. It's a nice local place that isn't...read full review
Square Lotus is one of the few places I actually feel okay eating vegetarian. Except when the vegetarian chickens all escape and run away with the vegetarian beef. Then I eat meat, and it's equally delicious. Better texture the next day if you have any remaining to take home. I've never seen a Square Lotus, but as Vietnamese cuisine goes - this is some of my, if not my, favorite on the Eastside. They do solid work and I look forward to eating through their menu. ...read full review

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Summer Rolls (4 rolls)$7.75
Rice paper wrapped with basil, lettuce and rice noodles, served with peanut sauce and ground peanuts. Choices of shrimp, grilled chicken, or BBQ pork.
Tropical Rolls (4 rolls)$7.75
Rice paper wrapped in grilled marinated chicken, fresh mangoes, lettuce, and rice noodles, served with peanut sauce and ground peanuts.
Egg Rolls (4 Rolls)$7.25
Deep fried rolls filled with minced pork, vegetables, mushrooms, and eggs. Served with house sauce.
Chicken Skewers (2 skewers)$6.95
Grilled marinated chicken. Served with peanut sauce, and grounded peanuts.
Hermit Prawns (5 pieces)$8.95
Shrimp wrapped in wonton, deep fried and served with plum sauce.
Beef Skewers (2 skewers)$6.95
Grilled marinated beef. Served with peanut sauce, and grounded peanuts.
Batter-Fried Shrimp (9 pieces)$9.95
Batter fried shrimp, served with plum sauce.
Vietnamese Crepes$11.5
Crispy rice flour pan fried, filled with shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts, onions. Served with lettuce, cilantro, basils and house sauce.


Mango Salad$9.95
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