Toshi's Teriyaki

10618 Main St, Bellevue
(425) 453-8719

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Devon Waldo

Portions are disappointingly small. Or order was made wrong. Veggies are so overcooked they are mush. SadI ordered 9 meals for my crew.The teriyaki meals are so disappointing. 2 tiny skewers of meat. Ordered the half chicken meal got 2 skewers, like half a chicken breast worth of meat at most. Asked for extra sauce got none. Katsu meals were way overcooked to the point of almost unetable. The chicken meat itself is ucky. Its that weird semi solid cooked from frozen meat. Definitely not fresh. The picture on the website is NOT what you get.

Casey K.

Stopped by here while walking our dog and got chicken yakisoba and broccoli chicken stir fry. Had the option for breast or thigh which I thought was pretty cool. Both dishes were very good and the colors were bright which I appreciate - makes the food taste better when the visual experience is also good! The guy working was super friendly and chill, had a very positive experience ordering and appreciated that he told me up front what meat was ready and what would take a little time for him to get finished off (so I know my chicken was cooked fresh!) Will definitely be coming back here to try the katsu and potstickers as well! Ate at a little table outside and a few other people came by while we were eating, all were treated with the utmost courtesy. Cannot stress how nice the vibes were eating at this hole in the wall teriyaki stop.

Jacques I.

Toshi's Teriyaki is the OG teriyaki in the Seattle area. Although teriyaki spots are here and there throughout the area, every Washingtonian knows about Toshi's. And although I have been to other Toshi locations, the one in Bellevue is my favorite one. Toshi's Teriyaki in downtown Bellevue is located in an old, business strip that I'm super scared one day will be destroyed to make room for a skyscraper, given its surroundings. You may miss seeing this Toshi's if you weren't looking for it. Heck, I even forgot it was here for awhile, but was always reminded of it when I would eat at nearby Broiler Bay. I finally decided to ditch the burger and try the teriyaki from Toshi's here instead and I was impressed. I ordered the beef teriyaki, which was a skewer of beefy chunks while my partner had the half chicken plate. We ordered while on the road and the friendly employee who took our order over the phone said it would be ready by the time we arrived. When we arrived, the employee gave us complimentary drink cups and then he also gave me a free chicken breast skewer and chicken thigh with my beef skewer plate! Holy crap, this guy was awesome! And the food was delicious! Steak and chicken were both tender, and I really liked that the teriyaki sauce was light, as I hate when the meat is slathered in sugary teriyaki sauce. It came with sauce on the side, just in case that's your thing. Of the meats, I liked the beef better. It was flavorful and liked that it was a medium rare cook, which is how I like my steak. I recommend it! My partner enjoyed his half chicken and in fact, this half chicken dish sells out. The first time we attempted to eat at Toshi's, the employee let us know that he was sold out of the half chicken, so plan ahead! I will definitely be back to this Toshi's spot for my teriyaki meal. They have the best customer service, cheap prices and delicious teriyaki where the meat speaks for itself.

a k

Good portions with lots of flavor. I personally like the Yakisoba Noodles (chicken or beef). Best Teriyaki place in Bellevue.

Fangzhi Y.

chicken is very dry,and price is 50% higher than the menu from here,other than that is all good

Josh Van de Walle

Excellent food and outstanding service. A great walking distance option for downtown buildings Main St Flats, Sylva on Main and more.

Vincent Randy Heslop

The beef skewers are simply the best you'll find anywhere!! Just added to the menu, original chicken teriyaki (thigh meat) Toshi's way!!

Dave H.

Been going for decades, best teriyaki steak in the Puget Sound area. I think it is even better than the original location Toshi runs in Bothell. An example of where the protégé has surpassed the master!!

Trish K.

Great little take out spot. The lady who is there every day is very nice. Katsu is nice and crisp, good ratio of meat to panko. Service is quick and very dependable.

Randy Heslop

The beef skewers are simply the best you'll find anywhere!! Just added to the menu, original chicken teriyaki (thigh meat) Toshi's way!!

Maddie C.

Thank you Stan for such great service! Anyone affiliated with Bellevue high knows that this is the place to go for food during a short lunch. Toshi's Teriyaki on Main St is a charming little place. Stan gave my mom free cookies along with our order and was very friendly.

Jae Chang

Don't like leaving less than positive reviews for small mom and pop shops but I feel like I have to so others know what they're ordering. I ordered 'chicken teriyaki' thinking I will get a normal chicken teriyaki meal, with a side of salad, but instead I got two chicken skewers with sliced cabbage. The other reviews are accurate. The portion is not what I expected and the sauce was runny and tart. (not my preference). I'll come back and try a different dish but most likely won't be ordering chicken teriyaki.

James Digrazia

Best teriyaki I've had in the PNW. The staff is incredibly nice and the experience is consistent. Food is very cheap for the quality. Like half the bad reviews seem fake. Deserves much more than 3 stars

Denea C.

All our food hair rice in the hair. The hair matched the guy who I paid and tipped at the register with longer dark hair and no hair net. We tossed out $60 worth of food

Clarita Reyes

Great service and the best Yakisoba in town!They are really quick with orders and give a big portion of food.

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