1 Bellis Fair Pkwy Space #518, Bellingham
(360) 738-7433

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William Phelps

The lady working was extremely nice!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Minibon

Tejung Gloria Li

Both the cinnamon sticks and the mini cinnamon rolls tasted dry.I didn’t have this problem when I ate at other branches before A little disappointed this timeAnd it’s very expensive

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 3

Service: 4

Nadia Tourjman

Great food but terrible customer service! We bought four cinnamon rolls, then asked for a cup of water for my 5 year old daughter, the employee refused to give us any! She was very cheap and claimed that they don’t have cups! My daughter was really upset and thirsty so I bought her a bottle of water. When I asked the employee why didn’t she give her water, she replied in a rude snarky attitudes that they’re not supposed to give out water! It’s a freakin cup of water for a 5 year old kid! She is not giving out free food! Then she went in and got herself a cup of water! Cheap people!!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 5

Service: 1


Went up to the till grabbed a box of buns. Before I could even get my wallet out of my pocket the cashier is telling to enter the tip amount on the keypad. You don’t get a tip if you’re going to try and force it. Oh and they're kind of overpriced.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Recommended dishes: Classic Roll


$8 a cinnamon bun??? What a ripoff.

Roland Bean

The owner here should install a camera at the till because the cashier looks as though she is stealing money. My order was taken and the cashier (smaller girl with black hair tied back) rang the bun through but did not close the till after taking my money (doing math in her head) then gave me change but did not actually close the till after or provide a receipt. A few of these a day and she can make a lot, while the owner does not.

Bruce Moffat

Always fresh


After a cool shopping spree at the Bellis Fair Parkway mall, the Food Court is interesting to visit with a variety of cuisines (from Chinese, Italian, Mexican etc.) but Cinnabon is always my go to place. I loved the freshly baked Classic Cinnamon roll perfectly matched with refreshing Mochalatta Chill. It sure is a complete snack for me. Yummy! ?

Nathan Clark

Expensive but tasty


Just bought a packet of cinnamon buns. Completely stale.Dry as a chip. Disgraceful. Extremely disappointing. Cinnabon you've lost another customer.

Manmeet Gill

We got a four pack cinnabon rolls, and mini cinnabon rolls set. They all tasted so tender and soft, I absolutely enjoyed it. The staff was super friendly as well, she was checking in with us, making sure we didn’t need any help. I appreciate that. It’s located in the food court. The prices are on the higher end for a food court restaurant.

Allen Seholm

Soooo good. Speedy service!


Usually stale and not very tasty. I think they are selling say old cinnamon rolls for full price.

Michelle Bhimani

Ok, I realize prices are higher lately, but when the sizes go down significantly as well?? Plus the roll hardly had it's usual gooey cinnamon stuffing! And the Mochalotta Chill was terrible

Zach Pressley

Only people in Washington would manage to make a Cinnabon 3 stars for no reason Lmao ugh

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