El Capitan's Gourmet Sausages and Pretzels

1201 Cornwall Ave #101, Bellingham
(206) 459-2567

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Jonathan Taylor

Now... are there a lot of places where you can get hot dogs in Bellingham? No.That does not change the fact that here you'll find the best hot dogs on this side of the Rockies. I'd say the best this side of the Mississippi, but I don't want to offended anyone from Chicago.Personal choice: Louisiana Link with Bacon and cream cheese. Yes it's weird, try it anyway. Other than that you can't go wrong with an XO.

Chloe Hovind

Excellent brats and dogs, including many vegan/vegetarian options. Can't believe I waited so long before going there, and now I can't wait to go back!

Zachary H.

I'm really confused by the 5 star rating here. Nothing was good about the food for me. My brat was not even hot, and the topping were not fresh or good quality. The service was ok, but I was starving and couldn't even finish my brat it was so bad.

Michael Clarke

Love this place for a affordable lunch spot and late night snack to soak up the booze

Sean W.

Since i am new to the area, I was driving around and i came up on El Capitans, So i just decided to make a U turn and try it out. I was really impress on how cleanliness was and how amazing the staff was. The food look pretty darn good compare to vancouver places ive been too. i think i will be coming here alittle bit more since its not that far from me.


Great place. Even has vegetarian options. Love the cheese fries and the Chipotle vegie dog.

K B.

Great dogs and a great owner. He's a salty sea dog and a neat guy. Serves good food in a timely manner with a smile. Open late if you are around.

Kamâl G.

WOW! I'm not normally a hot dog person but this place is IMPRESSIVE! Both quantity and quality are present, and I can't remember having a hot dog as good as The Admiral. Great location, great people, superb food, a must-visit.

Dakota V.

Like many young adults in Bellingham, I sometimes find myself inebriated at 1am searching for something to shove in my mouth. El Capitan's has always pulled through with the late night Louisiana Hot Link with ALL the condiments. I'll also say I've found myself mid-day at work and craving El Cap's. I can confirm they sill tastes great. Awesome option for an affordable meal in downtown Bellingham-- no matter the time of day.

Tom B.

This is a walk-up window review, 'cause it's the spring of 2020 and sit-down dining isn't happening at the moment. We come to Bellingham pretty regularly for beer and food, and we want to try everything we can. El Capitan is clearly worth multiple repeat visits, and I can't imagine how nice it would be to have this spot local to me. They're right in the busier blocks of downtown, and they have a nice corner space on a busy intersection. The menu is tightly focused and it's perfect for pretty much anything from lunchtime until you're ready to wobble home to bed after hitting the town. We checked out some smoky German links, andouille, and pepper sausage. All were perfectly cooked and tasted fresh. They even offer low-carb options, which seems crazy: a hot dog place with a healthful focus in some of the choices. Pretty cool. The Patriot was piled up with bacon and onion; it was tough to get everything in each bite, but the toppings were easily good enough to enjoy on their own. Everything else hit the spot, too, though I am now forgetting the names of the orders. The french fries with nacho cheese sauce were awesome, and thoroughly offset the good intentions we had by ordering a couple things without buns. The fries are crisp on the outside and soft with a little bit of chew on the inside. The nacho sauce is nicely flavorful with a tiny little bit of heat that keeps it from being just melted processed cheese. 4 dogs, an order of fries, and a drink were about $35. This is one of those places that I'll want to hit again and again, and I'll probably come back so often that it'll take me longer to get to all the other places I want to try.

Jennifer J.

So the teenager and I were doing our usual thing. You know, sheltering in place with Netflix, and we were craving something hot, tasty, affordable, and NOT Top Ramen. I'd heard El Cap's had re-opened with a fancy new contact-free takeout window and was excited to check it out! I ordered online via their website - two loaded dogs and a side of fries - and within minutes I was standing outside their downtown Bham digs with food in hand. I rushed it home (only snuck a couple of fries on the way - really, I promise) and we dug in. My teen ordered the basic dog with a side of tasty sauerkraut (her only complaint was that she wished I'd gotten two sides of it - man I love that kid) and I got a chili dog loaded with cheese and onions. (Hey, it's the Apocalypse, ya gotta live a little!) It was SOOOOOO good. And very filling - in fact, I couldn't even finish it all. The best thing was the price. We've been doing a LOTTA takeout lately (um, hello, #supportlocal) and this was one of the most affordable meals we've found by far. Including tip we were in for under $25. We're definitely adding El Cap's to our lunchtime takeout rotation!

Aliya T.

I have come here twice and man do I love this place. The owner is so great and friendly to all his customers. I love coming here and getting to chat with him and his see his passion for his business. Keep in mind this is a small establishment, not a ton of space, and the owner is the one who cooks so it could take some time to get your food. It wouldn't take a super long time, but may not be a quick bite! That being said, the menu is awesome with a lot of variety and there are also amazing pretzels. You can get a unique hot dog, or you can get a regular hot dog and help yourself to the hot dog bar with has various toppings so you can customize your meal. Highly recommend this place for hot dogs and pretzels in town!

Cory James

Honestly, this place rocks. The sausage menu is huge, they have all the add ons, beer, very reasonably priced, veggie options for all eaters and the staff is beyond friendly. AND it’s open late!!! Absolutely love this place.

Cory J.

Honestly, this place rocks. The sausage menu is huge, they have all the add ons, beer, very reasonably priced, veggie options for all eaters and the staff is beyond friendly. AND it's open late!!! Absolutely love this place.

Nola Wyse

Best Dogs and Sausages ever! Amazing staff And the owner Mark is wonderful. Worth going for a bite!

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El Capitan's Gourmet Sausages and Pretzels

1201 Cornwall Ave #101, Bellingham, WA 98225
(206) 459-2567