La Gloria Market

4140 Meridian St, Bellingham
(360) 733-9102

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Marlon Troub

#the market is great, has what we need for mexican food# restaurant is decent, not as good as back home#good hot sauce

Margarete Reed

Mexican food to buy. Fresh butcher market. Great store for what you need for your Mexican dish.


I think some of the lesser reviews posted here are from people who eat regularly at “gringo” Mexican restaurants, and don’t know the real food from south of the border.. . I am from Southern California and I am pleased to find proper Mexican food in Bellingham, Washington, of all places... . This place, La Gloria, is real, home style Mexican food.. . I had the Pozole, which was flavorful and amazing with giant chunks of pork and lots of hominy. . . My kids had street tacos which were prepared in the proper way — no iceberg lettuce and shredded cheese on these little guys. And they came with proper cabeza meat — often hard to find except at the most authentic spots.. . Tasty horchata and agua de Jamaica topped off a quickly prepared and amazingly fresh meal.. . This place is great with the food and service. The accommodations, however, may turn off some — plastic cups and serve yourself water from a jug. Old vinyl seats that have seen better days and low end utensils, etc. Very basic and pedestrian. But this is also the restaurant’s charm, in my book. And look around at the clientele. These eaters are satisfied!. . Recommended if you are in Bellingham and aching for some properly prepared Mexican delights.

Jesse G.

What an incredible find! Been here 3 times in 3 days while in Bham. First time had 1 taco lengua, 1 taco al pastor, 1 taco adovada. They were all delicious with tasty red and green salsa accompaniments. Day 2 had the carnitas and barbacoa and a frosty modelo negro with ice cold glass..really awesome. Day 3 had to try their pupusas with frijoles, queso, and warm red sauce for dipping. Holy frijoles!! Cant wait to be back in Bellingham!

Carolyn L.

I love the refried bean here! It has been a while since I have such tasty refried bean. I am usually not a fan of it as it has always been grainy to me. Here the refried bean is smooth as paste and has this fragrant taste that makes me wonder if lard has been added. I like Mexican food though my experience with it is probably more of the Tex-Mex version than the real thing. I am still learning. I had the beef enchilada which came with the green salsa, rice, refried bean and small salad with sour cream. It was a huge plate and I struggled to finish it all. My friend was also new to Mexican food and she asked the staff for recommendation. He was very patient in explaining various dishes to her as well as the drinks. We had the michilada and tamarind drink. Refreshing and tasty too. The staff was also very kind to top up our salsa and chips when we asked as it was just so good! At around $10 for most dishes, it is still pretty affordable. The place has mostly Spanish speaking customers. Attached to the restaurant is the grocery store selling mainly Mexican food products. Oh you can get piñatas here too. So colorful and pretty!

Kyleigh M.

I had to update my review. Although the food CAN be great, it can go the complete opposite. The food can be sloppy and messy, chewy, hard, even soggy. The customer service almost always sucks if you don't have someone like Uri. Not only that, the owner treats their employees the worst. I wanted to work there because I loved the food. Late paychecks, lies, poor communication, but everything turns into your fault. Had to wait 2 paychecks to get my paycheck and even then they said straight to my Face ID have to wait till the next day. You wonder why they have poor attitude at this place, now I know why.

Samantha Ridenour

I just found this place and is actually a Godsend. I am from Arizona and have been very desperate to find a piece of what I know of my roots. This is a feel of what I associate with my upbringing. It services traditional Mexican needs and wants if that is what you are looking for. I had been for two years. I was desperate and I will never strap from this place.

Jose Guerra

Good food, different from my TexMex flavor. Good short ribs, 7 steak, grill meat...

Steph P

This is our go to place in town anytime we feel like making fajitas. They have a great selection of meat and the best guacamole, pico, and verde sauce in town!

Karman T.

This review is based only on the tamales, but holy moly, they are incredible. True Mexican place full of Mexicans, very authentic tamales. Everything else folks had coming to their tables also looked amazing.


I've had a great meal from here before, then today I ordered tacos al pastor. I received two tortillas with the meat, and nothing else. aren't there usually more ingredients? Did I say something wrong?

Denali Wood

Called to see when they close, they said 10:30. Showed up at 9:30 and they very rudely told me they were closed and done for the night. I was really hoping to like this place but they wouldn't even serve me and were very rude in conversation.

Tina Melgar

A great place for all my south of the border dishes, they have almost everything I need, and if they don't, they can usually get it for me. Great people too!

A L.

This place is very hyped by Yelpers in Bellingham, WA, but I don't see why. The prices are a bit steep for a street taco $1.89-3.50. Also, the place is less than desirable, its your typical hole in the wall, but this time the food didn't deliver, my asada and alpastor tacos were so-so. I've had way better! Now, let me share my unpleasant experience with this weird lady that took my order. This lady was a bit short and rude, but I guess she figured that since she is dealing with a fellow Hispanic, she can get away with it. NOT! Look 'La Gloria Market' every establish has to have good customer services, your place is no exception! This lady had a stink face through out the whole time. Don't like your job? Or maybe because I used English part of my order when I became frustrated with her about how big the tacos were. The menu indicates "tacos" not "street tacos" so I was thinking the price may make sense if they were regular size tacos. Also, the lady tried to cheat me out of my money. I ordered two tacos to-go since I was getting the stink face and she was charging me 3 tacos with a straight face. Repeated the total in English as if I didn't understand the first time in Spanish! I gave her a perplexed look because she was charging me $6 plus when I ordered 2 tacos at $1.89. She realized that I caught her and instead of an apology, she acts like nothing happened. Weird vibe from her. If, and that is a big 'IF', I will update my review if I go back for some more food. I believe in second chances.


We stopped by for a quick lunch today and the tacos were great and inexpensive. service was quick and the food was great. Also there is a store attached to the restaurant that has everything Mexican.

Sharon Q.

Not the fanciest place but their flavors are spot on! And I do love me a homemade tortilla they are so flakey when toasted on that flat top. So there's a restaurant side and a market side to this place. We've enjoyed the breakfast burritos which are the size of a small baby! Good luck eating it all at one sitting. I usually cut off and eat that and save the rest for lunch lol. The salsas and hot sauces are hot and fresh. The California burrito is great. Absolutely stuffed with chorizo and avocado and of course, fries! Complimentary chips and mild salsa on arrival. They do have beer and margaritas for 4$ but I haven't tried them yet. Didn't want to look like a lush having a marg with breakfast At the market they have all things from south of the border. They make the tortillas which are sold by the pound. They have fresh made chicharonnes with and without meat. They also have a full array of things by the pound that you can cook at home. Chicken fajitas, pork adobada, carne asada, and skirt steak. Get down there and treat yourself!

Preston J.

I was visiting town and decided to stop by the restaurant portion of the joint for some Mexican food. While the food had good flavor and was authentic, the customer service was poor and it took a long time to receive enchiladas and burritos. I ordered red enchiladas and received green in error. The place seemed disorganized and I would not recommend it. Overall a poor experience and I will not be back.

Vedrana Tomic

Have been coming here each time I go to Seattle over the past two years. Awesome store and restaurant! Great staff and great prices on snacks. The gas station outside the parking lot is super super cheap also!!

Juan T.

En pocas palabras, qué rico! Vivimos en Vancouver, BC y nos hacía mucha falta la comida mexicana verdadera. Estábamos hartos de probar restaurantes que proclaman tener comida "auténtica" pero parecen no entender el concepto, así que decidimos cruzar la frontera en búsqueda del sazón mexicano. Llegando a la Gloria, nos acogió el aroma de tortillas recién hechas y de inmediato nos sentimos en casa. Viendo el menú, una amplia selección de platillos esenciales con muy poca influencia gringa (como burritos y alitas), nos emocionamos y no podíamos decidir. Finalmente, optamos por pedir casi el doble de lo que sería razonable y nos acomodamos en una mesa esperando el gran atracón. Empezaron a entregar los platillos muy pronto y me alegro informarles que todo excedió nuestras expectativas. Mi hijo y yo habíamos pedido tacos de carnitas y con la primera mordida, ambos empezamos a sonreír - por fin unos tacos de verdad! Como la mayor parte de la cocina mexicana, las carnitas parecen ser algo sencillo, pero el sazón de un buen cocinero es lo que marca la diferencia entre lo banal y lo exquisito. Las carnitas de La Gloria son exquisitas (por eso compramos un kilo para llevar después de tragar como vikingos). Francamente, toda la comida, incluyendo el arroz y los frijoles, tenía el sabor mexicano que tanto nos hacía falta. También me alegro decir que los precios son bastante razonables. Mis únicas quejas son que el agua de horchata no llega al mismo nivel de delicia que la comida y que no vivimos más cerca. Pero ni modo, ya que descubrimos La Gloria, estaremos cruzado la frontera con más frecuencia.


And the food has varied quite a bit. I think the lack of continuity has to do with the series of chefs in the kitchen. So it's not American-chain-restaurant formulaic, which is a good thing, but if you go back hoping to repeat exactly what you had six months ago, you might not be as happy. Or you might be even happier--like I said, variability. It was here I had the best pork verde enchilada I've ever had in my life, for instance, about ten years ago. And last week's carnitas burrito was just superb. But I love the place. And I love wandering through the market and I always end up with some Mexican pastries (which I grew up on) to take home.

Dane Koontz

Excellent, had a $2 pork Taco and it was great. Hard to go wrong with those small Hispanic market/restaurants, especially with the price a d amount of food they give you

Jessica J

They have the best and biggest selection of Hispanic food in town. Also has medicines, soaps blankets and anything else you need, even tickets to Mexico. You can send and receive money as Well. Can t for get the good customer service.

Lee Brown

Great food great service. Bigger portions than I remember. You will leave there satisfied

David Laing

I'll always recommend this place to anyone visiting Bellingham. The restaurant serves some of the best Mexican food I've ever had, and even accepts Canadian currency (not at par of course.) Connected to the restaurant is a robust market with a huge meat counter and house made tortillas and so much more. Friendly service (even to gringos like myself)

Arin Ringwald

Damn huge pozole bowl! Make sure to ask for the extras (cabbage, radish, cilantro). Send to have gotten a little pricey lately, or is it just me? Maybe they just recognized they worth it. They is!

Bentley Harden

This used to be my favorite taco place. Sent everyone I knew there. Shopped often in their market.

Jennifer Keizer

Yummy Mexican food at a great price! Love the casual atmosphere. Perfect for a quick lunch on a weekday.

Michael B.

Chicken enchiladas , carne asada taco, I ate the pastor taco and made sure to try everything and it was really good so I decided to write a review.. chicken is moist and tasty, definitely recommend Carne asada and pastor tacos were great... salsa for chips was amazing! Great place will definitely be returning for exactly what I got the first time.. no complaints other then you get your own water out of a bucket and there is no ice... kinda weird

Crystal Marie

Great selection of meats, very friendly staff, yummy breads. Would highly recommend. Fair warning though, it is a very tight space, we went in with baby in her car seat but hubby waited in car with baby while I checked out cause waiting with baby in her car seat (she's 3 months) there wasn't really room. The check outs are sort of inconveniently placed. They have a card minimum of $5.00 but with thier great selection that shouldn't be difficult to meet.

Steven Smith

What a very pleasant surprise. Ran into two very close friends heading off to lunch. They asked me to join them. Said they were going to a family run Mexican restaurant with a market attached to it. The market had a great selection of fresh meats and Mexican products. My friends bought all the available beef bones that they had. Seems this market is a well kept secret in Bellingham. Highly recommend the market and it's restaurant right next door.

Ken F.

Great "hole in the wall" Mexican. Nondescript location in a mini-mall; half the market is a market, the other half is a restaurant. Food was super-tasty, fast, and fresh, and the staff was very friendly: just what you want in a "mom and pop" local place.

Jessica Jonasson

Good prices, and usually have what I'm looking for

Justin Robichaux

Get the veggie tacos. They’re the best in town

Justin Robichaux

Get the veggie tacos. They’re the best in town

mike white

Best carne asada I have had. And I lived in and traveled the Southwest. Butcher shop adjoins and is authentic too.

Ian Wong

Lives up to its name: glorious.

Protrainer L.

This is by far our favourite taco place in the Pacific Northwest. We have tried every place in Vancouver BC (where we live) and will make the drive the B-Ham for their tacos. The grocery store is great to with authentic Mexican products.

Mariah Warner

Very good carnicería with super fresh meat and seafood. There are still-warm freshly made tortillas, guacamole, and salsa. The prices are low and the quality is high!

Kristine E.

My son and I literally fought over who got to eat the last carne asada taco! This place is so legit - and the first and only authentic taco I've had in B-Ham. As a super bonus, you can buy a stack of the fresh made, still warm corn tortillas that they keep warm in a cooler near the meat counter. Heaven: carne asada tacos for lunch one day and breakfast tacos the next morning with their great tortillas!

Keyra T.

I go here to get spices i need for my dishes. The owners are very nice & helped me picking out a pork shoulder I needed for one of my holiday meals. They have a variety of Goya products which I appreciate. Organization of items in aisles could be better but overall it's good.