La Gloria Market

4140 Meridian St, Bellingham
(360) 733-9102

Recent Reviews

Jeff Bigford

This place is awesome they bring chips and salsa with every order for free. Also truly good authentic Mexican food. Can't go wrong with this place.

Kimberly Moore

I can't say enough about how wonderful and nice everyone is here. Plus, they have amazing products that cook up perfectly everytime!


The best Mexican market in whatcom county for sure!!! Love their sweet bread. Always get my asada from here too.

Laura O'Reilly

Excellent tacos, great variety and service. Delicious fresh chips and pork rinds. Great deli and taco shells.

Sherri Berner

Has many Mexican favorites, packaged, frozen and fresh. Meat market too as well as attached casual restaurant. Good way to practice your Spanish too if you are not fluent.


Best place to buy fresh hot corn tortillas and the salsa in the cafe is delicious and you can get it to go with some chips.

Cole S.

This place has great tacos and some excellent salsas, they also have a generous selection of paletas and other frozen treats for after your meal if you are interested.

M D.

Really good, authentic Mexican food! Ordered quesadilla, carne tacos, chips and salsa, and horchata; made fresh, cooked to order, and full of flavor. It's hard to find horchata in other Mexican establishment, but this place has it. It's also not overly sweet and loaded with lots of cinnamon, as some other places tend to do so. It's not a fancy place and parking is limited, but the food and drinks are worth the drive, time, and money.


Had a bite of lunch here. The food was middle of the road, not good but not bad, just average. Decent size portions. Not the cleanest establishment and I am sure there are better choices.

Jesus Garcia

I only put one star because that is what I had to do to leave this review. I ordered 20lbs of barbacoa for New Year's dinner and it went bad by the time we wanted to eat dinner. I called to see if I could get some kind of credit (I paid over $200 for this order) and they wouldn't. I even told then I had all the meat in a sealed pot to prove that we weren't able to eat any it but they didn't care. I've been coming here for years and this is the service I get. I recommend Mi Rancho meat market, they definitely have better service.

Heather Stevenson

Authentic Mexican food at a fair price. That's where we go for all our Mexican food.

Carlos Becerra

My sister-in-law bought $200 worth of dinner for New Year’s eve and it was spoiled by 11 o’clock she picked it up at 1 o’clock or so that same day .they refused to give her her money back this meal had to of been prepared a day before she picked it up and was not notified by the seller

Jesus Garcia

I don't recommend this place because I ordered 20lbs of barbacoa for New Year's dinner and it went bad by the time we wanted to eat dinner. I called to see if I could get some kind of credit (I paid over $200 for this order) and they wouldn't. I even told then I had all the meat in a sealed pot to prove that we weren't able to eat any it but they didn't care. I've been coming here for years and this is the service I get. I recommend Mi Rancho meat market, they definitely have better service.

Ian McCluskey

Breakfast burritos are 10 bucks but worth every penny

Jocelyn Grimaldo

One of my favorite places to get Mexican food in Bellingham if not the one! Super flavorful and reasonable prices. They give you complimentary salsa and chips and those are super yummy! I’ve had quite a few things on their menu and everything has been delicious. Also great selection of menu items.

Sherri Scott-Berner

Nice to have An authentic Mexican market in town. This visit the cashier was very nice but in the past I have not always felt very welcome in this store.

Andrew Epstein

First rate Mexican grocery store near Bellis Fair. Small cantina off to the side, selling delicious Mexican casual fare.

Derek Rider

Friendly service, very good meat selection, pre made meats like taco meat, and good prices. If you like cooking stop in at there meat selection it will save save you some time and not take away from quality...

Rob Sipes

Great selection of Mexican foods. Fresh meats are excellent.

Roger Williams

Well located store, great selection, long open hours, friendly staff. I’d have left a better review but unfortunately their food is not the cleanest. I bought dry chorizo and there was a long hair in one of the pieces. I bought a dozen of tamales and here we go again, a long hair in one of the tamales. What are the chances of finding hair in their food so frequently? They should follow the basic cooking rules for a business…buy some hair nets for the ladies preparing the food! It’s a cheap solution and it makes a big difference!

Karen H

Love this place! They have an amazing selection of Latino foods and the best chicharron around!!

Tess Mena

The selection of meat, grocery and mexican sweet breads (conchas) are amazing. I would return to the states just to shop here. I am from Canada.


Good food with quick turnaround when ordering. Looks I expensive, but it all adds up to $$. Carne Asada was my favourite.

John Brown

Great Mexican my fav is the pasole rich red broth and tender meat with hominy corn

Ana luisa Mireles

Cold tacos and no visible prices of differents kind of tacos. They served cold tripa , pastor and barbacoa tacos. They didn't tell us the real cost for the tacos some cost $1.89 but anothers cost $3 .00. It was the first time here ! Very disappointed!

Declan V. Tran

Food at the restaurant is amazing! Great price and great portion. The bakery is also one of the best! (my rancho has some better options tho)

Jay Haynes

Very good enchiladas, 1st time here . fast and friendly . large portions,I had a fantastic experience at this small family restaurant and grocery shop

Jay Haynes

just had my first experience at la Gloria restaurant and it was fabulous. the enchilada combo was great , fantastic flavors,fresh sauces and salsa. I will definitely be coming back to try more of the menu. great service fast friendly hard working family. loved it .

David Gissel

Great tacos! This place has a huge variety of Hispanic (mostly Mexican) groceries and a huge selection of fresh meats and cheeses. They make their own barbacoa and corn tortillas that are also used in the attached restaurant. The restaurant is the best Mexican I’ve had in the Pacific Northwest. honestly not saying much :)

james hunt

Its awesome! They have a restaurant n a market where u can find whatever u need

Polly Medina

What can I say.... Been shopping there since they opened!

Hank Arreguin

Good food but is over priced, service is really poor..

Marlon Troub

#the market is great, has what we need for mexican food# restaurant is decent, not as good as back home#good hot sauce

Margarete Reed

Mexican food to buy. Fresh butcher market. Great store for what you need for your Mexican dish.


I think some of the lesser reviews posted here are from people who eat regularly at “gringo” Mexican restaurants, and don’t know the real food from south of the border.. . I am from Southern California and I am pleased to find proper Mexican food in Bellingham, Washington, of all places... . This place, La Gloria, is real, home style Mexican food.. . I had the Pozole, which was flavorful and amazing with giant chunks of pork and lots of hominy. . . My kids had street tacos which were prepared in the proper way — no iceberg lettuce and shredded cheese on these little guys. And they came with proper cabeza meat — often hard to find except at the most authentic spots.. . Tasty horchata and agua de Jamaica topped off a quickly prepared and amazingly fresh meal.. . This place is great with the food and service. The accommodations, however, may turn off some — plastic cups and serve yourself water from a jug. Old vinyl seats that have seen better days and low end utensils, etc. Very basic and pedestrian. But this is also the restaurant’s charm, in my book. And look around at the clientele. These eaters are satisfied!. . Recommended if you are in Bellingham and aching for some properly prepared Mexican delights.

Jesse G.

What an incredible find! Been here 3 times in 3 days while in Bham. First time had 1 taco lengua, 1 taco al pastor, 1 taco adovada. They were all delicious with tasty red and green salsa accompaniments. Day 2 had the carnitas and barbacoa and a frosty modelo negro with ice cold glass..really awesome. Day 3 had to try their pupusas with frijoles, queso, and warm red sauce for dipping. Holy frijoles!! Cant wait to be back in Bellingham!

Carolyn L.

I love the refried bean here! It has been a while since I have such tasty refried bean. I am usually not a fan of it as it has always been grainy to me. Here the refried bean is smooth as paste and has this fragrant taste that makes me wonder if lard has been added. I like Mexican food though my experience with it is probably more of the Tex-Mex version than the real thing. I am still learning. I had the beef enchilada which came with the green salsa, rice, refried bean and small salad with sour cream. It was a huge plate and I struggled to finish it all. My friend was also new to Mexican food and she asked the staff for recommendation. He was very patient in explaining various dishes to her as well as the drinks. We had the michilada and tamarind drink. Refreshing and tasty too. The staff was also very kind to top up our salsa and chips when we asked as it was just so good! At around $10 for most dishes, it is still pretty affordable. The place has mostly Spanish speaking customers. Attached to the restaurant is the grocery store selling mainly Mexican food products. Oh you can get pií±atas here too. So colorful and pretty!

Kyleigh M.

I had to update my review. Although the food CAN be great, it can go the complete opposite. The food can be sloppy and messy, chewy, hard, even soggy. The customer service almost always sucks if you don't have someone like Uri. Not only that, the owner treats their employees the worst. I wanted to work there because I loved the food. Late paychecks, lies, poor communication, but everything turns into your fault. Had to wait 2 paychecks to get my paycheck and even then they said straight to my Face ID have to wait till the next day. You wonder why they have poor attitude at this place, now I know why.

Samantha Ridenour

I just found this place and is actually a Godsend. I am from Arizona and have been very desperate to find a piece of what I know of my roots. This is a feel of what I associate with my upbringing. It services traditional Mexican needs and wants if that is what you are looking for. I had been for two years. I was desperate and I will never strap from this place.

Jose Guerra

Good food, different from my TexMex flavor. Good short ribs, 7 steak, grill meat...