The Racket Bar and Pinball Lounge

1220 N State St, Bellingham
(360) 778-1067

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Maxim Bryson

Forget open face, this is the new and improved "open everything" where all your fillings can slide freely from the hands of gluten. Complete lack of steak, complete over fulfilment of pepper expectations, ZERO cheeze whiz on the contemporary, and on top of all this, they want more than $2 for the side of cheese whiz that it's supposed to come with. Color me confused, but you guys should close the kitchen once they run out of talent for the night.

Sean Welch

I didn't think it was possible, but this place kinda blows. The guy at the door was rude, and then when I went to order a drink was even more rude. Hire more staff or close your business if you can't operate and serve people on a Friday night.

TJ Gerber

Great dive bar in Bellingham with pinball machines in decent shape. Vaccines are required and enforced, which was great. We saw a group of people come in unmasked, zip by the bar and were followed by a bartender to confirm vaccination. The group grumbled about the requirement and were politely escorted out.Drinks are good and cold. They frequently have fun cocktails. Not much else to say about a dive bar.

Lauren Hill

I like this place Bc it seems like one of the few places where the bartenders aren’t coked out or drinking while serving.

Joel Manglass

Great sandwiches served late. Great place to unwind

Coolaid Pickles

Alcoholic beverages and beef sandwiches. What more you want?

a b

Pickup order, falafel burnt to a crisp, stale pita, and they charged me 3 bucks for a tiny to go tahini sauce. Nope.

Abby Wardstrom

Great bar. Great food. Great staff. Try the phillys and the falafel! 10/10

Brent Clearman

Great pinball machines here that actually 100% work properly.

Amanda Hasbrouck

Love the pinball machines & 4 top pacman game! Kitchen was down when visited but I hear the Philly steak sandwiches are good.

Maria Dalla Gasperina

Cool place. Great outdoor seating. Love the drinks and food

Martin Petelinz

Been my favorite bar in Bellingham for a while now. The pinball is great, the food is fresh, and the lounge is comfy - the perfect bar for downtown Bham.

Matt Hocker

Best Philly Cheesesteaks in town and awesome collection of pinball games.

Emily Nicole

Great staff, music & drinks. Loaded tater tots is a pub fave. Thanks for being awesome!

Kevin Misiuda

Always a great place to grab an easy drink and a snack. Great selection of pinball machines.

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The Racket Bar and Pinball Lounge

1220 N State St, Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 778-1067