Tutti Freschi Bakery and Specialty Foods

801 W Orchard Dr Suite 1, Bellingham
(206) 676-2651

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Emily Goodin

My favorite tiramisu in Bham! And I'm sure more favorites are in my future at Tutti Freschii - I barely scratched the surface of their offerings when I stopped in, after coincidentally seeing their sign when I was in the area. The madeleines are the one item that were not to my taste - they were a bit dry IMO - but the carrot muffin and especially the tiramisu, were excellent. The lemon bar was also very good. Now that I know they exist I'll go out of my way to visit for treats (or for meals, I didn't even notice at the time that they also serve savory items).

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 5

Service: 5

Dorene Pon

We are 1 year new in Bellingham and have been in search for food to our liking and not easy until we walked into Tutti Freschi on a whim--the promising sign caught our eyes, the Opera cupcake--so fresh, clean tasting and satisfying, and not overly sweet; and also the lasagna--very satisfying and fresh. I love that they offer gluten free and also vegan option..very considerate. Next stop will try their sandwiches--such a variety! Excellent customer service.

Kennedy Lange

First time here and it was a good experience, friendly service and helpful staff! We all got cake/cupcakes and they were 10 outta 10 so good and flavorful! Very high quality desserts here, I definitely recommend it!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Michaela Walter-Fuller

Found this hidden gem yesterday. Had a Tiramisu slice. I must say the best Tiramisu I have ever had. This is a for when you want to treat yourself to something special.

Winnie Doan

Had the spinach & cheese croissant, it was delish! These bakers slay?

George Howe

Neat place.

Laura Brand

We loved our visit here! The owner was so sweet and friendly. We tried the berry muffin, egg/bacon/cheese croissant, and spinach ricotta croissant. Everything was high quality and SO yummy. Our favorite was the spinach ricotta croissant. We will definitely be back!

Kimi H.

Gluten-free Opera cake was really good. They have coffee and pastries. I will definitely get the cake again.

Kate Fraley

Delicious variety of pastries and also some yummy savory delights. So glad I found this little gem! I will be going back for certain.

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Tutti Freschi Bakery and Specialty Foods

801 W Orchard Dr Suite 1, Bellingham, WA 98225
(206) 676-2651