Ukawa Teriyaki

3922 148th St SE, Mill Creek
(425) 379-5161

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Jon Baer

Great food. Five star. However, they need to work on their customer service. As another posted previously, they sometikes act annoyed you are ordering from them. Thus, an overall four star.

Christian Schaub

The best teriyaki/Chinese takeout food in all of Snohomish and king county. Very similar to Taster’s Wok in Lynnwood in the quality of the food but way less expensive. I’ll never go to another teriyaki place. The General Tso’s chicken is my favorite, and their teriyaki sauce is a sweet soy glaze which is delicious bc most teriyaki joints have pure salty soy sauce which tastes gross. Totally recommend!!

Elsa Y.

Everything is so good and it's a nice clean restaurant. Boba was yummy and so it all the chicken and yakisoba.

Zelda H.

I've been going here since 2007 and this restaurant has never failed to make the BEST ORANGE CHICKEN OF YOUR LIFE! Our family loves to get Ukawa on a special meal night and we have gone for 15 years. Always love their orange chicken, teriyaki, and pot stickers. I'll never go to another teriyaki spot because this place is the best!

Bryan T.

These guys have been consistently solid for years. Good taste, large portions, and the Gyoza is crunchy and delicious. Have I typed enough words to update their menu photo yet?

Food for Thought

Food is dry and lacks flavor. So they charge extra for sauces!?!? Rude owner seems mad at people for being customers. Came in 20 minutes before closing and asked for one dish. The guy acted like he was doing me a favor. I get it that it is the end of a hard day, but maybe not nickel-and-diming the customers and being friendly would help?

Crissey Y.

Tried this restaurant for the first time tonight. It looks great in pictures but truthfully, both orders were on the salty side. The flavor wasn't great. The spicy pork tasted like it was just marinated and cooked in salt and chili paste, no sweetness. It wasn't very memorable.

Zachary Menzies

Amazing place!! The food is super good. So much variety. And the service is super amazing! Would highly recommend

Lindsey Anderson

I eat here all the time and always have a great experience. You large portions for the price and it always taste good. I almost always get either chicken katsu, spicy chicken teriyaki, or the orange chicken with taro or honeydew bubble tea. I think it would be great if they added a lychee or a coffee bubble tea option though ?

Kyle Бигович

Best teriyaki in the area. Hands down. Best portions best ingredients, highest quality overall.

Michelle N.

This has been a go-to spot for teriyaki for mainly because it's only a short drive for me and I like convenience. I would recommend the spicy teriyaki over the regular if you can tolerate some spice because I think it's seasoned better and not as overly sweet. Overall, I feel satisfied and with the large portions I always have some leftover for the next meal which is a plus. Nothing too special, but quick service and food will keep me coming back.

Blahblahblahgoog ..

Chicken katsu and pork teriyaki. Both plates were amazing but the pork teriyaki takes the gold. The pork was very tender and flavorful. The dressing on the salad was also very good. Very generous size portion. Definitely coming back soon!


Chicken teriyaki was gross. Had that taste from frozen chicken being defrosted. Dissapointed in everyone leaving glowing reviews, I trusted yall.

Sarah S.

I am keto. I asked to get teriyaki chicken no sauce and the fried rice on the side. My roommate wanted the rice. The young man on the phone that said he was the manager said they couldn't. Not likely! The owners have never been anything but nice and accommodating since I started eating there around 2008. And BTW have done this for me many times before. He said it wasn't there policy. Not there policy to separate food???? I said, I would pay for the extra packaging of the rice if needed. He said no. I asked if they could put tinfoil or the plastic wrap between it. He then proceeded to tell me that they had it but it wasn't for customers. I even said I would pay for anything extra needed to just separate the rice from the chicken. He said no. This has been my favorite teriyaki place for the last 14 or 15 years. Even though they do have the BEST orange chicken and much more around I will NEVER order here again. BTW. When we picked up the food and left the free roll of 120 feet of tinfoil on the counter to HOPEFULLY better serve your customers!!!! I will be now not telling all my friends how amazing the food is there. I will now be telling them how horrible the customer service is!

Katy McAdams

Eh teriyaki. Too expensive for what your getting but still kinda tasty.

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