Chaps Diner and Bakery Spokane

4237 Cheney Spokane Rd, Spokane
(509) 624-4182

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heidi hohmann

A very country chic breakfast spot! I have been trying to go here for the past 5+ years as I've heard a lot of good things! I moved out of Spokane area but recently had time to check it out. The food is pretty decent but I do think this place is overhyped. This was our first time here so definitely expect a wait. The ordering system is a bit odd and I feel like other reviews don't discuss this. You basically wait in a long line that wraps around the main area. There are menus in the middle, and you order food and everything at the counter, but they do assign you a table before getting up to the counter. We visited on a Saturday and we really don't mind waiting (waited 2 hrs for the yards once day) and we spent over an hour in line just to get a seat and place an order. It seems like a lot of tables are empty and there would be better/quicker turnover of customers if they followed a normal ordering process of seating tables as they come in. I understand why they choose this: to have less back and forth with the waiters and probably hire less staff given the staffing shortages but this also results in way less tips for them! The service at our table was extremely poor, no refills of waters or anything offered. I'm not usually a complainer about service either. The food and coffee was great! The Hash browns and bacon were cooked to perfection. I'm not sure if they follow this ordering system for dinner, but I'm not sure we will be back simply because of this issue. It was worth a try!

Jo Anne Nuccio

Wonderful eclectic design. Food is beyond delicious! The bakery items are plentiful and all looked to good to eat, but eat you will! The croissants come in many flavors. Be warned… it is first come first served! So you many luck out on some of the popular items, which are most of them!!Come ready to eat and relax! The staff is super friendly and attentive. The outdoor area was wonderful to dine in. It was like being in a private garden. Highly recommend!!?

Jenny H

My niece and I went for restaurant week, I can't put into words how incredible everything was, the food, our waitress Hailey, the band and the owner. It was the best food we've ever had. I can't wait to go back again!Food: 5/5

Garrett C

My sister and brother-in-law brought me here this morning after talking very highly about it and it's a really different experience I've never been to a place like it their bakery looks delicious it's all photo worthy the staff are so friendly and the atmosphere is very mood settling. A little advice i seen the country gravy and tried to order from the table and couldn't so next time I'm just gonna order it at the counter but steak and eggs were cooked to my liking and tasted amazing. Definitely going back

Ari Alvarez

Highly recommended. Not sure why it took us so long to find this place. Worth the drive. Most items made from scratch in premises. More European/ Argentinian style of food with plenty of American classics.Food: 5/5

Monika Yevan

Cute breakfast place! Thought it was just a coffee place so came not hungry for food just desserts but they have a pretty good menu with some savoury food like Egg Benedict. The blueberry toast was really good tho! And pretty great coffee! Atmosphere was my favorite the umbrellas outside felt like Greece, very aesthetic. A nice quite date place to sit, sip on coffee and enjoy taking to your favorite person ?

Alyssa P.

Chaps is such a cute place, they have delicious food and lattes very friendly staff. The only thing that bothered me was that all there high chairs the straps were broken! My son is 17 months old and he was constantly trying to stand up, that is so dangerous and they need to fix that problem asap

Christi B.

Wow. What a wonderful little spot. Be prepared for REALLY big portions or really delicious food! We absolutely loved catching up with family during our visit to Spokane at this little gem of a place

Ted T.

Great little place. Have always gotten friendly service and a wonderful meal. You will enjoy yourself here.

Cindy Valenti

Went out to Chaps on a Wednesday night for live music and a visit with friends. The atmosphere is amazing with a warm welcoming feel. Chaps isn't like other eateries where you feel like you've entered an interior design shop. Instead, Chaps makes you feel at home with comfortable decor and seating including a gorgeous outdoor patio. Surrounded by arborvites, rose bushes, flowers and lush greenery, the private patio is magical. There's a spot for little ones to play in a kids playhouse and at night decorative lighting creates a serene feel.The food is amazing, freshly made with fresh ingredients and Chaps has the BEST bakery items by far. Cakes, pies, scones, cookies and pastries and they include luscious gluten free options. The staff is amazing and there's a bar and meeting room plus another meeting room on the second floor. Don't miss this gem a short jaunt southfrom Spokane!

Jordan Allen

Ambiance. Check. Food. Check. Waitstaff. Check. It’s all there and great.We got here at 8:01 and the line was already forming. It was a LONG line by 8:15 am.The space is a lot bigger than what you initially see inside. And the food comes FAST!My only downfall was it was absolutely freeeeezing. And we were sat under a fan.My bf asked if we could find a warmer seat and he happily moved us two stories up! Def coming back- even worth the drive from coeur Dalene

Tim A.

Excellent breakfast stop, well worth the wait! The food was excellent and the pastries were awesome!

Jay R.

This is an excellent restaurant. The vibe has been great during every visit. The customer service is awesome. The food is amazing and portions are generous. Would highly recommend.

Rafi M.

I'm always a little skeptical when I eat at restaurants in Spokane, but this place really changed my mind. It's a corner place in a strip all, and it's like a hidden gem. I was a little worried when I arrived, because the line was really long. When I say long, I'm talking easily 40-50 people. I took this as a sign that this place must be good enough for people to wait almost 45 minutes in line to place an order. You order at the counter, you are assigned a number, and then food gets brought out to you. Menus are passed out while you wait, so that way you know what you want by the time you get to the register. It's the same line whether you want food, a pastry, or coffee. My recommendation is to have two separate lines, because I thought to order a chai for the road but didn't want to wait in the line again. I was able to order my meal with gluten free bread. The omelette was cooked perfectly, and I thought the vegetables were cooked perfectly as well. It was a nice size! I enjoyed the potatoes, and there was a lot more hidden under the toast and omelette. I was a little skeptical due to the price, but you definitely get a lot of food for your money. I hope to return here again.

Anne D.

Arrive early. That's the best advice I can give you. When we got there the line extended outside and luckily it wasn't raining. We interacted with the friendliest staff and we enjoyed the food too. It was fun eating in the attic of a 1912 renovated farmhouse. It felt like our own private dining area until more customers arrived at nearby tables. Definitely a restaurant you'll have to try whether you're a local or a visitor.

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