Pizza Hut

1175 Center Dr STE 160, DuPont
(253) 582-8000

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Crystal Hampton (customcrochetp31)

I’m not sure who the manager of this store is, but he is doing a great job. ?? This store was very clean and organized, and the staff was friendly and professional. If you live on base, this is the Pizza Hut I’d recommend.I’m not sure how this one can be so clean with great staff and the one on Bridgeport needs to closed by the health department. Not too confident the district managers are paying attention to their stores, but hopefully at some point they acknowledge and see whoever runs the DuPont store is doing a great job.

Dustin Moser

Delicious! Food was cooked great and it was delivered earlier than expected!

Jason Almont

This picture is of a replacement for a small mistake last weekend. Not a big deal, stuff happens. The “manager” was rude to my significant other when we were ordering the replacement tonight. When we got the new pizza and saw that it had no cheese in the middle she called back on speaker phone. When he heard a man’s voice his attitude shifted. He coincidentally made this pizza himself so he knows it had cheese throughout.Last winter I left the best review I’ve ever posted for the same store. I’m not sure what’s changed but we’re going to start driving to a store with better service.

Zahra Ali

This has got to be one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had from Pizza Hut. Customer service was kind and friendly. The overall flavor and presentation of this pizza was amazing. (I believe my photo doesn’t do the pizza justice)5/5 would recommend this Pizza Hut

Kira Melody

Ordered from this store, and their delivery driver filled in the tip for himself when I gave a tip on my order. We were charged $5 extra when we did not put one on the ticket. Will never order from here again.

Aquila Granville

My husband brought home the most delicious pizza I've had from a chain restaurant. We've ordered from here a few times and they always have the food hot and fresh. Every single one of the staff members are very nice along with a clean store. This is one of the best Pizza Hut's I've ever eaten from. Even in California they were never this fast, fresh, and correct with every detail of my order. Thank you all! You all are amazing along with a great environment to order from. My husband didn't give me any names because they all were wonderful. We will be back AGAIN! Oh and the Buffalo burnin hot wings are the BEST! Better than any wingstop in this state I've had.

Todd Secor

They gave me the wrong pizza for my carryout order. They then had to remake my pizza while my cheese sticks got cold. I waited in the lobby for 30 mins. Not satisfied at all.


Ordered a pizza for delivery waited and hour and a half and it said that the pizza would be delivered in 37 minuets and still no food. Called twice and was told my food would be delivered in 10 minuets and it had been 30. Nicely asked for a refund and their manager on shift named Spencer assured me that my food was still hot and fresh after waiting nearly 2 hours for my food ( one pizza ). He rudely said that they make the food fresh before it is sent out and said they only had one delivery girl. Then when my mom had went in for a pick up order the employees including the manager Trevor on shift said that they didn’t need to wear a mask or gloves because it wasn’t needed. After witnessing two employees wiping their bare hands on their shirts while touching the food. Never will me nor family be ordering from here as there have been numerous issues with this exact location. We would rather drive the extra mile into lacey for some dominos which we know are very sanitary as they wear masks and gloves served with care and customer service, which is a business we would like to order from knowing that there is a global wide pandemic still occurring! Save your money, time, and patience do not order from here.

Caine Low

I have ordered several times from this specific pizza hut and my order is always ready before the time they give me and always taste great. Friendly staff and a good mood

Dennis Browne

The last 2 orders I had, I was disappointed about the standard amount of cheese that is on the pizzas. I expected some melted, cheesy mozzarella but had a difficult experience with defining this aspect. Being from New York City, I was hoping for something a bit better from a fast food chain. Also, the Italian sausage was a bit chewy & not very palattable.

Kim Ducharme

The delivery man brought different sodas as an option for us to choose when they couldn’t get ahold of us by phone. Great customer service and the food was delicious.

Jayden R

The staff doesn't abide by the state mask rule. Went in today, only to be greeted by a maskless lady at the cashier and another maskless employee. I'm genuinely worried by such lack of health concerns by these employees as I have existing health issues.

Lorena Gelpi

I appreciate the curbside service pickup option! Pizza was ready ahead of schedule and the food was all so hot, fresh, and delicious! :)

Luis F.

Excellent in every way. Great quality and quantity of ingredients, great customer service and great speed on the carry out. Superb experience; Domino's reign of terror is over! (Btw they also have pretty good deals in the app, nowhere to be found in Dominos)

Casie Carr

It was good, fast and warm the wings are the best part!

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