Spice Bridge

14200 Tukwila International Blvd Suite 141, Tukwila
(206) 582-1915

Recent Reviews

Barbara Kramer

How fun to try cuisine from 3 different ethnicities. This is not fastfood. Be patient. It will be worth it. Very gracious, accommodating hostesses and hosts. I will definitely back. So much more to try.

Daniel Steffee

Rating the Cambodian restaurant:Absolutely fabulous! We ordered the combo, and as expected the chicken and meatballs and side of rice and veggies were all excellent. Unexpected was this: the *stuffed* chicken, which was one of my favorite things ever, and now I just want to eat it any time I’m in the area.

Robert C

Vendors rotate throughout the week, check the schedule to see whats cooking. Lots of options from east Africa, to the congo, to laos and southeast Asia. clean dining area. It's a little pricey, but worth it

Feraida Cunanan

Food is really good. Their bake sushi is one best I’ve had and their peanut noodles. So delicious. Definitely will go back.

Michelle Burge

First time here. Enjoyed some delicious Congolese dishes. Don't sleep on this place, people!

Shelly Alexander

The cooks are awesome and friendly which makes the food twice as delicious.

Emily Anders

Hidden gem! The people that work here are lovely and the food is so amazing and unique. Thank you :)

Priya Almeida

This is truly an amazing place - for the food and for the soul . Such delicious food at every counter . You can’t go wrong with anything. We tried something from all of them- moyo (chai and mandazi) , theary (meatballs, curry pastry ) , afellas goat with jollof rice, iazzes boulanee. Every thing was so delicious. Will be back again and again.


An awesome cultural experience on a plate. Great restaurant variety.

Morghan Townsend

Love love love this concept!! Easily one of my favorite stops in Washington. The food and service were incredible. Eat local!

Carmen Rodriguez

Typically we love this place. We ordered one of the party platters and a desert platter. The food was very good, but the sweet potato pie was way to sweet. Our disappointment was it was 3 carb dishes and only 1 protein. I would have liked an additional protein. I think for the price charged it could have been better.


Wonderfully diverse and beautifully prepared food! We will be back to try other offerings!

Jennifer Louie

The food and the mission of this place are top notch. I got food from Jazze's (and can't wait to try the other food stalls). There were quite a few options for vegetarians at Jazze's. I got a red beans/rice (I don't remember the names :( ) and eggplant/naan. Delicious!

Keara King

Such a delicious and enjoyable meal! Good portions, great prices, friendly staff and unique dishes. The amalgamation of different types of food and tastes you can get here is superb. Would go again!

Jimmy Wong

Everything was so good we had Cambodian food, Congolese food, East African food, Afghan food

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