Spice Bridge

14200 Tukwila International Blvd Suite 141, Tukwila
(206) 582-1915

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Eve Matson

Delicious Cambodian food from Theary! Vermicelli bowl with chicken was great, and the pastries we had were also lovely.

Jessalyn C.

I took my family of 6 here to eat after they landed at the airport and was excited to get to try a wide assortment of ethnic foods. There were 4 food vendors to choose from, and each stall had photos of their 5-8 offerings. We tried several things from the Cambodian, Afghan, and Congo spots. The Afghan place was made to order (and said it would take 20 minutes), the Congo place just scooped the food out of the catering style containers, and the Cambodian place probably had about a 5-10 min wait to get food. Overall we were very not impressed. The Cambodian place had good flavor, but everything was very dry and stale tasting. We tried these lemongrass (ground) chicken meatballs, and jerky. We thought the jerky would be saucy and tender like other Asian jerkies but it was the exact opposite. Completely dehydrated, more like a cracker. The balls and rice also had good flavor but it was quite dry and crispy/stale. They were wrapped in banana leaves and soaked up a lot of the leaf flavor too. We had the dumplings and eggplant from the Afghan place. All delicious! Both dishes were full of flavor and came with some yogurt based drizzle. This was our fav stand of the 3. And probably not coincidentally, it was all made fresh! We tried the beef stew, fried plantains, hibiscus drink, and pineapple drink from the Congolese place. The fried plantains were blackened but not sweet, and not warm/caramelized. The beef stew was not bad but tasted like American beef stew (no ethnic spices/veggies). These 2 are what's pictured. This spot opened last year to provide a space to immigrants/refugees, so we loved the idea of supporting them. The food was quite pricey ($5 for less than half a plantain, many dishes were $15-25+) for counter food and the quantity.

Dennis P.

The Spice Bridge is awesome! They have between 4 or 5 vendors every day serving different international dishes. The diversity of food is amazing and the smells are intoxicating. With 4 vendors there are lots of options to choose from! I chose Jazze's. They service Afghan cuisine and that really got me excited. I tried their recommendation: Mantu. It's a dumpling fill with a savory beef mixture. They top it all with a lentil sauce and yogurt mixed with mint. It was unlike anything I've had before and i simply loved it! Be aware the Mantu can take up to 15 minutes for them to prepare. It is that fresh and the wait is worth it!

Susan Ruffo

We tried every stall that was open and loved everything - what a great chance to have some really unique and delicious food! And everyone was so lovely and helpful in explaining unfamiliar items. Definitely worth a trip!

Thomas B.

What a great space that is supporting small locally owned run businesses. I have had the opportunity now to try three places here and have not been let down by any of them. The food is made with care and the love of each community it represents. I will definitely be planning trips back to come try the rest of the businesses here. I highly recommend you come check out this space and the businesses that call it home. You won't regret it.

Josephine L.

If you're looking to try a variety of cuisines from around the world in one sitting, Spice Bridge is a great place to check out! The vendors rotate daily, so there's something new to experience every day! Some of the dishes we tried: -- Mantu (Jazze's -- Afghan): Dumpling dish with beef, spices, topped with garlic yogurt/tomato sauce. This was pretty good. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of bolognese if it were served as dumplings. -- PhroHeit, Noum GaRi (Theary -- Cambodian/Khmer) PhroHeit is chicken/beef baked meatballs with rice and fresh veggies and herbs. This was fantastic! It's topped with fried garlic pieces, and the herbs + oil were incredibly fragrant. Highly recommend. Noum GaRi is a curry pastry with meat, coconut cream, chili oil, and herbs. This was also soooo good! Great chewy texture and crunch from the nuts and fried garlic. Very savory and a touch of sweetness from the coconut cream. -- Sambusa (Moyo Kitchen -- East African; Somali/Kenyan/Tanzanian) Perhaps otherwise known as samosa. Offered with chicken or beef, I think? Unfortunately didn't get a photo. Taste was fairly standard (I mean, most samosas/sambusas are pretty good! Nothing bad to say about it!). PLUS: Spice Bridge part of a program that helps immigrants and women of color start and grow their own food businesses. The folks that work here are very friendly and were happy to talk about the various dishes offered on their menus. Would love to go back and try out all of the other vendors at some point!

Yoomi C.

Wow, wow, and WOW! What a cool little eatery where it houses 4 different cooks from all over the world! We tried Cambodian, Afghanistan, and East African cuisines. All I can say is all the food was mind blowing. All of the foods we ate were things I have never had. The spice combinations in the foods were . This is truly a hidden gem.

Ryan Cousins

Incredible diverse collective of vendors. Great concept and tasteful experience. Bought something from each vendor and everything was fantastic. Highly recommend the cambodian oxtail soup, it was mind blowing!!?

Sally Sheck

Yum! Good quality food and good portions. Tasty. Variety. Gluten free choices.

kevin xue

AMAZING FOOD. worth coming here if you want to try different ethnic foods that you don't normally get to try in the seatac area. came here on Thursday and got amazing cambodian food

David Brown

I feel like this has some shining stars as well as disappointments. The idea and concept are spot on; you can find a bunch of flavors all in one spot. These are home style dishes that make you feel cozy.There are two down sides to this place that could make or break it in general: First, the prices are pretty steep. These are dinner prices but without the size of dinner servings. You aren't getting the additions you would expect when you pay $20 for a plate. This isn't the case for everything; you can get small bites like samosa for $4 each. But this doesn't seem competitive with other neighborhood eats where you can get the samosa for $1.50.Second, if you're going to say your stall is open then BE THERE. I've had to wait before and only have so much time. It's been the case where literally no one came to even take an order.These can both be some big issues if allowed to grow. Fix them, and I would gladly move to a 5 star.

Holly Mouser-Guerra

Love the idea of this establishment. It's a winning arrangement for everyone. We ordered takeout from the Cambodian vendor today and plan to come back soon to try the others. Everything looks and smells amazing.

Ginny Ballard

These restaurants are incredible. We tried both Moyo Kitchen and Theary Cambodian Foods. We'll be back soon. Thanks to Food Innovation Network for creating an invaluable program!

Carlos Rojas

Multiple choices of amazing international food under 1 roof, the people who cook it, also serve you with a big smile, and one can ask them questions. Highly recommend it

Ginny B.

These restaurants are incredible. We tried both Moyo Kitchen and Theary Cambodian Foods. We'll be back soon. Thanks to Food Innovation Network for creating an invaluable program!

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