2529 Main St, Union Gap
(509) 469-9567

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Sallena John

Very disappointed got a 15 pack and hardly had any cinnamon or frosting very dry and service was clueless about sales dont hiring children that dont know anything about the business or at least train them better and make sure to teach them how to make cinnamon rolls when cinnabon was located at the yakima mall it was 100% Now it is 10% why change something that people love to something soo horrible bring back the way it was ...

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Josh Sixberry

Got yelled at before I could order, so I left beforehand.. so i can't tell you if the food is good or not, customer service was terrible though

Emmanuel Sanchez (Manny)

MehI myself am not really into incredibly sweet foods like this, so my review will probate biased. Given that this is a chain, if you've had a cinabon at any location, this will be exactly the same; same menus, same taste, probably even the same experience with any other cinabon located across the thousands of malls. The cinabon itself is still good, but for myself, the sweetness becomes just too much after just a couple of bites. Would I recommend this? Sure, if you like sweets, you'll like this Cinabon, just be ready for lines, as this particular location seems to be always understaffed.

tron n.

(Review for: 11/26/2022)Looks like Cinnabon corp. reduced the size of their cinnabons across all their lines (Regular, Mini, & Bite size) grouping. The regular Cinnabon doesn't fit in their original "regular" boxes. They reduced the size but forgot to reduce their container size.(Please see attached image -- you can fit almost 2 of the current regular cinnabon into 1 of their original regular box, LOL).[Pros]Fresh cinnabons are still gooey, flavorful, full of sugar and cinnamon flavors. The middle is still decadent.[Cons]Size reduction of the Regular Cinnabon. The price rose, but quantity got reduced.A couple years back, 2 of us had to split a cinnabon and when we finished, both of us were full. Today, the two of us split one regular cinnabon and we were barely content. No, we weigh 135 and 97 lbs respectively and for 2 skinny people to be content is a sad thing to say about a decadent dessert. :DOverall, if Cinnabon is going to reduce the size of their product, at least reduce the packaging as well so you can accurately fool your customers a little better.

Juan Ramirez

Good cinnamon rolls but employees are a little lazy/rude.

Moni. Verduzco C. (Monique)

Definitely more consistent with having packs and fresh Cinnabons, delicithous

Pounini Wiwi

Definitely more consistent with having packs and fresh Cinnabons, delicithous

Cris pulido

The guy was rude refused to give me a big box for all the cinnabons purchased said it was against policy to give me a bigger box with dont make any sense will not go back

Fire Moose911

Not open when it says they’re open


Very nice staff

liz reyes

Needs more staff! The line was crazy long with only a few cinnabons made. I got 6 cinnabons and instead of using one box they individually boxed each one up a waste of boxes. And after the six I ordered there was only five left for a line of at least 20 people and no more would be ready for 45 minutes. That is one long wait!

Jason Dupree

My cinnamon rolls were RAW IN THE MIDDLE!!! It was absolutely disgusting! I bought the 6 pack of pre packs off the counter next to the register. I'm not a fan of paying $18 for RAW cinnamon rolls. I probably won't be back.....

Patrick B

Showed up at 11 when store opened. Asked for a single regular size. Told by attendant will be 35 min still in oven. On table are about dozen boxes of 4, and about two dozen on table just oit of oven. I ask how about one of those? Im told those are for boxes. Grit my teeth and come back 35 min later ask for single. Told mot ready yet. Again a cople of dozen on table. Going onto 4 packs. Watched several people being turned away wanting just on. Thought hell with it and went to Crispy Cream. What a way to run a business!

Brian a

Long waits due solely to staff. Person making my order just left in the middle of it. 10 min later I'm asked what I'm waiting for. I tell her, she then spends another 5 minutes arguing with other staff over why it wasn't finished... Then another 5 min over who was going to finish it. So after a 15min wait in line and a 30min wait after my order finnaly sat down to "enjoy" my cinnabon and it was mediocre at best. No where near the quaility I've gotten at other cinnabons. Due yourself a favor and save yourself some disappointment, don't go

Pat Umberger

I stopped in to pick up a dozen and they told me that they sold minutes after opening and they wanted to place order for tomorrow. I don’t want them tomorrow I want them today.

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