LongHorn Steakhouse

2475 S Oneida St, Green Bay
(920) 405-0467

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David Farrell

The food was very good. We'll go back often. Reasonable prices for going out to eat on a regular basis.


First time here. Food was awesome the service was okay because our lady was also working the bar at the same time even tho we were seated at a booth. I would definitely come back here.

PatriciaLynn Zipperer

Last night I found the hostess a little snippy and rude and she needs a little bit of touch up on manners to do her position! Did not appreciate her screaming people's names throughout the building when it was time for party of 2 Johnson ! Rude! This used to be a classy place! Either get pagers or the hostess needs to be trained to go outside those double doors or to the bar and gently ask for people's names no one wants to be sitting and eating and hearing that screaming like we're at a football game! Kudos to the chef amazing food! Bartenders were amazing!


First off, my party was told 25 minutes until we would get seated. The wait was about a total of about 8 minutes. We were seated and given a comfortable amount of time to figure out drinks and get an idea of what we wanted to eat.My grandfather ordered a raspberry lemonade that he made sure the ice was the only remaining thing in the glass. I ordered a Longhorn Old Fashioned. The only complaint I had was that the cherries were not muddled in with the bitters, but that's a personal preference, not a service shortfall. However, the cherries used in the cocktail were probably the 2nd best cherries I've ever hadWe were started off with warm bread and soft butter. Let me tell ya, as someone who tries to make my own homemade bread as often as possible, this bread was damn good. Our meal orders were taken within a 10 minute frame of time since we had been seated.The steaks we ordered were more than to our liking. The crust on the outside showed me that the sear was well performed, and it was done perfectly to my liking (I prefer medium rare). I asked for a garlic butter on the side, and was provided such. My grandfather asked for mushrooms and onions and got them as well.The salads and potato options were just that, salads and potatoes. They were good, but nothing to write home about.Overall, for a chain steakhouse, my expectations were met and exceeded. I'd order from them again without hesitation.

gorilla n

First time coming here and very satisfied. I ordered the 1/2 pound burger and fries and my wife ordered the French onion soup and leafy green salad. The food was outstanding and the service was attentive and courteous.Definitely will be back

Marlies Schreier

Place was beautiful super clean and amazing decor, service was wonderfulSuper friendly love it the food longhorn special T-bone steak big and cook to perfection great food

Terry Zellar

Everything was perfect. My steak, my wife's chicken. Definitely will be stopping here again.

Michelle Maiochi Mazon

We were in a party of 14 with no reservation and the staff accommodated us after 30 minutes waiting. The food was delicious and the portions are a great size. Kids Menu options are great!

Amy P.

This particular location uses the company app, which told us there was a 45-50 minute wait, according to the app's wait list. So we put ourselves on the wait list, ran a couple errands, and arrived after 45 minutes...only to be told by the restaurant staff it was 45 minutes from when we checked in at the restaurant. The hostess' response to our confusion was condescending and quite rude. We were not the only customers told this and treated this way. We won't be going back. It's an issue of the restaurant staff being rude and not following the guidelines set forward by their own app. My recommendation is to go somewhere else.

Reggie Banks

I ordered curbside 6oz. Renagde Sirloin with garlic mashed and steamed broccoli. I came home to find everything neatly packed together. The staff also included a loaf of bread, and they didn't forget my lemon in my water. Great job guys, thanks for listening!!

AJ Simon

Finally got to a longhorn the name says it all we will certainly be back great decor great food

Dillon Schaeffer

Loved the creamy stuffed cheddar mushrooms! By far, the nest i have had. Steak was good but I really don't like the seasoning. It was too much. Like lawrys salt in the steak. I'm not a fan. But food was great.

Mik g

Absolutely amazing. Seasoned to perfection. Great seer sealed in the juices. No need for steak sauce. ??

Mikayla Rose

When visiting Green Bay We always head here, for their amazing food. They do change up their menus, so you definitely have choices when you visit again. My father had the tenderloin, it was amazing. I'm not into steak, but I could eat the steak here. Their steaks are juicy, not chewy, and very delicious. I had the bourbon salmon with their 4 cheese and bacon macaroni which was delicious. We ordered the spicy chicken balls as an appetizer, pretty spicy but very good. They give you plenty to eat so you don't really have to order an appetizer to get filled up. The whole meal was great as well as the atmosphere.

Sarah Lezine

First time here and LOVED it. Initially we were told a 45 min wait for dinner on a Friday night. But after 20 mins they had us in a booth. Food was perfect. Waitress was very kind and attentive.

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