Panera Bread

2627 S Oneida St, Green Bay
(920) 491-2443

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Randy Vogels

I've seen this, heard about this place, my wife orders food from there, but this was a first time for me. It was a pleasant surprise. If your tired of the generic sub sandwiches I highly recommend you try it. It's bigger inside than I thought. Staff was excellent as well as the food. Hoping to stop back for some coffee and a blueberry scone

Nancy Virt

First of all I use a wheelchair, their handicap parking spots were nothing but clear ice & also the ramp to the sidewalk had 3 inches of snow on it, so we could not stay & have lunch there, as we were leaving the lot we noticed there were more parking spots on the other side of the restaurant by the drive thru , there was another handicap parking spot that was clear & dry & another ramp that had been shoveled so we decided to stay & have lunch. While we were eating, there were several fruit flies on the wall & the pictures, there were even several flying around us as we were eating our lunch, we will never eat at this establishment again, obviously they don’t care about people with disabilities & cleanliness of their restaurant.

Josh Dura

Heads up to anyone looking! This is not a bread store or bakery. It's a full restaurant with a great selection, awesome bread of course and the soups are where it's at! This is a really good stop to stop for lunch. They have a bunch of smaller items which work great for lunch. It's hard to save room for dessert but every time I go I catch myself looking at their bakery which is full of delicious looking pastries and other bakery related items. One of these times I have to stop in just for the bakery. Maybe breakfast one day? C Yas again soon!

Casey Rentmeester

Amazing salads! I also love their flatbread pizza! Staff are always willing to rectify any errors with your order.

Griff Weber

workers were politedown side the turkey sandwich I ordered the turkey tasted weird. all in all decent experienceps one employee took time to sit and chat with friends.not sure of the mask policies for workers but during his social visit he has it off


Too pricey for a not so good sandwich.I understand the self ordering kiosks, but not the self cleaning tables, I mean WHY? should a customer should clean his own table after paying too much for a half sandwich and a cup of subpar soup.By the way, Kwick trip has better soup.All the tables were dirty, it only takes a few minutes to clean them up, why not do it.Get the Manager to Do it if they don't have enough staff. My second and my last visit. For what I paid for 2 there with an extra 5$ I could of get a steak dinner at ?. Or @ Texas Road House.

Geoff H.

Went to Panera today and left to eat somewhere else. I used to love Panera so this was disappointing. It was 2 so not the biggest rush but still long lines, dirty tables, And garbage overflowing. I went to a non-chain restaurant and got great service in a clean place.

Melissa Marie

first time ordering, will definetly be back! Soup, sandwich, and smoothie were delicious!

Kathryn Sasman

Not only were the people crabby, and there was no coffee (we had to ask for the coffee to be replaced), but the gal at the register did not take off the $3.00 coupon she said I could use. She also charged me a $2.00 gratuity- for what!? Will probably never come back

Lori Jenss

sandwich and soup were amazing.

James Whitmore

Delicious food, friendly employees and fair prices.

Leonard Koch

Ordered steak and cheese sandwich and salad. Got wrong order. Went in tell them it was wrong. Somebody left the line before they picked it up. We were told it was our fault, that we didn't tell them that. How do we know that he didn't want his ordered. Person behind us brought our order in, it had our order checked on the bag. Went home opened sandwich and it was macaroni and cheese on toast. VERY SAD


Out of plain cream cheese for bagels and only had two other flavors.

Eric Simila

Very nice dining experience. Cashier was knowledgeable and able to answer my questions about specific dietary requirements, And lead me to something appropriate on the menu. Went above and beyond.

Karla LeClair

The service was Super as theFood.Restraunt extremely clean.Kudos to all.

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