20 Best Pubs in Green Bay

River Street Pier Pubs • $
1984 Velp Ave, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Onion Rings
Burger and Fries
Friday Fish Fry
Perch Fish Fry
Captains Catch
Clam Chowder
Cod Fish Fry

“We went ice fishing around Green Bay in Feb., 2023. River St. Pier was the highlight of the trip. Food was great. Waitresses and owners were terrific. I LOVED the evening spent here. So much fun!“

4.4 Superb50 Reviews
Barleys Pub & Grill Pubs • $
846 Lime Kiln Rd, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Perch Dinner
Cod Nuggets

“Great food and amazing people!“

4.3 Superb14 Reviews
Cheri's Place Bar • $
704 Bellevue St, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Tappers of Bud and Bud Light

“the cleanest and friendliest bar that I enjoy going to when i go out..great staff. great people there to chat with fun bar games. and karaoke 3 nights a week. love come one and have fun.“

4.9 Superb27 Reviews
RumRunners Bar • $
715 S Broadway, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Create Your Own Bloody Mary

“Jeff was great! Awesome wood work on back bar“

4.9 Superb19 Reviews
Fox Harbor Bar & Grill • $
Freimann Hotel Building, 348 S Washington St, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Cheese Curds & Fries Side of Ranch Sauce
Perch Fish Fry with French Fries
Grilled Norwegian Salmon Salad
New England Clam Chowder
Crawdads by the Pound
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Mac N' Cheese Bites
Beer Cheese Burger
Deep Fried Pickles

“Very cool place. Right on the fox River, it lends itself to great atmosphere. The wait staff was very friendly and food was prompt as well as delicious. I had the Cod sandwich and it was great. I had to ask for more tartar sauce (that’s just me). They were out of the perch for fish fry, so I recommend going earlier than 8. So cool you can go on a walk, right after your large meal, on the fox river trail which runs right behind the restaurant.“

4.5 Superb124 Reviews
Richard Craniums Bar • $
840 S Broadway, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Big Basket and Tots
Fried Pickles
Bone in Wings

“If you're a chicken wing person this place has the best wings in the whole state of Wisconsin.. when I go I order wings and a lot of them and bring them home the best wings ever atmosphere is clean bartenders are friendly great place..!!!!❤️“

4.9 Superb17 Reviews
Highland Howie's Pub & Grill Bar & Grill • $
3605 Humboldt Rd, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Seafood Platter with Fries
Our Famous Perch Plate
Buffalo Chicken Mac
Philly Cheesesteak
Prime Rib Sandwich
WI Cheese Curds
Howie Burger
Seafood Roll
Perch Dinner
Onion Rings

“I don’t often take out a steak dinner. I had the best ribeye of my life, grilled to a perfect med rare, tonight. Wife’s perch and the kids sandwiches were equally appreciated. Great bar, food, and friendly staff. Thanks!!“

4.5 Superb56 Reviews
State Street Pub Bar • $$
1238 State St, Green Bay

“Stopped in because I had several hours to kill before a packer game. Bartenders were super nice and very attentive to all patrons with how busy it was. With how awful they played against the 49ers that game this was the best part of my trip to Lambeau. will definitely be back next time I go to a game.“

4.7 Superb19 Reviews
Stadium View Bar, Restaurant & Event Hall Bar & Grill • $
1963 Holmgren Way, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Three Cheese Pretzel Sticks
Boneless Chicken Wings
Crab Rangoon Flatbread
Combination Pizza
Boneless Wings
Chicken Dinner
French Dip

“Got a burger. Bun has that spongy feel like it had been frozen, or it was not fresh. They also it was burnt. The patty had no flavor, pretty sure their patties come frozen. Taste was very bland. Cheese curbs were good tho. Good service but the burger was for sure lacking. But it's a bar so the food is generally mediocre at places like that“

4.4 Superb131 Reviews
Ned Kelly's Pub Bar • $$
223 N Washington St, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Cheesy Bread

“This was the most friendly and accommodating bar of the 4 we went to the night before our Lions took on the Packers.100 handles of beers, pool table, foosball table, NFL on all TVs, two separate serving stations, and an overall great atmosphere. Recommended“

4.5 Superb36 Reviews
D2 Sports Pub Pubs • $
2571 Packerland Dr, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Crazy Chicken Sandwich
Philly Cheese Steak
Sweet Potato Fries
Basic Burger
Cheese Burger
Onion Rings
Tater Tots

“Fun staff, good drinks, yummy food!“

3.6 Good59 Reviews
The Rite Place American • $
1580 Bellevue St, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Smothered Chicken Plate
Broasted Chicken Dinner
Mushroom Swiss Burger
Friday Fish Fry
Chicken Booyah
Perch Dinner
Cheese Curds
Perch Plate
French Fries
Brat Burger

“Great place to eat the broasted ck is awesome“

4.3 Superb97 Reviews
BB's Bar Bar • $
1577 Main St, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Bar Dice

“Free buffet style food plates, what a nice surprise! They have games like gambling, darts, foozball & liar's dice, to name a few. Great bar staff, very attentive and strong pours. Def worth checking out, even on a weekday evening :)“

4.3 Superb22 Reviews
Symba's Pub & Grub Bar & Grill • $
2334 Velp Ave, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Cheesecurd Burger
Mozzarella Sticks
Bowl of Chili
Mini Tacos

“Great food and drinks, outstanding service“

4.2 Good28 Reviews
Townline Pub & Grill Pubs • $
2544 Lineville Rd, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Pulled Pork Sandwich
The Caprese Pizza
Chicken Tenders

“My Gluten Free Flatbread pizza was great! You get to pick 2 toppings, (pay for more if u want them). My husband said his calzone was Wonderful. Again, pick 2 topping(inside it).The place was nice! Service was slim(2 people working the floor)but they did their best on St Patricks Day with a craft sale going on. It was busy.We will be going back.“

3.5 Good62 Reviews
The Sardine Can Bar • $
128 S Broadway, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Tequila Rose Shot

“ADVENTURECRAZYFUNTROPICAL LOOKTONS OF THINGS TO SEEWHAT MORE CAN U ASK FOR .....Been wanting to stop in & finally did as I live 2 hours away & come to city to see family. Just driving by is so inviting with lights / tropical look.Bartender welcomed us Seniors & I enjoyed her company.Beer is COLDYou will not be disappointed of you like odd things .. including a FAN SYSTEM runned by a belt to turn 3 fans on ceiling. Yes it works.The owner CHRIS is on utube ' SARDINE CAN OWNER ON LETTERMAN ' talk about crazy...he drinks a beer through his noise.Love the bar ...Can't wait for my next trip back to Green Bay to stop in here.ASK about the RACES“

4.1 Good38 Reviews
Black Sheep Pub and Grill Bar & Grill • $
2638 Bay Settlement Rd, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Bang Bang Shrimp
French Fries
Clam Chowder
Onion Rings

“Another great meal at Black Sheep. Very busy, but everything was spot on with the bar, food & service (Thank you Trisha - friendly as could be) & atmosphere. Glad we found you! Thanks again!“

4.1 Good79 Reviews
Stir-Ups Parlor & Saloon Bar • $$
123 S Washington St, Green Bay

“I'm old school never been in college. But the folks there are darn right Old school to me. And I'm almost 59 years old. Sorry I was wrong writing this good review of a bunch of lost souls. Pick and choose what you're about. I read all about the bad reviews of your famous bar only in clown county. Maybe y'all need to get out in the real world instead of playing like you're tough and important to your make believe Hollywood script a bunch of actors and actresses looking for attention“

3.6 Good14 Reviews
D2 Sports Pub Stadium District Sports Bar • $
788 Armed Forces Dr, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Bacon Double Cheese Burger and Fries
Chicken Wings
French Fries

“Good food, beautiful bar & patio. Reasonably priced. Wish they had some sort of entertainment. More just a place to eat & maybe one drink before heading to a bar with a band.“

3.8 Good45 Reviews
Taverne in the Sky American • $$$
1950 S Ridge Rd, Green Bay

Customers` Favorites

Lemon-Ricotta Ravioli Mezzaluna
Ancho Rubbed Wood-Fired Salmon
Chateau Briande for Two
Triple Chocolate Cake
Braised Short Ribs
Creme Brulee

“Great Date night, good food and great service!“

3.7 Good77 Reviews