Burger King

4980 S 76th St, Greenfield
(414) 282-1442

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Michele Buell

This is my favorite fast food restaurant in the city. Consistently good food, always hot and never any errors with the order. The staff is friendly and the food prep crew does a great job. Whoever owns and manages this Burger King does a great job of training and selecting employees.Vegetarian options: There are veggie burgers,french fries, jalapeno poppers, onion rings and many other veggie options to choose fromParking: Not sure I usually use the drive-thruWheelchair accessibility: I know this location has wheelchair parkingDietary restrictions: If you have a custom order they will fulfill whatever it is you request

Nick W

I’ve been frequenting this location and have been satisfied with the service. They never have a ridiculously long line like the McDonald’s next door. I usually use the app to order ahead and they’re good about receiving your order and the food still coming out hot. The employees are efficient and straight to the point.

John Olavson

Just a few bites in and it's a hug mess, obviously it comes with stuff on it and a mess can happen but no it doesn't just happen. Adding too much sauce to an already juicy burger then adding a tomato. It's not rocket science less sauce next time. Really disappointed in spending 15 bucks for a mess

Scott Smogoleski

Friendly service and tasty food. Had to wait a few minutes but fully understandable during lunch time. Thanks for the delicious lunch!

Tammy Edminster

Very slow service, whole order was wrong .even after the drive thru attendant said she checked the order herself. Will not go back!

Jason Rumohr

Not sure why I occassionally stop at a BK, they are all terrible, service is usually not great and food isnt close to what it used to be. No more.

Robert M.

Went to get a burger here seeing as it still was open. When I arrive to place my order, the worker started yelling repeatedly over the voice speaker he can't hear me. "Can't hear you, can't hear you , can't hear you"Acting as if he was a child in my opinion. I had to wait for him to stop his berate before I could say I need a minute to order. Very rude and unprofessional customer service. Once I receive my food to my surprise I'm missing my fries. I guess they were to busy to read my order seeing as I was the only person in line. I am very displeased and shall not be going here anytime soon.

naj strong

I just want to say thank you to whoever hired the manager I believe is name was raul or something like that he was so helpful and was helping me order my food everything I ordered was what he told me that was really good and I can say I will always come back to this location because of him. He was so smiling and laughing with his co workers he needs a raise and needs tk move up in the company he does a very good job especially for looking young for a manager good job raul I always recommend this location because of him

Travis Marlewski

This location is trash nuggets always cold and hard, fries always cold and disgusting and you could describe the employees and managers the same way, cold and disgusting. Do yourself a favor and go to the one on 76th and Oklahoma it's 100 times better.


the food is fine but literally all the employees do is talk. the entire time. can't get anyones attention because they're all talking. and don't ever dare think about sitting inside to eat because they yell across the entire place to each other complaining about work, people, what time they get off etc

Sheisty D

This location is trash nuggets always cold and hard, fries always cold and disgusting and you could describe the employees and managers the same way, cold and disgusting. Do yourself a favor and go to the one on 76th and Oklahoma it's 100 times better.

Sharon Vossekuil

I was very upset with the service. I also was not very happy with what they call a junior Whopper it was Is terrible. Burger I've had better burgers at quick trip. that's a gas station I would not recommend this place to anyone. The lady that was taking the money did not even give me my receipt.

Lonna Mattice

Friendly drive through person only one in line got to second window to pay was told my amount was 2cemy order price fixed all good!!Came home buns for chicken sandwich had odd smell looked closer they were moldy!! Really a brand new store only reason I went and the buns have mold on them. Sorry loved Burger King thought they were bringing back good I guess I was mistaken!! Miss my food but won’t be back

Westly Vander Meer

This is worst service ever down right rude n not to me I could hear the girl yell at a man how she has no help telling him he can just drive off if he wants too. Which he did. She was yelling so loud you could clearly hear her thru the com from three cars down. Saw two cars after that pull off right after him. Totally unprofessional there are ways to deescalate customers screaming over com about company problems. Staffing needs to be addressed same person handing off food taking orders and payments is little much. Still not good business to run off customers.just saw her slam window and yell at car ahead us .

Nicholas Hutchins

First time coming to this burger king. They don't have any whopper deal, which is a bummer but the food was good and they were the staff was polite. Service was fast too.

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