Taco Bell

5751 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee
(414) 875-8562

Recent Reviews

Melissa Cain

I ordered the double chalupa box and it was terrible my double chalupa didn't have barely any ground beef in it and it was mainly cheese and lettuce I feel like I have to open everything before I even leave, I like taco bell but I won't be going back anytime soon

Nakida Gray

Customer service is wonderful now! I believe it's under new management or ownership... Whichever I'm happy this happened! Good job guys

Dominique Smith

Great team communication and attention to detail. I was very surprised at how smoothly it went considering the busy environment. Evening shift around 3pm is highly efficient!

Andrew Todd

I moved to Wisconsin about 2 years ago and this is the first Taco Bell I found that made my food right, Good portions and not just thrown together. The staff is polite as well

Frank Darwin

The manager was openly thanking his staff for staying over their shift. The order I made was correct and well made. My order was taken with interest and sincerity. Well done.

Latoya Miller

Great service! Very short delay for food.. But still gave a free soda for the wait! Very enthusiastic person who did the drive thru.. Funny!

Mike Schirmer

Kid taking orders was nice.

Dwayne Walker

The drive-thru guybwas hilariously funny the last 2 times I have been there. The food is always Taco Bell.

Nadine Wlliams

This was the worst taco, no sour cream, no lettuce or tomatoes. Fond duc lac ave. Tried calling phones not working. ��

Antonio York

Didn't like it, they didn't have alot of things that they should have had such as nacho taco shells, sour cream, gordida soft shells.

Samantha Paige

I was not happy with the service. They did not give me the correct order.

David Williams

Its taco bell what more can you expect ok service give you more beans and vegetables then meat

ManBo o_O

Everytime I go here I go thru the drive thru

Tom McEiver

Edit: Now that it is posted. I can see the address. And, definitely assure You that I have never been to that Taco Bell....Original post: I have no idea which Taco Bell You are saying I visited in the last 2 weeks...Your request doesn't give me the location...my guess is, that I haven't been to any Taco Bell in more than 1 1/2 Yrs. I enjoy it, but haven't had the occasion to visit them for a while ...

Jowanda Thomas

I would have gave him five star but I don't like them sixes they hiding under the Bell

Miss J

Line was TOO DAMN LONG! If the Lobby is closed, which it was Drive thru should become the priority. Do Better.

Kaitlin Bero

Fantastic cuz the stupid McDonalds on silver spring wouldnt respond to me even tho its 24hrs and then another one said they were closed and they werent supposed to close until midnight and I was there at 10:55 so. Thanks tbell for never breaking my heart â?¡

Lower Crime

The Bell is by far my favorite of all favorite fast food joints

Nicole Washington

Skimpy but good food.

Whitney Howard

Taco Bell has horrible ground meat. You're almost always going to have an upset stomach eating there.

Anthony Ellis

Great customer service, didn't take an half hour to fix my order

Angel Collins

Fast service. Food hot and fresh.


I LOVE the Nacho and Chalupa boxes for $5.00. There weren't too many people there. I was served quickly.

Malik Wilson

Clean lobby fast workers lots of parking spaces clean restrooms fast drive through and to finish off I'm going to say shoutout to Mrs.Traci Jones...

Anteja Butler

My go to is the 5 Dollar box. I love when they have the different choices with the boxes. They do get busy sometimes but still work fast. Love them.

Twyla Kemp

Never open in the morning when they should be, messed up my orders so many times I refuse to ever go back here. They with blame you for any mistakes

Thomas Lloyd

Very poor dining experience. No one told us half the sodas taste like last night's pee pee until we complained. Servers was unatentived. Bring back the black manerger.

antoinette Helm

Food was very fresh I would have given 5 stars but they always forget to put something in the bag which usually is my guacamole or Pico which makes enjoying my tacos so much harder. Customer service was fair.

Sin Seii

Drove to this location with my card to find out cash only. Tried to call cus wasn't getting out car for nothing in this area for no one to answer twice.

Brianna Blanton

I would give no stars if I could. They close early every night hours before they say they close and are rude.

Tracy Mcneil

Messed up me and my daughters order twice! Even after going in the restaurant after they messed up at the drive thru....... An staff has very bad attitudes

Dala Lauderdale

Love Taco Bell but the attitudes of the staff needs some improvement. Also when looking over the counter towards the food prep area, I noticed the floor was extremely dirty. Food was everywhere and things looked unsanitary. I shouldn't have eaten there but I'm familiar with one of the employees.

Khalia Long

The most unprofessional Taco Bell i ever been to. The manager told us they were closing early because a fight happen, which was a LIE!!! We wait in line for 44 minutes just for him to say they was backed up. What was the point of lying in the first place. Than when we asked can we order at the window he told us we would have to circle around and order again. I wish i can rate them 0.

Martina Thomas

The location off 76 and Capitol gets ur order wrong then gets upset when you complain about it. This has happened more than once and as much as I love taco bell I refuse to go back. I've never been treated as bad as they did as a paying customer . I complain to the manager and they are just as unprofessional as the employees. If I had the option to give zero stars I would. Simply cause I love taco bell and because of the way they have treated me on 3 occasions now at this location I would never go back

Laura Ann

I just gonna give this place a 5star if only for this day! Was just in drive thru, ordered taco salad and it was less than acceptable but this is the 5 STAR thing that happened, I was told to pull around to front doors and it would be dealt with . To my surprise I was almost IMMEDIATELY met at my car with a replacement salad, a smile on the employee's face and the words "This one was made with love, sorry!" Good experience Taco Bell!

Tunisha Crosby-King

My food was COLD my order was WRONG & they didnt offer a cup of water let alone re-ring my order to give my CORRECT CHANGE

Sharlet Houston

The customer service was good and the food was hot and service was quick!

Big Mike For 3

I donâ??t feel as if the drive-thru customer service is up to par, you order two things and they give you attitude by saying â??anything elseâ? in a frustrating tone of voice. This happens two nights in a row when I went their back to back nights and itâ??s getting old real quick management please do something about this now no customer deserve to be spoken to in this manner, thank you.

Louis Miller

Food was horrible, ordered 3 soft taco Supremes, all 3 were sloppy regular soft tacos, poorly made. Chalupas also poorly made, like person who made them didn't care. Total waste of time and money. Nacho fries soggy and cold, will never visit this place AGAIN

Silver Tounge

Y'all probably won't listen to me but if you have time you want to waste(seems like everyone in Milwaukee do) be my guess but do not go here (mostly the drive-thru) untill they get there act together. they may have remodeled the building but there service is terrible. literally messed up everyones order in the drive thru. now I'm sitting here eating another's man food mad (that probably cost less then my order) after I already handed them back an order that wasn't mines. I wasn't about to sit another 30 minutes just to bi**ch and complain so they can give me someone else's order.