Taco Bell

5751 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee
(414) 875-8562

Recent Reviews

Lance Voight

It was very good. After losing all interest in fast food there still is one that hits a good note with me. Taco Bell provided good food that was inexpensive and served up fast. Two people can eat and get full for under 6 bucks.

art Monty

Great food. Nice service

Demone Lee

Food is good. Fast service

Sammie H.

Great for when you feel backed up. Also tasty tacos!

Lisa Cole

Love the food hear and the employees are very nice


Drive through only but the service is fast. That's the only Taco Bell that I go to in the city.

Emmanuel Tucker

Went through the drive-thru I was well quick fast-friendly service

Tyra Christian

Because it didn't take a long time and my food was good and hot.

Tawan Stewart

They always seem to forget a part of my order. Otherwise it's not a bad place.

Pyro Pheonyx

Who doesnt like tacos. Decent spot be everytime I go they forget something. But not to much of a big deal.

Tyrone Sanford

Was a little backed up but service was good. And they didnt short me on the meat in the taco like most taco bells do

Michel Chagall

Easy peasy, lemon squeezey! That was the easiest and most efficient purchase! I am thrilled.

Surita Cross

It's another 1 of my favorites lol....I would eat everything they have wth alot.....of sauce

Clifton Thomas

They were out of soft shell tacos and didn't offer any substitutes. The fast I was able to order was great! #SteakPartyNachos

Corrine Houston

I don't like to drive through but unfortunately we had to go through the drive-through because that's what my daughter likes to do I like going in and asking for my food fresh because when you go through the drive-thru they do not handle your food properly

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