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kaushik amin

Very good food and decor inside, the staff most pleasant and service is excellent. The food is cooked according to our tastes and freshly prepared. Service 5 star. My wife liked the green sauce and she liked the food.Keep up good work.

Sara H.

Loved the aloo gobi and the samosa! Have had my fair share of Indian restaurant food in the US, and this comes close to what I've eaten in India! The added touch of papadums as an appetizer was awesome!

Jason J.

The malai chicken is an amazing explosion of flavor. The wait staff is polite and attentive. I'm holding back the fifth star because they won't open the lunch buffet back up.

Miranda Merkes

As always everything that comes out of the kitchen is perfection. When I ask for very spicy from other places I rarely get it but Swad always delivers. We are always so pleased with the people the food I only wish we still lived around the corner to dine here more often.Food: 5/5

Aarica B.

Talk about some excellent service! Swad is delicious and the service--if possible---was better. The Lassi and Chicken Korma are amazing. Excellent food full of flavor. A great stop!

Sandy Stauffacher

The minute I walked into the restaurant I knew that we were going to have an amazing meal. It smelled so incredible. The staff was pleasant and accommodating. The food was better than I was hoping. Serving size was good and the prices were on par for what I would expect. Excellent place and now that I know they are on EatStreet, I will be ordering delivery from now on. Nothing bad at all, I like staying in and ordering out. Great experience all together.


To be honest taste was good but the guy who was serving was so rude. I never had this kind of attitude before in the US. We were there at around 8:00 pm and they close at 9:00 pm. I don't know if they were tired or not but nobody should behave like this to any customer. He tried to humiliate us because we were asking about the foods.

Alamo CBradshaw

Went out for a lunch with my S.O. We were both incredibly hungry. The wait staff just walked away and never gave us the full order. I asked about allergens, and was reassured that the biryani would safe, and it wasn't. I got sick, and got fever from the undercooked meat. This place isn't just bad but dangerous. I would avoid it, at all cost!

Marc T.

Before I proceed too far, know I'm an easy mark for Indian fare. Pre-pandemic we made it to Swad's buffet once but it was near the end so I don't think I can give it a fair shake, I'll be back for that if they ever reinstitute it. I did however visit Swad over the summer and was thoroughly impressed with their regular menu. The naan was what you expect; Though I did not try more than a couple types (plain and stuffed) I was impressed with their over-all range of offerings. Their appetizers were lovely but for Mrs. T a little spicy (so if you're a spice wimp -- be forewarned). I went with their masala grilled fish and the catfish was delicious and tender. Mrs. T got her usual: the mildest chicken tikka masala that exists and the chicken I poached from her plate was well marinated and flavorful. The bit of her mango lassi I had was also very good. We had some friends with us and so I tried a variety of dishes (but alas, memory fails) -- I enjoyed them all to varying degrees but can't cite what they were. The service was spectacular and also vaguely impressive; The waiter who took our order did not need to use a pen and paper and remembered the entire order without error. The ordering process was precise and polite. Refills were swift and dutiful. Heck -- one of my most adventurous friends even went to order something and the waiter went so far as to warn that it is a very distinct taste that many do not enjoy (a fermented milk beverage) -- that's some dedication to service to identify that! I'm glad I decided to come back after my so-so late buffet experience and hope they restart the buffet so I can give it another chance!

Karen H.

Absolutely delicious! I have taken high school students (World Studies class) to eat here, and Madan, the owner, could not have been more hospitable. He had suggestions for everyone, from the most adventurous eaters to the most timid, and the students gave rave reviews. It's obvious how much love goes into the dishes, and the variety of options is wonderful.


The menu was huge - you will find everything here, in every conceivable sauce. Lots of Naan options too. We loved the lamb mango. Some reviews suggest the mild spice level. We thought it was a little too bland for Indian food and would recommend going with the medium hot if you love Indian spices.


Good service and attentive staff, but the food is very average. The chicken tikka masala was bland, and the shrimp saag contained undercooked shrimp, and a sauce that harbored an unfamiliar spice that gave the dish an "off" flavor.

Hannah L.

Normally if we stop in we do in the evening. But today we stopped in for lunch, the lunch buffet was closed. Which didn't bother me, as I know they have tons of great stuff. Parking: Don't worry about parking here, it's a strip mall. So there's a large amount of parking. Seating: When you enter, we've always been greeted and asked how many and shown a table. So if you have anxiety about that. It's very straightforward. Bathrooms: the bathrooms are very clean, single stall. Food: We normally get the non vegetarian dinner for two, but today we went a little crazy. Two nans and two entrees. Exciting. Started off with the cracker and little herb/spice dips(idk what they call it). It's complimentary. It's fresh and we have fun trying new combos of the dips. We had cheese nan, 10/10. It was so crispy and ligh I've always loved this place! It's a relaxed dining, nice music, soft lighting. The main meals we got were the Lamb curry and sesame chicken. With the Swad special nan. The lamb curry was exceptional, it's always very flavorful and the lamb is tender. 10/10. The sesame chicken was new for us. And my choice, it was very good, and the chicken was juicy. 10/10. It came with very good rice, I think jasmine. It was great for absorbing the sauce of the curry. And the Swad nan was very good, it was stuffed with things. So it had a lot of flavor!! This place is a great spot, no matter the time!

Uriel Paniagua

The atmosphere is great, staff are amazing, and food is the best! Have visited multiple Indian restaurants in Madison and Swad is by far the best. Their chicken tikka masala is amazing - other places are watered down but Swad always has the perfect consistency and taste. Picking any other Indian restaurant is a crime!

Nyla Upal

Got the takeout, honestly it was kinda mid. Taste was not good and it was overpriced.

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