Whisk Bakery & Coffee

633 N 8th St, Sheboygan
(920) 783-6049

Recent Reviews

Amy J.

So cute!! Whenever we are on vacation we like to find non chain coffee shops and this place was near our resort. It is SO adorable and the coffee was tasty and definitely woke me up ;) the shop is clean, bright and very cute. Workers were friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back when in town!

Zoe Schroeder

Excellent coffee and service!

Jorge Santaella

An amazing place to drink a really good coffee and the cheesecake was delicious!! The customer services was great thank you so much for being friendly.

Crystal Pulos

Great keto dessert and breakfast treat options plus delicious keto coffee choices! My hubby and I find ourselves stopping at least 1x per week. It's so amazing to have a keto friendly bakery where some keto items list net carbs. You have made it possible for me to enjoy birthdays with my family and donuts with my nieces when they stay over without going off track. Favorite desserts are definitely the swirl cheesecake brownie and the cinnamon sugar donuts. Just had the pumpkin donut today. Yum! Thank you for creating these amazing desserts!

Madison R.

What a lovely cafe! Stopped for a quick coffee and a pastry. I got the nitro cold brew with maple and cream, and it was very flavorful. I should have asked for extra ice, though, there were like four cubes. Not too bitter or acidic, as cold brew often is. She put in the right amount of cream, not too little or too much, without me even prompting. The staff were sweet and attentive and very helpful when I called back to confirm the brownie didn't have nuts. I liked the brownie a lot, very chewy and soft and had a good flavor. On the expensive side, but it's quality and tailored for food sensitivities. Fun environment, too. Like a cute little botique cafe!

Wayne Zimmermann

Wonderful little shop, great tasting treats and serves Anodyne coffee

Lulu Revid

What a wonderful place! My family and I just visited Whisk and met the owner Shawna. She is so very friendly and kind and made us feel very welcome. The atmosphere is beautiful. There is a nice area to sit inside or outside. The variety of pastries and drinks is great! Paleo, vegan, Keto and more! Definitely worth a trip to in Sheboygan!!

Cornelia Beilke

Great place in an otherwise boring town. A real gem! Great Coffee and lively pastries, even vegan and gluten free baked goods. Recommend highly. Very friendly service!

Timothy Corcoran

Several visits now have all been good. Great for a quick place to meet and enjoy a coffee or tea and a healthy baked treat.

Morgan S.

I tried the keto cinnamon sugar donut and the bridgerton bar and they were both phenomenal. I can't believe how delicious they were! Thank you for the amazing keto treats!

Weasel Laughrin Kevin Casper

after reading the last post and sounding unprofessional, I will not go there or think about stepping into their establishment. wife likes the baked goodies but after that... I understand what you mean but it comes off totally unprofessional, "no business to those without a mask". are you telling me that you are going to stop everyone, ask for their card, and even if they don't have it due to medical conditions or other reasons. just think what you just did. divide over humble

Pamela Gartman

Always a great experience! The bakery is always fantastic and the staff is always very kind! I highly recommend!

Laurie Huibregtse

Such great special allergy options.

Melanie Ann

Absolutely amazing baked goods with very clean ingredients!! I would highly recommend this bakery. It’s one of the best in the state and by far the best in the area.

Paul Wickland

Friendly staff and delicious baked goods and coffee! Keto Friendly and you couldnt even tell!

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