Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

1600 15th Ave, Union Grove
(262) 878-3930

Recent Reviews

Brandy Tufford

Fast and friendly service. Excellent ice cream.

Scorpio Girl

Food is always good. Service is a little slow.

Tony Kehrer

Very nice inside. Everything is clean. The food we got was hot and fresh

Nicole Joy

Great place. Friendly place. Lots of smilies

Blake T.

Bad service, cant understand the people behind the counter, also had to pay 30 cents for sauce that should've came with my meal. Anywhere else the sauce would've been free.

Edward Saley

Over cooked onion rings and there was maybe a teaspoon of chili on the chili dog. Very disappointed

Jessica Wright

I’m not a fan of the new owners. Food portions are noticeably smaller, toppings are sparse, orders are incorrect a majority of the time. Twice I have called to have an order fixed and they said that they could not help me. It also doesn’t help that the crew members are difficult to understand.

Britani D'Alie

We've never had any issues with this Dairy Queen until recently. Today specifically put me over the edge and we will not return. We ordered three ice cream cones with sprinkles and one dish with sprinkles and were given a price of $10 and some change. The employee also repeated the order back to me before the total was given. Then when I got to the window I got three of my four ice creams and when I had said that an ice cream was forgotten the manager proceeded to tell me tha

Sarah Nicole Stoyer-Shipman

Friendly staff, efficiently run drive thru. I have never had an issue with my order, it's always been right. Thank you for your hard work, and keeping a fun little ice cream place available to us in the Grove.

Jennifer Wilson

The staff did a great job with our order!

Denise Rockhill

Did you really think I wouldn't notice that you took the top off the chocolate ice cream cone and topped it off with the twist flavor I ordered? Shame on you!

Lisa Schuppler

This Dairy Queen has AWESOME service. I often bring my four grandkids here and have my hands full and they are always very helpful, courteous, quick. and have the correct order. Kudos to this staff! :-)

John Reid

Standard DQ products. Clean restaurant and friendly staff.

Caitlin Weber

Well-made comfort food!

Bruce Kumorek

fast service . there was 6 of us and our order was ready in less than 10 minutes. we ate in.

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