Phil's Pizza Palace

112 S 2nd St, Watertown
(920) 261-0102

Recent Reviews

Vanessa A.

Best pizza and gyros in Watertown. Everything on the Phil's menu is delicious I bring my family to Phil's often.

David Applegarth

Currently open limited hours and for carryout only. Pizza is very good!Food: 5/5

Cory Peters

I haven't had Phil's in a long while. I've always had good service and resalable time for delivery. The best Gyro's in the area. I'm going to make it and effort to give these guys a call this week and get something. I feel like Phil's is slept on. I also always look forward to visiting Phil's during Riverfest.

Ashley Hein

Food was not good... fries tastes like cardboard and everything else was just... eh. To top it off, I went online to view menu before I ordered and thought, wow... prices are reasonable, only to get there and get a bill way more than anticipated and when I kindly mentioned it to the owner she brushed it off like nothing... can't say we will be back

Robert Schoenherr

I'm almost 60. Phil and Mario had great food . Still can taste a Gyro,and Mario Special pizza. Had dine in and delivery back in the day. Now days seems like that place is more of a part time job.Fyi I'm a 5th generation local guy.

Jessica Jessica

Amazing food. Great spirits and tells it like it is. Service with a SMILE ?

Pattie Neder

Best gyros in town! Friendly staff, always remembers us, so kind.

Mark Hady

Dining room is closed they only have delivery or take out. The is no sitting area for take out but they will bring your order or to your car. I had gyros dinner there was plenty of food. French fries were the best I have had in quite awhile.

Matt G

Pizza here was really good the first time we ordered, the next time it was delivered almost cold. There hours of operation while it no doubt keeps their phones going off during the 4 days and 4 hours they are open is imo not a good business practice. I've had 2 experiences since January of this year that I called during their wacky hours only to get a voice recorded response saying they are closed that week. It reminds me of JB's on 3rd, great food, terrible management.

Eve Meredith

Best gyros around, super friendly staff, and they deliver!

Jacob Keebler

great place. decent prices great portions. the owner is lovely and done alot over the years to improve on perfection. the gyro taste like home. I won't eat any other

Jazmyne Schoeller

If I could write a negative review I would. We ordered delivery and were told an hour. We had no issues. 2 hours goes by and we still have no food. We drove there to see what was going on and 2 female employees said they were closed at 7:45pm when they are not supposed to be closed until 8. And we’re extremely rude when I simply asked where our order was because we ordered two hours ago. I will never order or dine here ever again.

Michael Hammond

Phil's is a long time local restaurant that has the best Greek cuisine in town, their gyros are awesome and great pizza!

Christine Patterson

The lady was very rude. Food sucked. I’ll Never go back.

Liz L

If I could give a negative review I would...and we didn't even dine here. My family and I walked in and asked an approximate time when food could be ready. We were quickly told 30 minutes( which we understand, it's a Saturday night) but with a little bit of an attitude. My husband who just wanted to ask if that included sandwiches, because they have gyros on a spit, yes and if we didn't want to wait we should try McDonald's. The food may be good, but customer service is not a strong suit in our 2 minute encounter. I also did not appreciate the negativity being spoken as we were walking out in front of my children. I have 20+ years in food service so I understand, but that was definitely uncalled for, especially in a time too many small businesses are being closed.

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